Epos of Cosmos

October 10, 2019|
Epos of Cosmos
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“Epos of Cosmos” was made with the intention to help the world, the epic speak about a better future for everyone. I need to give this epic to the world. I keep it for me so many years, and it is not fair. I have to share it.
WHAT IS “Epos of Cosmos”? This is an epic about the Universe and the war that happened at the beginning of time. The war was between the positive, negative and neutral (astrals) forces of the Universe with the scope of conquering the Universe. The negative astrals want to conquer the Universe, they want to become gods, and the positive astrals try to defend it, they try to defend the world’s Goodness. This is a war of cosmic proportions, a total war. You will see the forces of the Universe fighting and dying defending what they love, defending their worlds. You will see a book which is different in every single way.
WHY DID I MAKE THIS EPOS? I did the epic because I wanted to help people. The message in this epic can go further and touch more people in a positive way. Many persons live in difficulty and this book can help them to find a better life for them. This book can help countries too, because are a lot of lessons inside it, about living in a fair and prosperous world, without corruption. It is about human greatness and a beautiful future for every human and every form of life. For me to do the epic “Epos of Cosmos” was time consuming and took me 20 years to make it. Epics are very difficult to create and are a few in the world (Homer, Vergil). “Epos of Cosmos” it is an amazing epic. I started “Epos of Cosmos” in 1999, and I finished this edition in 2019 (True being said, I did not work exclusively for it) but nonetheless was very demanding to finish it. It was made with the intention to be the epic of the planet Earth and many other planets. Everybody on planet Earth should enjoy this epic and learn from it. The epic is full of advices for humanity, encourages people to be better, to live a better and prosperous life. This book means a lot for me, and I did a lot of work to see it happen. I hope you will enjoy the drama inside, the war of the astrals, the passion, unfairness, lie, love, brotherhood, friendship, hope, sacrifice, drama of this epic. When I start the book, I was a child, and the first variant of the book was pure, was honest, without a single interest. I kept the epic like this in subsequently editions. I tried to make the epos as easier to read as possible. This epic is my gift for you. I hope you will enjoy it, and you will see the good in it. I hope that in the future I will write more.
WHY WOULD YOU READ THIS BOOK? This is different book; it is majestic, this is difficult to produce and is beautiful to read. I am impressed by it, the people I gave them to read it were impressed. They want to see what is happening next, how the book will finish? This is a majestic book; it is out of this world.
WHAT ARE YOUR BENEFITS READING THIS EPIC? You will read a cultural book, in which was invested a lot. If this book will have the expected impact on you, you will see real benefits. But you have to read it first. You will be impressed. This was my first motivation to do the book. To help people, to give hope. “Epos of Cosmos” was my platform for doing this, and it was a good platform.
WOULD YOU HELP ME PROMOTING THIS EPIC? Please, if you can help me doing this, a review, a loan of the book to a friend, a word to a friend or familiar to read the epos will make a great difference. “Epos of Cosmos” will thank you. We can do the world a better place, and this was my part. Thank you for buying this book. After you read it, please give it to other people to read it. Please help me to put this epos where it belongs. This epic would be first, number 1, the best seller of the planet. This epic has the power to help many people, to change people and our future for better. We need a better world. This was the war of energies and light. Thank you, MarDavid.

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