Experiencing Hektor: Character in the Iliad by Lynn KozakExperiencing Hektor: Character in the Iliad by Lynn Kozak

Experiencing Hektor: Character in the Iliad

byLynn Kozak

Hardcover | December 1, 2016

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At the Iliad's climax, the great Trojan hero Hektor falls at the hands of Achilles. But who is Hektor? He has resonated with audiences as a tragic hero, great warrior, loyal husband and father, protector of a doomed city. Yet never has a major work sought to discover how these different aspects of Hektor's character accumulate over the course of the narrative to create the devastating effect of his death. This book documents the experience of Hektor through the Iliad's serial narrative. Drawing on diverse tools from narratology, to cognitive science, but with a special focus on film character, television poetics, and performance practice, it examines how the mechanics of serial narrative construct the character of Hektor. How do we experience Hektor as the performer makes his way through the epic? How does the juxtaposition of scenes in multiple storylines contribute to character? How does the narrative work to manipulate our emotional response? How does our relationship to Hektor change over the course of the performance? Lynn Kozak demonstrates this novel approach through a careful scene-by-scene breakdown and analysis of the Iliad, focusing especially on Hektor. In doing so, she challenges and destabilises popular and scholarly assumptions about both ancient epic and the Iliad's 'other' hero.
Lynn Kozak is an Associate Professor at McGill University, Canada. She is the founder and artistic director of the McGill Classics Play and the co-founder and artistic co-director of Oimoi Productions.
Title:Experiencing Hektor: Character in the IliadFormat:HardcoverDimensions:328 pages, 9.5 × 6.25 × 0.85 inPublished:December 1, 2016Publisher:BloomsburyLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

List of Illustrations Acknowledgments Preface Introduction: Binge-Watching the Iliad 1. Enter Hektor In Media Res Diegetic Introduction: 1.233-44 Thetis: 1.350-611 Achaians Assemble: 2.1-394 Hektor on the Horizon: 2.394-473 Catalogue: 2.474-785 Reveal: 2.786-810 Trojan Catalogue: 2.811-3.14 Enter Paris: 3.15-37 Hektor and Paris 3.38-75 Setting Terms: 3.76-120 Troy-time: 3.121-260 Trusted Oaths (untrustworthy sons): 3.261-302 Duel: 3.303-448 Missing In Action: 3.448-61 Gods: 4.1-72 Broken Oaths: 4.73-222 Ready to Rumble: 4.220-421 Battle: 4.422-543 Overhaul: 5.1-453 Returns: 5.454-532 Battle: 5.533-589 Overhaul: 5.590-627 Sarpedon: 5.628-78 Hektor: 5.679-710 Silent Type: 5.711-909 Achaians Kill: 6.1-36 Even the Unborn: 6.37-72 Mission: 6.73-118 Face-off: 6.119-236 Troy-time: 6.237-85 Mission continued (Hekabe): 6.242-85 Mission Impossible: 6.286-311 Mission (Paris and Helen): 6.312-68 Mission (Andromache): 6.369-502 2. Killing Time Maybe Next Time: 6.503-7.16 Callback: 7.17-91 Achaians: 7.92-213 Fight/Night: 7.214-312 Wall Alignment: 7.313-44 Troy-time: 7.345-80 Death All Round: 7.380-8.51 Battle: 8.52-197 Hera/Zeus: 8.198-252 Battle: 8.253-334 Overhaul-ish: 8.335-437 Hera/Zeus: 8.438-84 Die Another Day: 8.485-9.88 Embassy: 9.89-713 Spy vs. Spy: 10.1-579 All Day Permanent Red: 11.1-162 Hektor Rising: 11.163-368 Injuries: 11.369-488 Hektor Returns: 11.489-594 Mission, Achilles: 11.595-848 Wall Alignment: 12.1-39 Hektor, Whirlwind: 12.40-83 Mission Crew: 12.84-109 Wall Fight!: 12.110-194 Hektor/Wall: 12.195-290 Wall Fight!: 12.290-12.431 Hektor/Wall: 12.432-71 Zeus/Poseidon: 13.1-82 Mission Crew: 13.83-129 Hektor Again: 13.130-205 Idomeneus/Meriones: 13.206-333 Zeus/Poseidon: 13.334-60 Idomeneus/Meriones: 13.361-580 Menelaos: 13.581-673 Hektor/Panic: 13.674-837 Achaians Assemble (Injury Edition): 14.1-152 Hera: 14.153-360 Hektor/Aias: 14.361-439 Battle: 14.440-508 When Zeus Wakes: 14.508-15.86 Other Gods: 15.87-149 Apollo/Hektor: 15.150-270 Battle Again: 15.271-389 Patroklos:15.390-405 Hektor/Aias: 15.406-591 Overhaul: 15.592-746 Stuck in the Middle With You 3. Ends Achilles/Patroklos: 16.1-100 Hektor: 16.101-23 Achilles/Patroklos: 16.124-256 Battle: 16.257-357 Aias/Hektor: 16.358-418 Sarpedon: 16.419-507 Mission/Hektor: 16.508-53 Patroklos/Counter-Mission: 16.554-683 Patroklos/Hektor: 16.684-867 Bad News Travels Slow (Menelaos): 17.1-112 Aias/Hektor: 17.113-39 Glaukos/Hektor: 17.140-82 Death Suits You: 17.183-209 Overhaul-ish: 17.210-236 Aias/Menelaos: 17.237-61 Battle: 17.262-369 Bad News Travels Slow: 17.370-411 Horses: 17.412-542 Patroklos: 17.543-625 Bad News Travels Slow: 17.626-18.21 Black Cloud of Grief: 18.22-146 Saving Patroklos: 18.147-238 Hektor: 18.239-314 Black Cloud of Grief: 18.314-55 Gods: 18.356-616 Make Up: 19.1-281 Black Cloud of Grief: 19.282-356 Armour and Horses: 19.357-503 Battle (Achilles) Gods Take Sides: 20.1-75 Achilles/Aineias: 20.75-352 Hektor/Achilles: 20.353-454 Kill, Kill, Kill: 20.455-21.33 Sleeping With the Fishes: 21.34-210 When Rivers Attack: 21.211-382 Godfight: 21.382-525 Defender of Troy: 21.526-22.6 Achilles: 22.6-24 Cheap Seats: 22.25-89 Hektor: 22.90-130 The Great Escape: 22.131-65 Gods: 22.165-247 Hektor versus Achilles: 22.247-369 Bodies: 22.369-404 Bad News Travels Fast: 22.405-36 Bad New Travels Slow: 22.437-515 Achaians: 23.1-257 Games: 23.257-897 Misery Never Sleeps: 24.1-22 Missions from Gods: 24.23-188 Priam and Hekabe: 24.189-227 Curtains for Curses: 24.228-321 Hermes: 24.322-467 Supplication: 24.468-571 Promises, Promises: 24.572-95 Eat, drink, plan a funeral: 24.572-676 Midnight Run: 24.676-91 Troy-time: 24.691-722 Eulogies: 24.723-76 Funeral: 24.777-804 Conclusion: Reruns Bibliography Notes Index

Editorial Reviews

Though Kozak focuses on Hector, her study persuasively suggests that it is the characters-major, minor and "red shirts" alike- that make the experience of the Iliad one that remains compelling