Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age by Ricardo DuchesneFaustian Man in a Multicultural Age by Ricardo Duchesne

Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age

byRicardo Duchesne

Paperback | March 1, 2017

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At this pivotal moment in recent Western history, Richard Duchesne tackles what may be the most crucial question for people of European descent: ‘What makes us unique?’

Casting aside the dominant cultural Marxist narratives and dismissing the popular media attacks on concepts of ‘whiteness’, Duchesne draws on a range of historical examples, sources and philosophies to examine the origins of European man, his achievements, and the nature of the Faustian spirit that has driven his innovation and creativity.

In an age of multiculturalism and globalism one might ask the question ‘Whither Western Man?’ Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age digs deeply in our origins and development to try and point the reader towards the answer.

Ricardo Duchesne is a professor at The University of New Brunswick. His landmark book from 2011, The Uniqueness of Western Civilization, was a critique of the ongoing devaluing of Western culture in the face of multiculturalism since the 1960s. He was also the founder and is one of the chief contributors to the Council of European Cana...
Title:Faustian Man in a Multicultural AgeFormat:PaperbackDimensions:262 pages, 8.5 × 5.5 × 0.59 inPublished:March 1, 2017Publisher:Arktos Media LtdLanguage:English

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Table of Contents



1. Intellectual Journey after Uniqueness of Western Civilization: where is the European Race?

Decline of the West without a Concept of Race

The Cultural Perspective of Uniqueness

Samuel Huntington and the Ethnic Identity of Civilisations

Niall Ferguson: Western Universalism = Racial Mixing

Paul Kersey’s Escape from Detroit

The Ethnic Phenomenon in a Cultural Marxist Society

Politically Correct Evolutionary Psychology

Frank Salter on the Science of Genetic Interests


2. The Genetic and Cultural Location of the West

What is a race?

A European subrace?

Media Reactions to the Discovery that Europeans Became White Recently

Was He Really the ‘First European’?

‘Mass Migration of Aryans from Russia Contributed a Lot to the Genetics of Europeans’

‘New Genetic Study of UK Shows 10,000 Years of Immigration’

The Great Value and Limitations of Wade, Cochran and Harpending

Jean Manco’s Ancestral Journeys

Non-Western Civilisations are Easy

The West is Difficult

The Indo-Europeans

European Connections

The Hellenistic World



The Barbarian West


Latin America

Concluding Thought


3. Multicultural Historians: The Assault on Western Civilisation and Defilement of the Historical Profession

Mass Immigration and the Abolition of Western Civ courses

The Pathological Historiography of Patrick O’Brien on the Scientific Revolution

Meta-empirical Presuppositions in Multicultural History

The Absurd Globalisation of the Enlightenment

Hybrid Fabrications Versus Greek Originality


4. The Faustian Soul of the West and the Indo-Europeans

Spengler’s Contribution

The Faustian Personality

Kant and the ‘Unsocial Sociability’ of Humans

Indo-Europeans were the Most Historically Significant Nomads of the Steppes

Nietzsche and Sublimation of the Agonistic Ethos of

Indo-European Barbarians



5. A Civilisation of Faustian Explorers

Measuring the Accomplishments of Civilisations

Against Western Uniqueness

Aims of this Chapter

The Exploratory and Geographical Activities of the Greeks

The Viking Age of Exploration

Marco Polo vs. Ibn Battuta

Portuguese vs. Chinese Explorers

The Spaniards

Human Nature Has No Urge to Explore

Fernández-Armesto vs. Faustian Man



Editorial Reviews

‘In Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age, Ricardo Duchesne presents a sweeping vision of the Western personality in history and prehistory, a worthy successor to The Uniquess of Western Civilization. The book subjects distortions of the West’s achievements to scything critique, all within a scientific-realist frame. This is a must-read for Westerners who seek to understand and invest in their ethnic kin.’ — Frank Salter, author of On Genetic Interest‘Ricardo Duchesne is a critically important intellectual voice for understanding and defending the people and culture of the West. At a time when the West is under assault as never before, intellectually honest, well-researched articles are needed to counteract the disastrous state of affairs resulting from the domination of the academic environment by cultural Marxists bent on portraying the West as a uniquely evil culture whose only achievements have been derived from other cultures. Prof. Duchesne’s work has been invaluable in refuting arguments that denigrate the accomplishments and success of the West and in advancing a counter-narrative emphasizing the heroic, individualistic tradition of the West going back to its Indo-European roots. I am very proud to have published his articles in The Occidental Quarterly.’ — Kevin MacDonald, author of The Culture of Critique