Feel Free To Prosper: Two Weeks To Unexpected Income With The Simplest Prosperity Laws Available by Marilyn JenettFeel Free To Prosper: Two Weeks To Unexpected Income With The Simplest Prosperity Laws Available by Marilyn Jenett

Feel Free To Prosper: Two Weeks To Unexpected Income With The Simplest Prosperity Laws Available

byMarilyn Jenett

Paperback | December 29, 2015

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"If you have an intense desire to live a prosperous life, this book is for you! Marilyn Jenett shares the wisdom and understanding you need to immediately attract prosperity."
—Bob Proctor, world-renowned speaker and mentor, and author of The ABCs of Success
Unexpected income, unexpected business and unexpected solutions to your most pressing problems—in just two weeks or less? This is the author’s promise and it is not a promise made lightly. Thousands have applied her simple but powerful teachings, based on mental and spiritual laws, to manifest such striking results. Now she’ll teach you how to “put the Universe on speed dial.”
Marilyn Jenett’s Feel Free to Prosper, destined to become a classic, is a simple, fast, and practical approach to prosperity—a compilation of this renowned prosperity mentor’s finest teachings, followed by her final gift to the reader: the legendary lesson from her flagship program that will fulfill her two-week promise. Her unique, easy-to-grasp style will take the mystery out of these esoteric laws.
You will learn to overcome your conditioned thinking, habitual words, and other aspects of consciousness that perpetuate lack. With new patterns of thought and speech, you’ll magnetize prosperity instead of repelling it and acquire a true sense of security. Most importantly, you will experience proof of your alignment with the universal parent that is ready to shower each of us with gifts far beyond our imaginings—and finally feel free to prosper.
"You need look no further than the pages of this great masterpiece."
Peggy McColl, New York Times-bestselling author
Marilyn Jenett is a renowned prosperity mentor with an international following. She is also an accomplished entrepreneur. Jenett overcame her own "lack" consciousness to create her former business, Marilyn Jenett Locations, a special event company that attracted the largest corporate clients and major media publicity for two decades. H...
Title:Feel Free To Prosper: Two Weeks To Unexpected Income With The Simplest Prosperity Laws AvailableFormat:PaperbackDimensions:336 pages, 8.22 × 5.46 × 0.81 inPublished:December 29, 2015Publisher:Penguin Publishing GroupLanguage:English

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Rated 5 out of 5 by from the is a book plus month one of her course amazing, easy read, blessed, do you want the charmed life then get and read this book its worth it. do the homework receive the life. in two weeks to change. thanks for letting me review this book!
Date published: 2016-01-19

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ForewordIn this flooded book industry where there are so many books on the virtual and nonvirtual bookshelves in the area of self-help and/or prosperity, I was, I admit, extremely reluctant to agree to write the foreword for another book. However, within the first few minutes I was pleasantly surprised and, as I read on, this book maintained a deep interest all the way through, chapter by chapter.Feel Free to Prosper is one of the most complete encyclopedias for prosperity consciousness I have ever come across.In a matter of a few words, I would describe Feel Free to Prosper as the “Modern Day Neville Goddard.”For many years now I’ve studied, applied, experienced, written about, spoken on, and taught the principles of prosperity consciousness. There have been many teachers that have come across my path, and after reading thousands of books on the subject, purchasing and listening to thousands of audios, and attending countless programs all over the world, I have come to know the true authentic and effective books, audios, programs, and material.The great news is that you don’t have to invest years or even decades looking for the most influential and effective ideas and principles to create more abundance in your life. You need look no further than the pages of this great masterpiece.Prosperity isn’t something you “get to” . . . it is something you already are.My recommendation to you, dear reader, is to dig into this book with great hunger and thirst. Drink from this wisdom, devour the brilliance on each of these pages, and put this into practice. I’m quite certain your world will change only for the better.As Marilyn suggests in Chapter 14: “Once you have instilled in your deeper mind the idea of what you wish to attract, you must be able to let go of the How in order to manifest and enjoy the Wow.”Could it be that having what you deeply desire is as simple as that?Read on and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how simple manifestation really is when you are given these solid ideas.I myself enjoy a fulfilling and prosperous life. I’m grateful to Marilyn for having written this book, as I envision you also enjoying a totally fulfilling life. You certainly deserve it. May you be blessed with an abundance of all good things.—PEGGY MCCOLL, New York Times bestselling author and book marketing expert known as “The Best Seller Maker”IntroductionThe PromiseTwo weeks to achieve unexpected income, unexpected business, unexpected supply in all areas of life. This is the promise of Feel Free to Prosper: Two Weeks to Unexpected Income with the Simplest Prosperity Laws Available, a simple, fast, and practical how-to approach to prosperity. And it is not a promise made lightly. It’s a bold promise I make to you—and one that I intend to keep.It’s not magic. But it may seem magical because the exquisite simplicity of the prosperity laws is not commonly understood. Human nature tends to complicate matters that appear abstract and beyond our reach.I overcame my own severe “lack” consciousness to create a business that, for two decades, attracted the world’s largest corporate clients by using the same prosperity principles that I now share with my students internationally and that I am about to share with you. Marilyn Jenett Locations, my one-woman special event company, evolved and was sustained over the years solely through the application of these prosperity laws and what I refer to as “synchronicity and guidance.” With the wisdom gained from my experiences in life and business, and through the inspired intuition that created this material, I am passionate about teaching you how to “have the Universe on speed dial” through my amazingly simple, easy-to-grasp, and practical Feel Free to Prosper teachings.There is a vital need for the world’s population to understand the underlying cause of personal financial distress: a belief that there is a separation from the true source of their supply—what I call our “invisible means of support.” With my teachings, you will finally overcome the fear and experience proof of your alignment with the universal parent that is ready to shower each of us with gifts that are far beyond our imaginings—once we learn how to receive.The book you are about to read was never intended to be a book. The content was written online over several years in my characteristic conversational tone. Its purpose was to inspire my students and followers with the knowledge I had acquired while applying the works of the most brilliant teachers of mental and spiritual laws, starting almost forty years ago. My own teaching methods and proprietary techniques allow you to bypass the analytical mind and gently influence the subconscious, thereby connecting with the ultimate and unlimited source of abundant supply and knowledge. I am constantly told that my unique teaching style and ability to communicate what was previously considered esoteric knowledge into the simplest ideas is the key to the successful results my students achieve.Why two weeks? From my decades of study of the mind, I knew that it was commonly accepted that it took three to four weeks to break a habit and create a new mental pattern. However, from the time I began teaching my Feel Free to Prosper program, I noticed that my average student achieved a breakthrough in two weeks—often much sooner. I later heard that current psychological research showed it could take as little as two weeks to begin creating a new neural pathway in the brain. My students have been consistently right on cue. Quite simply, the techniques work, and they work fast.The fulfillment of my promise and your two-week adventure will officially launch when you apply the legendary Feel Free to Prosper lesson material at the end of this book. But the chapters leading up to that program will not only jump-start your prosperity—they will prepare you well for the main ride. Feel Free to Prosper is not a band-aid. It’s a cure.Feel Free to Prosper is by no means intended to be just a typical tutorial or “how-to” book. My loftiest aspiration is to connect with you, my reader, in an uncommon way. I wish to instill in you my own faith and conviction in these laws, making you feel mentally—even spiritually—“at home,” inspiring you to embrace and apply the nuggets in each lesson for your happiness and success.Common GroundMany of the books on the market today are designed to establish expertise and attract readers to high-priced seminars and products. I don’t find anything wrong with that. However, I have a special place in my heart for the millions of people for whom such offerings are out of reach. I recall this quote by Abraham Lincoln: “God must have loved the common man because he made so many of them.”In my heart, I consider myself the “common man’s prosperity teacher,” although successful professionals are equally at home with my material. My student base consists largely of entrepreneurs, “solo-preneurs,” and businesspeople, but my special mission is to help those whose “containers” (consciousness) are not yet large enough for pricey offerings. They are most urgently reaching out for answers and can benefit profoundly from the right book, as I—a common woman—once did.The Teachings and the GiftThis book is organized into several primary parts. The chapters within each section contain material that I have written spontaneously—and intuitively—for my students and followers since creating Feel Free to Prosper. Little did I know that the Universe was actually dictating the chapters for my future book. Later in the book, inspiring stories in my students’ own words provide a testament to the power of these teachings and the universal laws.The chapters within each part are not necessarily in an order meant to be followed sequentially, so you may refer to them for reinforcement or review at any time based on the subject and title.You’ll find in a few instances that I’ve repeated certain wording in different chapters. That’s because those items pertain to each of those chapters. Additionally, the repetition will help your subconscious mind accept these important points.You may notice that I don’t emphasize the term “law of attraction” and other buzzwords that have become mainstream in recent years. That’s because my studies of the laws spanned several decades and I created Feel Free to Prosper several years before those concepts became popular. With due respect to the modern wave of teachers, I want the world to remember those brilliant icons who came before us—the legendary teachers who influenced me the most and whose legacy I now wish to honor.While the main subject of this book is learning how to achieve financial prosperity, you will find that the principles can be easily adapted to other areas of your life. The teachings in Part One provide the perfect foundation to apply the universal laws and prosperity principles for any purpose.The knowledge and wisdom shared throughout this book culminate in my final gift that will fulfill my promise: I am including my Feel Free to Prosper program lesson that relates to my “two-week” promise, along with access to the recording of the companion group mentoring session. This is the proprietary lesson material that has resulted in strikingly fast results for my students. When you apply the program, it’s important to follow my lesson instructions exactly and in the sequence presented for your greatest results. You will be firmly grounded on your path to prosperity and will experience the exhilaration of finally achieving the key to manifesting—both the expected and unexpected.Testimonials from the Feel Free to Prosper program come from men and women from all walks of life across the globe. You will be joining my students, who include business owners and employees, entrepreneurs, working moms, sales agents, professionals, job seekers, coaches, healers, retirees, artists, entertainers, and even an Olympic champion.Overcoming the Resistance of the Subconscious MindThere is a multitude of self-help and get-rich material in the marketplace available to those interested in improving their lives and increasing their prosperity. People bounce from one book or program to the next looking for results, but instead they often meet with frustration because the “law of attraction” tools being touted simply don’t offer enough.My students get the results they are looking for—and get them quickly—because my teachings address a critical component and missing link that most other books and programs do not: overcoming the resistance of the subconscious mind.The reason most people, even those who are well versed in attraction and prosperity laws, do not manifest easily comes down to the resistance of the subconscious mind. If your subconscious mindset is not in alignment with your conscious desires, and you use law-of-attraction-type techniques to try and achieve life changes, you will automatically revert back to the tangible evidence of your own core beliefs. And it is those subconscious core beliefs which keep you stuck in “lack” rather than prosperity, whether we are talking about income, health, or abundance in any other forms.Through what I call “friendly persuasion,” my Feel Free to Prosper students learn—and now you will learn—to use my special techniques and the power of words to persuade rather than argue with the subconscious. In Feel Free to Prosper and the included lesson program, you’ll learn specific techniques that gently coerce the subconscious mind to accept a new dominant thought. This shift in thinking then creates the fertile soil of the subconscious which allows the new ideas of wealth, health, abundance, and success to take root. Most importantly, the Feel Free to Prosper techniques will bridge the gap between having an intellectual grasp of the prosperity principles—which many people do, but to no avail—and instilling a subconscious acceptance of them.Advertisers have known for a long time that the subconscious mind responds to ideas that are simple and to the point. Feel Free to Prosper teaches these universal laws and prosperity principles in the simplest practical terms, thereby inspiring and guiding you toward the success you desire.The Universe—Your Marketing DepartmentIf you own a business or want to advance in your job or career, then an entire section of this book is devoted to you.Just as a house cannot stand without a proper foundation, all of the marketing, sales, and business know-how in the world will not result in success unless you first have the internal foundation—the mindset—to succeed. Once you create that foundation, you will automatically be guided to all the appropriate elements that will result in your success. You will be guided to do exactly what needs to be done to get your results. Or you may be guided to take no physical action—except to watch as results arrive miraculously out of the blue. (I know you’ll love that part of these teachings.)As a reader of Feel Free to Prosper, you will learn that when you “put the Universe on speed dial” you will truly have the greatest marketing department you could ever hope for—and that the possibilities are unlimited.There is no question in my mind that the use of prosperity principles—based on mental and spiritual laws—is by far the most valuable way to market your business, achieve ongoing success in your business or career, and achieve success in every aspect of life. You can “prosper” in finances, in health, in love and relationships, in creativity and spiritually. As my greatest teacher, Dr. Joseph Murphy, used to say and that I now tell my students, “Do the homework and you’ll get the results.”Synchronicity and GuidanceAchieving prosperity is not just about visualizing and attracting what you want, as many books and programs would have you believe. By gently coercing the subconscious to accept the new dominant thought, we are able to create our “pipeline” to and tap into the universal source of supply—and spontaneously attract and be guided to results which are far beyond what our limited, finite minds can imagine or visualize. My journey of successfully using these teachings to become the constant recipient of striking and unexpected gifts from this universal source is well documented in my manuscript Feel Free to Prosper: An Entrepreneurial Memoir of Synchronicity and Guidance. The memoir was written entirely online on my former social media forum and attracted tens of thousands of views. Then came literary agents and book offers based on my teachings, which ultimately led to my publisher and the book you are reading.Early in my career as a special event specialist, with no PR or marketing resources and using only my prosperity principles and the “universe as my publicist,” I manifested a cover feature story in the Los Angeles Times that attracted thousands of telephone calls for years and syndication around the world. This was followed by local and national prime-time television segments and continuing media exposure, including the first article I ever wrote that grossed $250,000 for my business!During the next two decades, my tiny one-woman company continued to spontaneously attract many of the world’s largest corporate clients—without marketing, advertising, networking, or cold calling. But there were also severe setbacks related to local disasters and national recessions, and those experiences were my greatest learning experiences—they taught me what worked and what didn’t. I realize now that my entrepreneurial journey and my business served as the “schoolhouse” where I became indoctrinated in the most profound laws of the Universe. My victory in overcoming my own “lack” consciousness culminated in my faith and conviction in these laws and the recognition of my life’s purpose—and spiritual obligation—to teach others.Today I continue to use the prosperity laws to maintain the mindset to attract success. Despite the fact that I released my corporate business years ago to devote myself to teaching Feel Free to Prosper, I still spontaneously attracted huge corporate clients—even at the height of the 2008 recession, considered the worst since the 1930s—while I was advocating “progression, not recession” in my writings and interviews. I accepted a couple of bookings because I felt that the Universe sent them to publicly support my conviction that, with the right mindset, we can prosper in any economy. But following those bookings, I made the decision that I would never coordinate another event. I knew that my life had transitioned permanently and there was no turning back. My heart and soul would be exclusively devoted to helping others with my teachings.A month after I made that decision, I was offered the first of what eventually turned out to be three publishing offers to write this book.So you see, I consistently rely on the same universal laws and principles that I teach my students and I am perpetually in awe of the synchronicity and guidance that will govern our lives once we become aligned to our source.Now It’s Your TurnYou are here because you are ready to move beyond your present circumstances and fulfill the potential that you know deep in your heart is within you. You may be a beginner who yearns to break through a lifetime of struggle to the blissful state of knowing your financial needs are always met. Or maybe you have reached a certain level of accomplishment but have not been able to advance further. Perhaps your greatest desire is for direction—to have your true place in life revealed so that you can profit financially from work that you truly love and were born to do. You may even be a seasoned seeker with knowledge of the laws but find something is missing that prevents you from translating your knowledge into practical results. In Feel Free to Prosper, I promise that I will simply and passionately share my experiences and knowledge with you so that you can live a more prosperous, inspiring, and successful life.Part OneCosmic Relief—An Introduction to Universal Laws and Prosperity PrinciplesThe trouble with most people is that they have no invisible means of support.—DR. JOSEPH MURPHYPart One is the perfect introduction that will enhance your understanding of the mental and spiritual laws and the prosperity principles that are the foundation of the Feel Free to Prosper program and teachings. It will raise your awareness and start you on your journey to grow a prosperity consciousness.I’m known for my practical, down-to-earth teachings that make these abstract concepts easy to understand so that you can readily apply them to make striking changes in your life. If you have seen the movie The Secret, but crave more specific information to apply the law of attraction in your life, this material will provide it. But it will also introduce you to other, equally important laws and valuable principles that will speed your progress.This section allows you to learn powerful prosperity principles that you can apply immediately. It tills the soil of your subconscious mind to prepare for the planting of seeds in the specific areas of life presented in later sections and chapters.Included with the practical wisdom, prosperity techniques, and inspiration contained in this section, you will learn:   • The basis of mental and spiritual principles.   • Why affirmations may not be bringing you results.   • Why you don’t have to “strive” or try to create success. In fact, you will learn why trying will never get you there.   • Why your business, job, clients, customers, or investments are not your source of income.   • How to open your pipeline and create the connection to your true source of supply.   • The words that you are habitually using that are preventing your success.   • How to handle setbacks—and my personal concept of staying in “neutral.”   • An aspect of gratitude that is not commonly known and that can change your circumstances dramatically, often at an astounding speed.   • How Professor Higgins and Eliza Doolittle revealed a key to manifestation decades before The Secret.   • You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are.And so much more . . .1So, What Are These Mental and Spiritual Laws?In this chapter I am first going to give you a basic introduction to universal laws that will lead to your understanding of prosperity principles. Then I am going to share my knowledge of how the principles work when we align ourselves with them. By using the principles I teach, you can magnetize your good to you and turn your negative situations around dramatically.The UniverseThe Universe as we know it, see it, and experience it is not all there is. The Universe is always in motion—it is a vibrating, pulsating, resonating, magnetizing force, and at the molecular level everything is in motion. It is pure energy.What we are talking about here is the pure, formless substance of the Universe. We can think of this in spiritual terms as God, Higher Power, Spirit, or the Universe, or we can address it mentally as Infinite Intelligence, Universal Mind, Divine Mind, or Formless Substance. We can also think of it scientifically as Energy or Relativity, or we can take a giant leap into the area of quantum physics, where this pure, formless substance is known as the Field of All Possibilities.What a great age of discovery we live in! The mental, the spiritual, the scientific aspect of the laws of life—any or all of it is there for the asking. However you perceive it, this Power is the source of everything we desire. It is awaiting our recognition and will create, attract, and guide us to inspired action. It will magnetize and mold itself to whatever form we desire if we align ourselves with it through certain laws—called universal laws.The LawsWhat are these laws? Well, we know that there are laws of physics, laws of chemistry, laws of mathematics. But most people are not aware of the laws that govern the mental and spiritual realms—the creative laws of the Universe that govern our existence. Or you may know something about them but don’t know how to relate to them or how to use them.So how do we know these laws exist or even that this Universe or Power exists—aside from any intuitive feeling that it does or because Marilyn says it does? We know because of its responsiveness. We know by the results we experience when we align ourselves with it. And I can tell you from my own personal experience that once you become aware of the response of this Universal Presence, you will never be the same. You will feel a love and a connectedness and a sense of security that is greater than anything you have felt on an earthly level.The laws work for everyone alike. The law of gravity works for everyone, doesn’t it? Successful people are using the mental and spiritual laws—they just may not realize they are doing so. And guess what? You are using these laws all of the time whether you realize it or not. Only you are most likely not using them for the purpose and intention that you consciously desire. How many things have you attracted into your life that you feel you did nothing to deserve and asked, “Why did this happen?”Remember I said that the universal laws are simple? The actual principles and techniques that relate to the laws are also surprisingly simple. Well, let’s use the law of gravity as an example. We do not need to have a vast knowledge of the laws of physics to understand how gravity works. We know that if we step off a tall building, we will fall.We know that if we align ourselves with this law correctly, we won’t have any mishaps, right? It is exactly the same with the mental and spiritual laws. If we align ourselves with them correctly, we won’t have mishaps. We will instead experience joyful results.So how do we align ourselves with these laws? We connect with this Power, this creative force of the Universe, within, through the channel of our subconscious minds—through our thoughts and our feelings. The subconscious mind is the most fantastic computer you could ever imagine. It keeps our heart beating, our lungs breathing, and has perfect memory of every cell in our body. It has also recorded and stored everything that we have ever heard, said, felt, and experienced. Unfortunately, that includes all of the faulty beliefs and negative patterns from others that we have acquired from the time we were very young through our entire lifetime.Our thoughts, our feelings, our deepest beliefs are the key to connecting with the Power that responds to our desires. But first we must break through and overcome the negative thought patterns and beliefs that we have acquired since childhood. We cannot delete anything from the subconscious mind, and it is not necessary to do so. In order to shift our consciousness, we simply create a new dominant thought.Dominant ThoughtThe subconscious mind does not like to change and will create resistance. (We know that from our attempts to change a habit.) But there are techniques and methods for influencing the subconscious in a way that does not create argument. I call this “friendly persuasion.” We gently shift the consciousness to create a new dominant thought in the mind.That is the key. The dominant thought.The dominant thought in our conscious and our subconscious is what determines our circumstances. Why do we attract those things that we don’t desire? Those results are the outcropping of the thoughts and impressions that are established in the mind subconsciously. So we must shift our consciousness to a new dominant thought—a new awareness. When we do so, we then open ourselves to the influence of the creative power of the Universe, to what I call our “invisible means of support.”The subconscious records everything—everything that you have ever heard or said or felt is recorded in perfect memory, whether you were conscious of it or not. And often the more casual words you use are the ones that drop into the subconscious more easily and are accepted, because you are not monitoring them or refuting them.Marriage of the Conscious and Subconscious MindsHere is an analogy that my students love with regard to manifesting our desires by creating agreement between the conscious and subconscious minds. Now, this is a very important point that I want you to remember: In order to manifest our desire, the conscious and subconscious minds must agree on the idea.Think of the conscious mind as the husband, the assertive male aspect of mind. The subconscious is the wife, the receptive, female aspect. The husband impregnates the wife and when the subconscious becomes impregnated with the new seed thought—the new idea—then from this union, children are born. These children are your answered prayers, your desired results, your goals fulfilled.It is through this marriage of the conscious and subconscious minds—when they both agree on an idea—that the idea will become manifest.So we must now teach the husband how to impregnate the wife!We make a decision with our conscious mind. We use our conscious mind to instill this idea into the subconscious until it is accepted. Once the seed has been accepted in the soil of mind, it will grow and manifest just as the seed planted in the ground will become a plant or a flower. First, we do our job and plant the seed. We nurture the soil with positive thoughts and expectation. Then we turn the job over to Universal Mind—to the creative forces. We can relax and let go. Our manifestation will come. There is no such thing as “half pregnant.” Our baby will be born.Now, from this foundation I’ve given you, I would like you to contemplate the message within my words. I want you to come to a clear understanding that you do not carry the burden of manifestation on your shoulders. You have at your disposal the creative forces of the entire Universe waiting to do your bidding, if you will just do your part to apply the “rules.”The only thing that is important is to learn how the system works. And use it. Someone once asked Henry Ford what electricity was. He answered, “Madam, it just is . . . use it.”2By George, She’s Got It!In the legendary Broadway play, and then hit movie, My Fair Lady, Professor Higgins (played by the amazing Rex Harrison) took on a bet that he could turn the scruffy, foulmouthed, uneducated street urchin Eliza Doolittle (played by the equally amazing Audrey Hepburn) into a real lady.There was the cleanup, the wardrobe, etiquette, and posture lessons, all of the exterior changes necessary for Eliza to look like a lady.But it wasn’t until Eliza learned to change her words that she became the lady. A change in her words (and how she pronounced them) produced a change in her thoughts, then a change in her consciousness, and before long Eliza was a true lady.The words merely voiced and memorized did not do the trick. At first she committed the words to memory, but it was when those words were repeated over and over that they were accepted in consciousness. It was then that Eliza’s subconscious mind took over, produced the feeling, and made her into the lady that was potentially within her, but had never manifested before Professor Higgins showed her the way.During Eliza’s practice work, the professor made her repeat over and over, “The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain,” until her diction was correct. And finally, after exhaustive practice, Eliza said it correctly and the professor announced, “By George, she’s got it!”Eliza learned that to become a real lady, she had to talk and think like a lady.I was reminded of this story and inspired to write this lesson from a conversation one evening with one of my students.In almost every conversation with new students before they begin my lessons, I notice certain words that they tend to repeat, almost unconsciously. These are negative words that I notice as they are speaking, and often when I make the student aware of this, they comment that they don’t even realize they are saying the words or how often they repeat them.One student’s word may be “doubt” or “doubted.” With another, it might be “stress” or “stressed.” The words are spoken habitually, with no real thought behind them. These are common, everyday words, but they are words that are not conducive to prosperity thinking—words that only serve to create the very things we do not want and negate the prosperity work we are doing.

Editorial Reviews

Praise for Feel Free to Prosper:   “If you have an intense desire to live a prosperous life, this book is for you! Get two, and give one to a friend and then study this together.  Marilyn Jenett shares the wisdom and understanding you need to immediately attract prosperity.” —Bob Proctor, world-renowned speaker and mentor, and author of The ABCs of Success   “Feel Free to Prosper reveals the immutable, universal principles that govern prosperity. Apply them, and watch how your life becomes enriched on all levels.”   —Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder and Spiritual Director of Agape International Spiritual Center, and author of Life Visioning  “During one of my most difficult times, Marilyn’s Feel Free to Prosper guidance immediately shifted my perspective, and positive outcomes followed within two weeks! Reading this book, I’m reminded of Marilyn’s natural grace—to instill in us our power to live the good life—starting from our subconscious mind.  She makes ‘New Age’ theories relevant and practical. An inspiring read I’m glad to keep in my library of favorites!”   —Catherine Garceau, Olympic Medalist (Sydney 2000), speaker, health and wellness coach, and author of Swimming Out of Water   “For a book on spiritual wisdom, this is a beautiful creation: well-written and inspirational.”   —Mark Robert Waldman, leading neuroscientist, faculty at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, and author of Words Can Change Your Brain and How God Changes Your Brain (a 2012 Oprah “Must Read”)  “I adore this book! Marilyn has taken the concept of prosperity and made me believe I had the power to create it! As a healer, I know belief is everything in creating what you want. This book made me believe! Marilyn captures the excitement of knowing you can do it. Absolutely!”   —Dee Wallace, star of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, film and television actress, healer, and author of Bright Light    “Marilyn delivers insightful, specific tools to empower others to achieve extraordinary success. This entertaining book synthesizes elusive information and processes to be an essential instruction manual in an evolving success story.” —David Krueger, MD, CEO at MentorPath, and author of The Secret Language of Money  “‘Fascinating...’ as Mr. Spock would say.  I am reading your book...and it is riveting!  Your writings are laser-focused, easy-to-grasp, and very powerful. I'm still struck by your brevity and ability to make the complex simple. I think there is a huge, huge market hungering for that. There is a line around the globe awaiting your book release, hungry to be fed, but too impatient for a ten-course meal. They want the main course right away, presented beautifully, without any wasted calories.”   —Alan Allard, Ph.D., speaker, corporate coach, former psychotherapist, and author of Seven Secrets to Enlightened Happiness and Mental Aikido: Rediscover Your Powerful Self