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Other | December 10, 2003

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With a friendly writing style and abundant illustrations, Pronunciation Made Simple (formerly English Pronunciation for International Students) helps students understand and achieve the pronunciation patterns of native English speakers. Appropriate for both classroom use and self-study, this confidence-building text motivates students to practice their skills outside the classroom.

Title:ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION MADE SIM: STBK/AUDIO CDFormat:OtherDimensions:310 pages, 9.94 × 8.16 × 0.68 inPublished:December 10, 2003Publisher:PEARSON LONGMANLanguage:English

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Rated 4 out of 5 by from Pretty Good! I think the textbook is well-organized and has very useful exercises. I love the fact that it uses famous poetry, short stories and even Shakespeare, however, I am aware that some people will hate that. Most of the reading exercises are 'old' or use 'old English'. It could be a problem. Like I said, I love that. Varied and classical. CDS - there are 2 Am. English Cds, which is good, but they only recorded 1/4 of the exercises, so it is disappointing to most learners. Why not record all the exercises? In summary, I like this book and use it all the time with students & clients because it has cds, excellent exercises and explanations, great short readings and covers all the bases. Next version please add full recordings.
Date published: 2009-08-22

Table of Contents

English Pronunciation Made Simple

Paulette Dale & Lillian Poms


About the Authors


To the Student


Part I: Vowels


            Lesson 1          Pronouncing the Vowels of American English


            Lesson 2          [i] as in me, team and bee and [I] as in it and pin


            Lesson 3          [e I ] as in ate, game, and they


            Lesson 4          [µ] as in egg, pet, and head


            Lesson 5          [æ] as in at, fat, and happy


            Lesson 6          [a] as in arm, hot, and father


            Lesson 7          Contrast and Review of [e I ], [µ], [æ], and [a]


            Lesson 8          [u] as in you, too, and rule and [ U ] as in cook and put


            Lesson 9          [ ¿ ] as in up, but, and come


            Lesson 10        [ OU ] as in oh, no, and boat


            Lesson 11        [ Û ] as in all, caught, and boss


            Lesson 12        Contrast and Review of [ ¿ ], [ OU ], Û] ], and [a]


            Lesson 13        [Y] as in a, upon, and soda


            Lesson 14        [ ] as in turn, first, and serve and [ ] as in father and actor


            Lesson 15        [a U ] as in out, house, and cow


            Lesson 16        [a I ] as in I, my, and pie


            Lesson 17        [ Û I ] as in oil, noise, and boy


Part 2: Stress, Rhythm, and Intonation


            Lesson 18        Introducing Stress, Rhythm, and Intonation


            Lesson 19        Stress Within the Word


            Lesson 20        Stress Within the Sentence


            Lesson 21        Rhythm


            Lesson 22        Intonation


Part 3: Consonants


            Lesson 23        Pronouncing the Consonants of American English


            Lesson 24        [s] as in sit, basket, and kiss and [z] as in zoo, busy, and buzz


            Lesson 25        [t] as in top, return, and cat


            Lesson 26        [d] as in day, ladder, and bed


            Lesson 27        [¸] as in think, bathtub, and mouth


            Lesson 28        [ð] as in the, father, and smooth


            Lesson 29        Contrast and Review of [s], [z], [t], [d], [¸], and [ð]


            Lesson 30        [ + ] as in shoe, nation, and wish

and [t + ] as in chair, teacher, and witch


            Lesson 31        Contrast and Review of [s], [ + ], [t], and [t + ]


            Lesson 32        [ 7 ] as in measure, vision, and rouge


            Lesson 33        [d 7 ] as in jam, magic, and age and [j] as in you and yes


            Lesson 34        Contrast and Review of [t + ], [d 7 ], and [j]


            Lesson 35        Additional Contrasts


            Lesson 36        [p] as in pay, apple, and stop


            Lesson 37        [b] as in boy, rabbit, and tub


            Lesson 38        [f] as in fun, office, and if


            Lesson 39        [v] as in very, over, and save


            Lesson 40        [h] as in hat and behind


            Lesson 41        [w] as in we and away


            Lesson 42        [l] as in lamp, yellow, and pool


            Lesson 43        [r] as in red, marry, and far


            Lesson 44        Contrast and Review of [l] and [r]


            Lesson 45        [k] as in cake, car, and book


            Lesson 46        [g] as in go, begin, and egg


            Lesson 47        [m] as in me and swim


            Lesson 48        [n] as in no and run


            Lesson 49        [K] as in sing


            Lesson 50        Contrast and Review of [m], [n], and [K]


            Lesson 51        Pronouncing Final Consonant Sounds


            Lesson 52        Pronouncing Consonant Clusters


            Lesson 53        Pronouncing Past Tense Verbs


Lesson 54        Pronouncing Plurals, Third-Person Verbs, Possessives, and Contractions




            Appendix I       To the Teacher


                                                Breaking the Ice


                                                Hearing the Sounds


                                                Accent Analysis


                                                Accent Analysis Sentences: Vowels


                                                Accent Analysis Sentences: Consonants


                                                Using the Manual for Classroom Instructions


                                                Additional Communicative Practice Activities


                                                Additional Auditory Discrimination Practice Activities



            Appendix II     Check Yourself Answer Key