Fathomless by Jackson Pearce


byJackson Pearce

Kobo ebook | September 4, 2012

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Celia Reynolds is the youngest in a set of triplets and the one with the least valuable power. Anne can see the future, and Jane can see the present, but all Celia can see is the past. And the past seems so insignificant -- until Celia meets Lo.

Lo doesn't know who she is. Or who she was. Once a human, she is now almost entirely a creature of the sea -- a nymph, an ocean girl, a mermaid -- all terms too pretty for the soulless monster she knows she's becoming. Lo clings to shreds of her former self, fighting to remember her past, even as she's tempted to embrace her dark immortality.

When a handsome boy named Jude falls off a pier and into the ocean, Celia and Lo work together to rescue him from the waves. The two form a friendship, but soon they find themselves competing for Jude's affection. Lo wants more than that, though. According to the ocean girls, there's only one way for Lo to earn back her humanity. She must persuade a mortal to love her . . . and steal his soul.
Title:FathomlessFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:September 4, 2012Publisher:Little, Brown Books for Young ReadersLanguage:English

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Rated 1 out of 5 by from Oh Why did I waste my time! THis book was a waste of time, one of the worst books I have read, there was no plot, no twist, nothing good at all in this book. I so disappointed, I thought the book would be at least good since the author , Jackson Pearce had her last two books pretty good, but this book it terrible, and I would have given it a no stars if there was an option. There the characters were boring to read about and there life was boring, especially Jude. I'm pretty sure Jackson herself was confused with the way she protrayed Lo in the book. Although I hate the book, I had high hopes for it and those hopes increased as I read the plot, but take it from me it's a trick. So truly, if your looking for a book that is at least worth reading, for enjoyment, or just to past time, avoid this book at all costs.You'll find nothing in this book that is worth anything. Just find something else, like the titles selected below.
Date published: 2013-08-01
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Very good :) I have not read Hans Christian Andersn's The Little Mermaid. I only watched the Disney version of it, which I do know have a very different ending to the original tale. However, with only the Disney retelling in my head, Fathomless feels like a whole new tale on its own. And a very wonderful one. Told from two characters' perspective, yet three different points of view (one character has two identities) Fathomless narrates a mesmerizing story of identity, remembrance, friendship and love. Celia and her Sister (who are triplets) have supernatural powers. One can see the future, the other one the present, and Celia can see the past. Lo is an ocean girl who was once human and lived on land. However, someone turned her into an ocean girl and now she can't even remember what her name used to be... until she meet Celia. Celia and Lo meet for the first time the night they both rescue Jude (the charming love interest) from drowning. But Celia and Lo continue to meet and a friendship starts to grows while Celia tries to helps Lo remember who she once was. With a bewitching prologue, Fathomless captured my attention right away. I enjoyed it the different point's of view and I specially appreciate the different chapters that were given to Lo and Naida (the girl Lo used to be) I feel I get to love this complex characters whose two identities fought to overpower each other to whether accept a life as an ocean girl, or remember the past and sacrifice a human' s life to get her soul back. In addition, Celia was a delightful lead character. There is so much credibility to the way she behaves as well as her actions and thoughts. She is no doubt a character that readers will deeply sympathize with. The background story in how the ocean girls are created, and where they are supposed to go when they grow old, is something that fascinated me and I'd love to see more of these concept. Unfortunately is was covered very little but enough to have a good understanding of the background story. Fathomless is a very enjoyable story even though most of it goes pretty smooth and didn't blew my mind. However, the last fifty pages of the book is what really did it for me. The last fifty pages were such a wild rollercoaster that I felt like drowning and gasping for air countless of times. By the end of this novel, I was definitely breathless! With a highly satisfying (and soul-feeding) ending, Fathomless is a beautiful tale that you'll appreciate reading.
Date published: 2012-09-16
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Freaking loved this!! Alright, Jackson Pearce is so utterly amazing. This is the only the second book I've read by her, the first being Purity, I freaking loved them both!!! (I know, I'm terrible for not having read the other fairy tale retellings, but now I want to even more!!) I went in thinking this was about mermaids (Little Mermaid retelling, so yeah) but Lo is totally NOT a mermaid. I still don't really understand what she was, Pearce called her an ocean girl. No fins or flippers! Just two legs and the ability to walk on land, albeit painfully. So what exactly did I love about Fathomless?? EVERYTHING!! I started reading it and got completely hooked (no pun intended.. or was it?). I seriously was reading this book every spare moment I had, carrying it around to steal a few word here and there. Pearce has definitely made it into my favorite authors! There are two (well three, kind of) protagonists in Fathomless. There is Celia, the triplet with the power to see the past and Lo, the ocean girl. Then of course there is Naida, who is Lo, or is she really? Lo and Naida are the same girl, yet they are so different. Each has a different voice, as the reader can plainly tell from reading. Celia is trying to help Lo/Naida remember her past, before she was an ocean girl. All Lo/Naida wants is to not forget, not lose herself again. Celia can help her remember. They meet after the rescue Jude, a boy who fell in the water. The both fall in love with him, but how can Lo even be with him? She lives in the water and the only way to become human again is to steal his soul, which means killing him, so what's the point really. I will admit, the ending caught me slightly by surprise. I wasn't expecting it. Pearce has a way of writing that seems to keep me guessing and I really enjoy it. If you are looking for a book that will have you dragging it around, unable to put down, I think you should try something by her. I love her writing style, her characters, her imagination. It's just amazing. This was comepletely different from what I was expecting, and I couldn't be happier. There is just something great about a book when you finish it, close it and just stare at it with a giant grin. That is what this book did for me. So yes, yes you should read it!
Date published: 2012-09-11
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Fascinating take on mermaids! Mermaids always held a fascination with me ever since watching The Little Mermaid at eight years old. I love the water, and the idea that mermaids were creatures who lived there and could become your friend? What more could a girl want? Yet now that I’m older mermaids in books are murderers, seducing humans and drowning them to steal their humanity. So when I heard on Goodreads and twitter that this book was a retelling of my favorite tale I had to have it. Disney always gets rids of the violent parts since the actual fairy tales are rather gruesome! And here we have Fathomless..Three sisters who each have a power. Jane sees the future, Anne sees the present and Ceila sees the past. After parting from her sisters one night, Ceila witnesses a guy fall into the water. A girl she hasn’t seen before pulls him out and saves him. By touching the girl’s arm she remembers one name, “Naidia.” The mystery deepens and she realizes the girl isn’t wholly human. She’s something else, a mermaid. There’s almost a dual personality with both Lo and Nadia. One who longs to be human again and will stop at nothing to remember her past. The other wants nothing but to live in the ocean and be with her sisters. I find it ironic they’re both struggling to be that person at the same time. And Jude is thrown in to stir things up. It didn’t even occur to me that Lon and Nadia are two distinct characters in one body until later on. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention? I was truly and utterly bored. I felt that the book was full of whining teenage characters. Sad, but true. I wanted action. I wanted romance. I wanted more than well, this. Celia is just a bystander in this entire debacle and I can’t help feel pity for her. She wanted nothing but to help, and live her teenage life minus the control of her sisters. I can definitely stand by and say Jackson Pearce writes well. Very fluid, and dynamic. But the storyline needed work, and the monsters that were thrown in didn't flow right with me. Oh and if I hear another detail about mermaids being beautiful, I’ll scream. Yes I get it. They’re very beautiful. Need not to repeat one’s self. Read this one if you’re a paranormal, mystery, mermaid fan. I liked it, but I also didn’t like it so my rating stands at three out of five stars.
Date published: 2012-09-06