Engineering Fluid Mechanics by H. YamaguchiEngineering Fluid Mechanics by H. Yamaguchi

Engineering Fluid Mechanics

byH. Yamaguchi

Paperback | November 25, 2010

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A real boon for those studying fluid mechanics at all levels, this work is intended to serve as a comprehensive textbook for scientists and engineers as well as advanced students in thermo-fluid courses. It provides an intensive monograph essential for understanding dynamics of ideal fluid, Newtonian fluid, non-Newtonian fluid and magnetic fluid. These distinct, yet intertwined subjects are addressed in an integrated manner, with numerous exercises and problems throughout.
Title:Engineering Fluid MechanicsFormat:PaperbackDimensions:587 pages, 9.25 × 6.1 × 0 inPublished:November 25, 2010Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Introduction; Preface;1. Fundamentals in Continuum Mechanics; 1.1 Dynamics of fluid motion; 1.2 Dynamics in rotating reference frame; 1.3 Material objectivity and convective derivatives; 1.4 Displacement gradient and relative strain; 1.5 Reynold's transport theorem; 1.6 Forces on volume element; Exercise; Problems; Bibliography; Nomenclature for chapter 1; 2. Conservation equations in continuum mechanics; 2.1 Mass conservation; 2.2 Linear momentum conservation; 2.3 Angular momentum conservation; 2.4 Energy conservation; 2.5 Thermodynamic relations; Exercise; Problems; Bibliography; Nomenclature for chapter 2; 3. Fundamental Treatment for Fluid Engineering; 3.1 Fluid static; 3.1 Fluid-fluid interfaces; Exercise; Problems; Bibliography; Nomenclature for chapter 3; 4. Perfect flow; 4.1 Potential and inviscid flows; Exercise; Problems; 4.2 General theories of turbomachinery; 4.2.1 Moment of momentum theory; 4.2.2 Airfoil theory; 4.2.3 Efficiency and similarity rules of turbomachinery; 4.2.4 Cavitation; Exercise; Problems; Bibliography; Nomenclature for chapter 4; 5. Compressible flow; 5.1 Speed of sound and Mach number; 5.2 Isoentropic flow; 5.3 Fanno and Reyleigh lines; 5.4 Normal shock waves; 5.5 Oblique shock wave; Exercise; Problems; Bibliography; Nomenclature for chapter 5; 6. Newtonian flow; 6.1 Navier-Stokes Equation; Problems; 6.2 Similitude and Nondimensionalization; Exercise; Problems; 6.3 Basic flows derived from Navier-Stokes equation; 6.3.1 Unidirectional flow in a gap space; 6.3.2 Lubrication theory; 6.3.3 Flow around sphere; Problems; 6.4 Flow through pipe; 6.4.1 Entrance flow; 6.4.2 Fully developed flow pipe; 6.4.3 Transient Hagen-Poiseuille flow in pipe; Exercise; Problems; 6.5 Laminar boundary layer theory; 6.5.1 Flow over a flat plate; 6.5.2 Integral Analysis of Boundary Layer equation; 6.5.3 Boundary layer separation; 6.5.4 Integral relation for thermal energy; Exercise; Problems; 6.6 Turbulent flow; 6.6.1 Turbulence models; 6.6.2 Turbulence heat transfer; Exercise; Problems; Bibliography; Nomenclature for chapter 6; 7. Non-Newtonian fluid and flow; 7.1 Non-Newtonian fluid and generalized Newtonian fluid flow; 7.1.1 Rheological classifications; 7.1.2 Generalized Newtonian fluid flow; Exercise; Problems; 7.2 Standard flow and material functions; 7.2.1 Simple shear flow; 7.2.2 Shearfree flow; 7.2.3 Oscillatory rheometric flow; 7.2.4 Viscometric flow in rheomery; Exercise; Problems; 7.3 Viscoelastic fluid and flow; 7.3.1 Linear viscoelastic rheological equation; 7.3.2 Linear and nonlinear viscoelastic models; 7.3.3 Viscoelastic models to standard flow and application to some engineering flow problems; UCM, CRM and Giesekus equation; Unidirectional basic flow problems; Exercise; Problems; Bibliography; Nomenclature for chapter 7; 8. Magnetic fluid and flow; 8.1 Thermophysical properties; Exercise; Problems; 8.2 Ferrohydrodynamics equation; Exercise; Problems; 8.3 Basic flows and applications; 8.3.1 Generalized Bernoulli equation; 8.3.2 Hydrostatics; 8.3.3 Thermoconvective phenomena; Exercise; Problems; Bibliography; Nomenclature for chapter 8