May 17, 2015|
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Having been knocked down by a car, Craig Chapman remains in a coma, suffering the ‘locked-in’ syndrome. He is fully conscious without being able to speak, move, see, hear, feel or smell. No perception even of day and night, or time passing.
In desperation he sends out mental 'cries' of help which are only sensed by Toni Sadler, the woman who found him in the street - nobody else. He can only communicate with doctors and even his family through this one human ‘interpreter’.
This phenomenon has never been known to the world of Neuroscience. Such spontaneous mental communication is totally unique!

The story of this coma man’s locked-in world, his emotions and thoughts, his turmoil and dilemma whether to fight to survive, or give up and die, is interwoven with outside intrigue, infidelity and crime. The reader is transported far and wide from London to the Australian Outback; from Stockholm to Boston,Massachusetts.

Format:Kobo ebook
Published:May 17, 2015
Publisher:George Somlai
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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