Evolutionary Paleobiology by David JablonskiEvolutionary Paleobiology by David Jablonski

Evolutionary Paleobiology

EditorDavid Jablonski

Paperback | December 15, 1996

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Representing the state of the art in evolutionary paleobiology, this book provides a much-needed overview of this rapidly changing field. An influx of ideas and techniques both from other areas of biology and from within paleobiology itself have resulted in numerous recent advances, including increased recognition of the relationships between ecological and evolutionary theory, renewed vigor in the study of ecological communities over geologic timescales, increased understanding of biogeographical patterns, and new mathematical approaches to studying the form and structure of plants and animals.

Contributors to this volume—a veritable who's who of eminent researchers—present the results of original research and new theoretical developments, and provide directions for future studies. Individually wide ranging, these papers all share a debt to the work of James W. Valentine, one of the founders of modern evolutionary paleobiology. This volume's unified approach to the study of life on earth will be a major contribution to paleobiology, evolution, and ecology.

Title:Evolutionary PaleobiologyFormat:PaperbackDimensions:492 pages, 9 × 6 × 1.3 inPublished:December 15, 1996Publisher:University Of Chicago Press

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Table of Contents

1: James W. Valentine: An Appreciation
Douglas H. Erwin, David Jablonski, Jere H. Lipps.
2: Molecular Paleogenetics: The Evolutionary History of Plasmodium and
Related Protists
Ananias A. Escalante, Francisco J. Ayala.
3: Hierarchies in Macroevolution
Niles Eldredge
4: Models of Morphological Diversification
Mike Foote
5: The Shifting Balance of Natural Communities?
Jeremy B. C. Jackson, Ann F. Budd, John M. Pandolfi.
6: Do Communities Evolve? A Major Question in Evolutionary Paleoecology
Richard K. Bambach, J. Bret Bennington.
7: Reading the Chronicle of Quaternary Temperate Rocky Shore Faunas
David R. Lindberg, Jere H. Lipps.
8: On the Nonprevalence of Competitive Replacement in the Evolution of
Michael J. Benton
9: Competition in Macroevolution: The Double Wedge Revisited
J. John Sepkoski, Jr
10: Body Size and Macroevolution
David Jablonski
11: Evolution of the Fossil Record: Thickness Trends in Marine Skeletal
Accumulations and Their Implications
Susan M. Kidwell, Patrick J. Brenchley.
12: Locomotion and Respiration in Aquatic Air-Breathing Vertebrates
Richard Cowen
13: Marine Biological Diversity: Muricid Gastropods as a Case Study
Geerat J. Vermeij
14: The Geography of Evolutionary Turnover: A Global Analysis of Extant
Karl W. Flessa, David Jablonski.
15: Understanding Biotic Recoveries: Extinction, Survival, and Preservation
during the End-Permian Mass Extinction
Douglas H. Erwin
16: Extinction Models
David M. Raup
17: On Telling, Altering, and Enriching Stories: An Unpublished Darwin
Letter from a Key Incident in His Later Life
Stephen Jay Gould
Appendix: Geological Time Scale
List of Contributors
Author Index
Subject Index