Exergetic, Energetic And Environmental Dimensions by Ibrahim DincerExergetic, Energetic And Environmental Dimensions by Ibrahim Dincer

Exergetic, Energetic And Environmental Dimensions

byIbrahim DincerEditorCan Ozgur Colpan, Onder Kizilkan

Hardcover | October 1, 2017

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This edited book looks at recent studies on interdisciplinary research related to exergy, energy, and the environment. This topic is of prime significance - there is a strong need for practical solutions through better design, analysis and assessment in order to achieve better efficiency, environment and sustainability.

Exergetic, Energetic and Environmental Dimensionscovers a number of topics ranging from thermodynamic optimization of energy systems, to the environmental impact assessment and clean energy, offering readers a comprehensive reference on analysis, modeling, development, experimental investigation, and improvement of many micro to macro systems and applications, ranging from basic to advanced categories.

Its comprehensive content includes:

  • Comprehensive coverage of development of systems considering exergy, energy, and environmental issues, along with the most up-to-date information in the area, plus recent developments
  • New developments in the area of exergy, including recent debate involving the shaping of future directions and priorities for better environment, sustainable development and energy security
  • Provides a number of illustrative examples, practical applications, and case studies

  • Introduces recently developed technological and strategic solutions and engineering applications for professionals in the area
  • Provides numerous engineering examples and applications on exergy
  • Offers a variety of problems that foster critical thinking and skill development

About The Author

Dr. Ibrahim Dincer is full Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada. He is also Vice President for Strategy of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE) and Vice-President of the World Society of Sustainable Energy T...
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Title:Exergetic, Energetic And Environmental DimensionsFormat:HardcoverDimensions:1140 pages, 9.41 × 7.24 × 0.98 inPublished:October 1, 2017Publisher:Academic PressLanguage:English

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Extra Content

Table of Contents

ENERGY, ENTROPY AND EXERGY ANALYSIS AND MANAGEMENT 1. Exergy Analysis of Nitrogen Liquefaction Process; 2. Investigation of Irreversibility with CO2 Emission Measurement in Industrial Enamel Furnace; 3. Energy and Exergy Analysis of a Steam Power Plant Considering Effect of Varying Plant Loads; 4. Long Term Energy Demand and Supply Projections and Evaluations for Turkey; 5. Thermodynamic Performance Analysis of a Raw Mill System in Cement Plant

THERMAL SYSTEMS AND APPLICATIONS 6. Cooling of Concentrated Photovoltaic System Using Microchannel Heat Sink; Thermodynamic Analysis of Parabolic Solar Collector Driven Double-Effect Absorption Cooling System; 8. Energy and Exergy Analyses of a Biomass Fired Regenerative ORC System; 9. A Study on Adsorption Characteristics of Activated Carbon-R134a and Activated Carbon-R404a Pairs; 10. Performance Investigation of a Geothermal Powered Organic Rankine Cycle for Natural Working Fluids; 11. Thermodynamic Analysis of an Integrated System with A Concentrating Collector for Multi-Generation Purposes; 12. Heat Recovery Analysis of a Rotary Kiln in Cement Industry

SOLAR ENERGY 13. Experimental Analysis of Latent Thermal Energy Storage for Solar Heating Applications: Preliminary Results; 14. A review of Solar Energy Status in Iraq and Current Status; 15. Effect of Solar - Geothermal Heat Exchanger Design and Fluid Type on the Thermodynamic Performance of a Power Plant; 16. Thermal Regulation Enhancement of Concentrated Photovoltaic Systems Using Phase-Change Materials; 17. Comparison of Regression Analysis, ANN and ANFIS Methods in the Prediction of Monthly Mean Global Solar Radiation: A Case Study; 18. Reduction of Entropy Production by Using of Solar Cooling Systems Based on SOLITERM Parabolic Trough Collectors Combined with Double Effect Absorption Chillers; 19. Optimal Off-Design Conditions for Solar-Driven Organic Rankine Cycles; 20. One-Dimensional Transient Thermal Model for Parabolic Trough Collectors Using Closed-Form Solution of Fluid Flow; 21. Design and Performance Analysis of Linear Fresnel Reflector; 22. Exergy Analysis of a Solar Photovoltaic Panel within Karabük Climate Conditions; 23. A Comparative and Experimental Study on Different Exergetic Efficiency Methods of a Solar Panel; 24. New Climate Zone Definitions of Turkey by Using Typical Meteorological Year Data; 25. Exergetic and Energetic Performance Evaluation of a Flat Plate Solar Collector in Dynamic Behavior; 26. Optimization of Tilt Angles of PV Arrays for Different Seasons; 27. Key Factors for the Operation of a Solar Air Collector: A Parametric Study; 28. Experimental Analysis of Solar Space Heater Performance

SUSTAINABLE AND RENEWABLE ENERGY DEVELOPMENT 29. Load Side Management in Smart Grids using a Global Optimizer; 30. Performance Assessment of Various Greenhouse Heating Systems; 31. Cost Risk Modeling for Hybrid Power Generation from Geothermal, Biomass Resources and CSP in Turkey; 32. Sustainable Reuse of Dairy Cow Manure as Bedding and Compost: Nutrients, Pathogens and Self-Heating Potential from Increased Residence Time in a Tumbling Composter; 33. Cost Modeling for Thermal Energy Storage in Hybrid Power Generation from CSP and Biomass Resources in Turkey; 34. Vacuum Stripping Membrane Desalination for Marmara Sea Water; 35. Architecture in the Net Zero Houses of the Future; 36. Control System for a Novel Photobioreactor in the Building Envelope; 37. Performance Analysis of Three Soft Computing Methods for Predicting the Heat Load of Buildings; 38. Ventilation Strategies for the Preventive Conservation of Manuscripts in Necip Pa_ a Library; 39. PV Array Based Smart Home Automation System; 40. Achieving Sustainable Buildings via Energy Efficiency Retrofit: A Case Study of an Industrial Building; 41. Passive Thermal Management of a Photovoltaic Panel: Influence of Fin Arrangements; 42. Multi-Criteria Selection Factors for Evaluation of Intelligent Buildings; A Novel Approach for Energy Management

FLUID MECHANICS, HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER 43. MHD Natural Convection and Entropy Generation in a Nanofluid Filled Cavity with a Conductive Partition; 44. CFD Simulations to Optimize Flow Distribution in a FGD Wet Scrubber; 45. Determination of Flow Characteristics of Multiple Slot-Jets Impingement Cooling; 46. Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Heat Transfer in Multi-Port Tubes; 47. Effect of Length of the Wavy Shaped Splitter Plate on Flow around a Circular Cylinder; 48. Investigation of the Effect of the Plasma Actuators Vertically Placed On the Spanwise of NACA0015 Airfoil; 49. A Numerical Study on Phase Change inside a Spherical Capsule; 50. Phase Change Materials in Textile Fabrics: A Numerical Survey; 51. Experimental Investigation of a Panel Radiator with Latent Heat Storage

FUELS AND COMBUSTION TECHNOLOGY 52. 5 MW Hybrid Power Generation in ORC Unit from Co-Incineration of Agricultural, Forestry Biomass Waste and Biogas in Stoker and Through Parabolic Solar Panel (CSP); 53. Optimization Methods of Radiative Transfer Calculation Applied to a Cylindrical Sodium Vapor Plasma; 54. Waste to Energy with a Combine Membrane Technology: Biobutanol Production and Purification; 55. Biodiesel Production from High Acid Value Sunflower Oil By Using Zirconium Sulfate as a Heterogeneous Acid Catalyst; 56. Biodiesel Production over CaMgAl Hydrotalcite like Compounds from Waste Cooking Oil; 57. Production of Upgraded Bio-Oils by Biomass Catalytic Pyrolysis Using Low Cost Food Industry Waste; 58. Numerical Investigation of Fixed Bed Downdraft Woody Biomass Gasification; 59. Pyrolysis of Waste Polyethylene Plastics and Investigation of the Fuel Potential of Pyrolysis Products; 60. Pyrolysis of Washed Waste HDPE Plastics and Production of Epoxy Composite from the Pyrolysis Char; 61. Production of Hazelnut Oil Biodiesel through Investigating KOH-Catalyzed Transesterification Reaction Parameters; 62. Regression Models for Predicting Some Important Fuel Properties of Corn Oil Biodiesel-Diesel Fuel Blends; 63. Rational and Hyperbolic Models to Estimate Kinematic Viscosities of Hazelnut Oil Biodiesel-Diesel Fuel Blends; 64. Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Water Adding to the Intake Air on Diesel Engine Performance and Heat Release Analysis; 65. Emission due to Pollution from Ships Main Engine and Auxiliary Machinery; 66. Energy and Environmental Issues; 67. Heat and Mass Transfer in a Composite Fluid-Porous Layer; 68. Fuzzy Control of the Compression System by the Throttle and Coupled Valves in Petroleum Companies; 69. Experimental Study and Energy Optimization of a Solar Domestic Refrigerator Incorporating Phase Change Materials; 70. Removal of Ions Pb2+ and Cd2+ from Aqueous Solution by Containment Geomaterials; 71. The Dissolution Behavior of Lead Oxide in Aqueous Organic Acid Solutions; 72. Effects of Parameters on the Extraction Yield of Acid Orange10 by Elm from an Aqueous Solution: Application of Plackett-Burman Design; 73. Effect of Biopolymer on the Properties of Oil-In-Water Microemulsions; 74. Taguchi Optimization Approach for Methyl Orange Removal from Aqueous Solution Using Electrochemical Process; 75. Multilayer Perceptron Model for Predicting Acute Toxicity of Fungicides on Rats: Validation and Domain of Application; 76. Thermoeconomic and Enviroeconomic analysis of ISCCS in Algeria; 77. Effect of Pb Content and Heat Treatment on Thermoelectric Properties of AgPb18+xSbTe20 alloys; 78. Thermodynamic and Kinetic Studies for the Adsorption of Amoxicillin onto Modified Wheat Grains; 79. Biodiesel Synthesis by Using the Smart Catalytic Membrane; 80. Characterization of Bio-Oil Obtained from a Food Industry Waste Pyrolysis; 81. Desalination in Algeria, Case of Skikda Seawater Desalination Plant; 82. Rehabilitation Alternatives for Flue Gas Desulfurization Units; 83. Air Gasification of Dried Sewage Sludge Using a Multi-Stage Gasifier: Effects of the Equivalence Ratio and Activated Carbon on Tar Removal; 84. Life Cycle Assessment of a Maintenance Process for a Training Aircraft; 85. Development and Multi Objective Exergy Based Optimization of a Solar Micro CHP System Based on Organic Rankine Cycle for domestic applications; 86. Evaluation of Bio oils produced from Pomegranate Pulp Catalytic Pyrolysis; 87. Effect of Air Exchange Rate on the Economic Outputs of Aircraft Environmental Control Systems; 88. Interactions between Polysaccharide and Anionic Surfactant and Their Effects on the Interfacial and Rheological Behaviours; 89. Numerical Study of Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage inside a Porous Matrix; 90. CD4 effective Hamiltonian in order 6 for the Pentad (2v4, v2+v4, v1, 2v2, v3). A simultaneous Line Position analysis of GS-GS, Dyad (v2, v4)-Dyad, Dyad-GS and Pentad- GS; 91. Study of the v3 Fundamental Band of 12CD4; 92. Exergy Analysis of Benzene Production Cycle; 93. Determining the Location and Species for Establishing Energy Plantations