Encounter: Will-o'-The-Wisp by Mikala ash

Encounter: Will-o'-The-Wisp

byMikala ash

Kobo ebook | June 29, 2015

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Gloriana Pascall. You’ve all heard of her. The Ghost of the Oort Cloud, Queen of the Heliopause, Will-o’-The-Wisp, Eldorado Angel, Prospector Extraordinaire.

She’s a legend out there on the edge of the solar system. Rarely seen, a mere dot against the blackness of interstellar space, a fleeting blip on radar screens, skipping in-between the rocks that litter the outer system. Her wealth is legendary, a fourth generation asteroid hunter, worth trillions.

And she was here, orbiting Earth, waiting for me.

Odd, because I’m a nobody. You wouldn’t have heard of me. Well, not unless you’ve boosted up to Station One alone, bored and horny. If you were in that unenviable state you’d have found my working name on the adult services directory -- Mr. Darcy of Pemberly.

Don’t laugh. I have a fondness for the classics.

That’s where she found me, scrolling through the holovids of studs who strutted their stuff and promised the universe at the end of their dicks. When I got the call I flattered myself it was the 3D shots of my equipment, but that was a mistake.

I was honored, of course, by the invitation. Not that I recognized her name at first, but when she instructed me to catch her shuttle that would deliver me to her ship, the Pequod, I figured out who she was.

The shuttle was no more than an automated lifeboat, and the famous ship was quite small and nondescript. Hardly what I expected for one rumored to be the wealthiest woman in the solar system.

The hatch was opened by a little fan powered robot and I tumbled inside. Zero-G was never a friend of mine.

“Sorry,” I muttered as I stabilized, with the help of the robot which gripped me with the claws at the end of its tubular arms. “I don’t spend a lot of time in zero-G.” My voice faded into a stunned silence.

I’d never seen anyone so beautiful. She was ethereal, angelic, and so very perfect. I guessed her age to be twenty. She was petite, wearing a diaphanous wisp of a robe that revealed the contours of her body in luscious detail. Her eyes were cobalt blue, her hair platinum blonde with curly ringlets that framed her face and reached down to her breasts. Her skin was flawless alabaster; no sunlight out where she lived. She was very slim, not unhealthily so, but I had the distinct impression that she was physically fragile, that she’d shatter like crystal if touched. I guessed that she’d never known a gravity field, and to return to Earth would crush her.

Title:Encounter: Will-o'-The-WispFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:June 29, 2015Publisher:Changeling Press LLCLanguage:English

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