Experiments Manual with simulation CD to accompany Grob's Basic Electronics: Fundamentals of DC/AC Circuits by Frank PughExperiments Manual with simulation CD to accompany Grob's Basic Electronics: Fundamentals of DC/AC Circuits by Frank Pugh

Experiments Manual with simulation CD to accompany Grob's Basic Electronics: Fundamentals of DC/AC…

byFrank Pugh, Wes Ponick

Paperback | March 31, 2006

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This lab book, written by Frank Pugh and Wes Ponick, provides students and instructors with easy to follow laboratory experiments. The experiments range from an introduction to laboratory equipment to experiments dealing with filter applications. All experiments have been student tested to ensure their effectiveness. The lab book is organized to correlate with topics covered in the text chapter by chapter.

All experiments have a MultiSim activity that is to be done prior to the actual physical lab activity. MultiSim files (version 8) are included on a bound-in CD-ROM. This prepares students to work with circuit simulation software, and also to do "pre-lab" preparation before doing a physical lab exercise. MultiSim coverage also reflects the widespread use of circuit simulation software in today's electronic industries.
Title:Experiments Manual with simulation CD to accompany Grob's Basic Electronics: Fundamentals of DC/AC…Format:PaperbackDimensions:10.8 × 8.5 × 0.7 inPublished:March 31, 2006Publisher:McGraw-Hill EducationLanguage:English

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ISBN - 10:0073254819

ISBN - 13:9780073254814


Table of Contents

Experiments Manual to accompany Grob's Basic Electronics: Fundamentals of DC & AC Circuits



EXPERIMENT I-1 Powers of Ten

EXPERIMENT I-2 Scientific Notation

EXPERIMENT I-3 Engineering Notation

EXPERIMENT 1-1 Lab Safety, Equipment, and Components

EXPERIMENT 2-1 Resistance Measurements

EXPERIMENT 2-2 Resistor V and I Measurements

EXPERIMENT 3-1 Ohm's Law

EXPERIMENT 3-2 Applying Ohm's Law

EXPERIMENT 4-1 Series Circuits

EXPERIMENT 4-2 Series Circuits--Resistance

EXPERIMENT 4-3 Series Circuits--Analysis

EXPERIMENT 4-4 Series Circuits--with Opens

EXPERIMENT 4-5 Series-Aiding and Series-Opposing Voltages

EXPERIMENT 5-1 Parallel Circuits

EXPERIMENT 5-2 Parallel Circuits--Resistance Branches

EXPERIMENT 5-3 Parallel Circuits--Analysis

EXPERIMENT 5-4 Parallel Circuits--Opens and Shorts

EXPERIMENT 6-1 Series-Parallel Circuits

EXPERIMENT 6-2 Series-Parallel Circuits--Resistance

EXPERIMENT 6-3 Series-Parallel Circuits--Analysis

EXPERIMENT 6-4 Series-Parallel--Opens and Shorts

EXPERIMENT 6-5 The Wheatstone Bridge

EXPERIMENT 6-6 Positive and Negative Voltages to Ground

EXPERIMENT 6-7 Additional Seris-Parallel Circuits

EXPERIMENT 6-8 Additional Series-Parallel Opens and Shorts

EXPERIMENT 7-1 Voltage Dividers with Loads

EXPERIMENT 7-2 Current Dividers

EXPERIMENT 7-3 Potentiometers and Rheostats as Dividers

EXPERIMENT 7-4 Voltage Divider Design

EXPERIMENT 8-1 Analog Ammeter Design

EXPERIMENT 8-2 Analog Voltmeter Design

EXPERIMENT 9-1 Kirchhoff's Laws

EXPERIMENT 10-1 Network Theorems

EXPERIMENT 11-1 Conductors and Insulators

EXPERIMENT 12-1 Battery Internal Resistance

EXPERIMENT 12-2 Load Match and Maximum Power

EXPERIMENT 13-1 Magnetism

EXPERIMENT 13-2 Electromagnetism and Coils

EXPERIMENT 14-1 Relays

EXPERIMENT 15-1 AC Voltage and Ohm's Law

EXPERIMENT 15-2 Basic Oscilloscope Measurements for AC Circuits

EXPERIMENT 15-3 Additional AC Oscilloscope Measurements

EXPERIMENT 15-4 Oscilloscope Lissajous Patterns

EXPERIMENT 15-5 Oscilloscope Measurements: Superposing AC on DC

EXPERIMENT 16-1 Capacitors

EXPERIMENT 17-1 Capacitive Resistance

EXPERIMENT 18-1 Capacitive Coupling

EXPERIMENT 18-2 Capacitive Phase Measurements: Using an Oscilloscope

EXPERIMENT 19-1 Inductors

EXPERIMENT 20-1 Inductive Reactance

EXPERIMENT 21-1 Inductive Circuits

EXPERIMENT 22-1 RC Time Constant

EXPERIMENT 23-1 AC Circuits: RLC Circuits

EXPERIMENT 24-1 Complex Numbers for AC Circuits

EXPERIMENT 25-1 Series Resonance

EXPERIMENT 25-2 Parallel Resonance

EXPERIMENT 26-1 Filters

EXPERIMENT 26-2 Filter Applications

APPENDIX A Applicable Color Codes

APPENDIX B Lab Report Preparation

APPENDIX C Blank Graph Paper

APPENDIX D How to Make Graphs

APPENDIX E Oscilloscope Graticules

APPENDIX F The Oscilloscope

APPENDIX G Component List