Existence of Grey by Dustin Grimsley

Existence of Grey

byDustin Grimsley

Kobo ebook | May 6, 2015

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The world we live in is unique to us. Our senses tell us what we feel, what we see, what we hear, what we taste, and what we smell. We see the world in our own personal shade of grey. No two people can ever see the same shade of grey through the same set of eyes. All we see is all we can be allowed to see. The outside world goes into infinity in all directions, yes we focus on this one planet, on our own lives, without regard to what or who might be out there watching over us.

Humans have been gifted with the ability for deeper thought and rationality over all other animals on this Earth. We have made leaps and bounds in our technology, in our culture, and in our society. Things are constantly changing in this vast world we live in. Every new day brings a new discovery, a new advance, or a new idea. We live in the world of tomorrow that we never could have expected when we crawled from the primordial soup.

Yet there has always been a problem in humans inherently derived from this rationality. For humans to understand the world, they had to put aside the shade of grey that they were given and pick up two new colors with which to paint the world. Black colored the darkness, the wrong, the evil choices, and white colored the light, the pure, and the righteous. Nobody in our society can see the grey in our world anymore. This dichromatic world is our new home. We see arguments like science versus religion, pro-life or pro-choice, freedom or power, charity or greed, but we forget the grey.

Someone out there, watching over us, has decided to punish us for that. They have decided that our colored arguments can continue no longer, and they have dispatched an army to follow our movements, to track our progress, and strike when the time is right. Some call them observers, some call them aliens, and some call the man in charge God. They are extraterrestrial, of that we can all agree.

The lives of eight men and women will collide, co-exist, and continue to evolve in new directions when the world’s end finally does come. The death and destruction of all that colored the Earth black and white shall rock them all to their very core. When the world of science and religion collide, views must be changed. Those who survive are the most adaptable to change, not the most powerful.

Perhaps when it is all said and done, the dust clears, and the survivors begin to rebuild, they will tear down the walls their former society has put up on their walls. Perhaps when the walls come crashing down, the truth can finally be seen. The truth that this world was never meant to be colored in black and white, but painted uniquely in grey. The world was meant to be grey.

For the invaders themselves, they will find their match as well. Not against mankind’s weapons or their unbroken spirit in the midst of the chaos. They will find their own motives questioned by a simple boy, wanting not salvation or retribution, but simply a way back to the life he had beforehand. Back to the grey that once colored his eyes so uniquely.

But it is not without sacrifice that humanity will battle against the invaders. When the odds are against them and the cold reality has settled in with no way of lifting itself in favor of a new, fantastic one, humanity will rise. They will see what they have always seen, and they will fight for their right to live. They will fight to preserve the grey that they have always seen.

In this world, there are no truths and there are no lies. There is no bias, there is no discrimination. There simply exists a grey palate with which to color the reality about our society, our world, and our lives. Questions that seem impossible to answer will have answers. This is the existence of grey as the world will come to know it. Will you fight to survive or will you fight to preserve your views?

Title:Existence of GreyFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:May 6, 2015Publisher:TJT Designs and PublicationsLanguage:English

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