Female Warriors Volumes I & II by Ellen C. Clayton

Female Warriors Volumes I & II

byEllen C. Clayton

Kobo ebook | October 1, 2013

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This set includes Volume I and Volume II of Ellen Clayton’s scholarly work, Female Warriors. It documents women warriors throughout history, including tribal women, fierce women throughout ancient and medieval history, and brave women in more recent history. It also includes stories from mythology.



Mythology—Warlike Goddesses—The Amazons—The Sarmatians—The Machlyes and Auses—The Zaveces—More Modern Tribes of Amazons in Asia and Africa


Semiramis, Queen of Assyria—Harpalyce, daughter of Lycurgus, King of Thrace—Atalanta (Argonautic Expedition)—Camilla, Queen of the Volscians—Tomyris, Queen of the Massagetæ—Telesilla the Poetess—The Two Artemisias (I. and II.) Queens of Caria—Mania, Governess of Æolia—Cratesipolis of Sicyon—Arsinoe, Queen of Egypt


[x]Hypsicrates, Queen of Mithridates the Great—Cleopatra—Candace, Queen of Ethiopia—Boadicea and her Daughters—Ancient British, Caledonian, and German Female Warriors—Combats of Roman Ladies—Nero's Amazons—Victoria, Empress of the West—Zenobia, Queen of the East—Empress Hunila, and other Gothic Amazons—Mavia, Queen of Pharan—Pharandsem, Queen of Armenia



Henda, Wife of Abu Sofian, an Arab Chief—Forka, an Arabian Lady—Woman of Yemaumah—Arab and Greek Heroines at the Siege of Damascus—Khaullah—Prefect of Tripoli's Daughter—Ayesha, Widow of the Prophet—Cahina the Sorceress, Queen of the Berbers—Saidet, Queen of Persia—Turkhan-Khatun, Sultana of Kharezmé—Hadee'yah, title of a Maiden who precedes the Bedouin Arabs in battle at the present day


Libyssa and Valasca, Queens of Bohemia—Wanda, Queen of Poland—Moors in Spain—Women of Tudmir—Female Knights of Tortosa—Alleged Origin of the word "Infantry"—Queen Carcas—Elfrida, Daughter of Alfred the Great—Igor, Grand Duchess of Russia—Richilda, Countess of Hainault


[xi]The Crusades—French, German, and Genoese Amazons—Eleonora of Aquitaine—Matilda of Boulogne—Empress Maud—Aldrude, Countess of Bertinoro—Empress Constantia—Nichola de Camville (Barons' Wars)—Blanche of Castille, Queen-Regent of France—Women of Culm—Blanch de Rossi—Black Agnes, Countess of March—Countess de Montfort—Julia du Guesclin—Jane de Belleville, Lady of Clisson—Marzia—Margaret, Queen of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, the Semiramis of the North—Fair Maiden Lilliard (Chevy Chase)—Lady Pelham—Philippa, Queen of Denmark


Jeanne d'Arc, the Maid of Orleans.—Margaret de Attendoli, Sister of Sforza—Bona Lombardi and Onorata Rodiana, Female Condottieri—Marulla (Turks in Europe)—Margaret of Anjou—Jeanne Hachette—Doña Aldonza de Castillo, and Doña Maria Sarmiento (Civil Wars in Castile)—Isabel the Catholic—Caterina Sforza


[xii]Maria d'Estrada, and other Spanish Women serving under the command of Cortez—Catalina de Erauso, the Monja Alferez (Nun-Lieutenant)—Doña Maria Pacheco (Confederacy of the Holy Junta in Castile)—Eleonora of Toledo, Grand Duchess of Tuscany—Turks in Hungary—Courage of a Jewess at Buda—Bravery of the Women of Temesvar, Erlau, Valpon, Agria, and Szigeth in Hungary, and of Famagosta in Cyprus—Louise Labé—Mary of Hungary—Granu Weal—Female Warriors of the Reformation—Kenan Simonz Hasselaar—Women of Alkmaar—Mary, Queen of Scots—Magdalaine de Saint-Nectaire—Constance de Cezelli—Christine de Lalaing, Princess d'Espinoy—Queen Elizabeth—English and Scottish Heroines—Barbara of Ernecourt (Thirty Years' War)—Christina of Sweden




Lady Offaley (Irish Rebellion, 1641)—Lady Arundell—Lady Bankes—Countess of Derby (Civil Wars in England)—Helena Zrinyi, Wife of Tekeli, the Hungarian Patriot—Incident at the Coronation of William and Mary—Lady Newcombe (James II. in Ireland)—Madame de Vercheres—Mademoiselle de la Charce



Captain Bodeaux, Female Officer in the French Army—Christian Davies, alias Mother Ross—Female Soldier in the 20th Foot—Women of Barcelona—Hannah Snell, Private in the Line and Marines—Phœbe Hessel, Private in the 5th Regiment—"Paul" Daniel, a Female Recruit—Hannah Whitney, and Anne Chamberlayne, Female Sailors—Mary Ralphson—Miss Jenny Cameron—"Pretty Polly Oliver"—Anne Sophia Detzliffin, Prussian Female Soldier—Madame de Drucourt (Siege of Louisbourg)—Madame Ducharmy (Capture of Guadeloupe)—Chevalier d'Eon—Deborah Samson, Private, and Molly Macaulay, Sergeant in the American Revolutionary Army—Elizabeth Canning—Catherine [i]the Second of Russia and the Princess Daschkova—Doña Rafaela Mora, Female Captain in the Spanish American Service (How Nelson Lost an Eye)—Female Sailor on Board Admiral Rodney's Ship


The French Revolution—The Furies—Rose Lacombe—Théroigne de Méricourt—Madame Marie Adrian (Siege of Lyons)—Renée Langevin—Madlle. de la Rochefoucault—Madame Dufief (War in La Vendée)—Félicité and Théophile de Fernig, Officers on Dumouriez's Staff—Mary Schelienck—Thérèse Figueur, French Dragoon—"William Roberts," the Manchester Heroine, Sergeant in the 15th Light Dragoons and the 37th Foot—Mary Anne Talbot, Drummer in the 32nd, Cabin Boy on board the Brunswick, and Middy on board the Vesuvius—Highland Soldier's Wife at the Storming of New Vigie—Susan Frost—Peggy Monro (Irish Rebellion)—Martha Glar and other Swiss Heroines—Queen of Prussia at Jena—Marie Anne Elise Bonaparte, Princess Bacciocchi—Maid of Saragossa—Manuella Sanchez, Benita, and other Heroines of Saragossa—Spanish Female Captain—Mrs. Dalbiac (Battle of Salamanca)—Ellonora Prochaska, Private in Lutzow's Rifle Corps—Augusta Frederica Krüger, Prussian Soldier—Louise Belletz, French Artillery Soldier—Mrs. Heald and Mrs. Helm (Chicago Massacre)


Bobolina (Greek Revolution)—Doña Maria de Jesus, Private in the Brazilian Army (War of the Reconcave)—Russian Female Soldiers—Juana de Arieto (Civil Wars in Spain, 1834)—Anita Garibaldi—Appolonia Jagiello (Rebellions in Poland, 1846-48, and Vienna and Hungary in 1848)—Bravery of the Croatian Women—Countess Helene St. ——, a Hungarian Patriot—Garde Mobile—Louisa Battistati (Milanese Revolution, 1848)—Fatima, a Turkish Commander (Russian War)—Lady Paget (Attack on the Mamelon, 1855)—Miss Wheeler (Cawnpore Massacre)—Ex-Queen of Naples—Polish Insurrection—Mdlle. Pustowjtoff, Adjutant to Langievicz—Female Chasseurs—Female Lieut.-Colonel in the Mexican Army—Civil War in America—Female Privates in the Potomac Army—Female Lieutenant and Privates in the Army of the West—Mrs. Clayton, Private in the Federal Army—Emily ——, Private in the Drum Corps of a Michigan Regiment—Female Confederates at Ringgold, Chattanooga—Mrs. Florence Bodwin—Female Mulatto Sergeant—Native Contingent in New Zealand—Herminia Manelli, Corporal of Bersaglieri (Battle of Custozza, 1866)—Lopez's Amazons—Cretan Amazons—Women of Montenegro—Maria L——, French Sergeant—Female Brigands—German Order to reward Courage in Women—Minna Hänsel (Franco-Prussian War)—Miss Jessie C. Claffin (American Colonel)


Indian Amazons—Cleophes, Queen of Massaga—Moynawoti, Queen of Kamrup—Ranee of Scinde—Sultana Rizia—Gool Behist—Booboojee Khanum and Dilshad Agha, Mother and Aunt of a King of Bijapur—Durgautti, Queen of Gurrah—Khunza Sultana, Regent of Ahmednuggur—Chand Sultana, Regent of Ahmednuggur—Nour Mahal, Empress of Hindostan—Princess Janee Begum—Juliana—Madam Mequinez, Colonel in the Service of Hyder Ali Khan—Begum Somroo, General in the Service of the Emperor Shah Aulum and Grandmother of the eccentric Dyce Sombre—Begum Nujeef Cooli—Mrs. W., Native Wife of a British Sergeant in India—Lukshmi Baee, Ranee of Jhansi (Indian Mutiny)—Female Mutineer captured before Delhi, 1857—Female Guards in the Zenanas of Indian Princes—Begum of Oude—Bantam Amazons


Judith, Queen of Abyssinia—Workite and Mastrat, Gallas Queens—Shinga, Queen of Congo—Mussasa, Queen of Matamba—Tembandumba, Queen of the Jagas—Amazons in Dahomey

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