Finding God: Love Devotional

December 29, 2015|
Finding God: Love Devotional
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Finding God is about pursuing Him. It is about going after God with all your Heart and discovering Him even in hard times. God is almost always discovered through pain -- based on the reaction of the individual suffering. Pain can be a blessing in disguise when used to reach out and touch God. There is no need to fear heartache and sorrows, but what you do in the midst of it is crucial.
I discovered God through much heartache and pain (I spoke about this in The Revelation of the Dragon: No More Walls bk. 1). I remember when I thought my life was over and the only person I had left was God. This caused me to experience a rude awakening that brought me closer to Him. I was a Christian for many years, but it was not until I found Him in such a profound way that I realized I was like Peter, walking with God, but not converted.
After my conversion began, I noted that things changed dramatically with only little prayer and sincere effort on my part, focusing on God while putting His Words into practice. I was amazed at how much I discovered God that I decided to marry my new found lifestyle with much prayer. The Lord saw my heart and He responded by saying, “It is not just in the praying, but the doing.” There are many men and women of prayer whose life remains the same because it is not just in the praying, but the doing.
My eyes were immediately opened as I saw the importance of marrying a Believer’s lifestyle with obedience and prayer. I got astounding results with little prayer and by becoming a doer of the Word instead of just a hearer, in comparison to much praying and no results due to lack of practicality. What we do is more important to God than what we pray and how long we pray. He will honour our lifestyle above our prayers because our life is a form of worship and is extremely important to God.
God is a practical God and if you need results, follow me for a few days on this journey throughout our Love devotional guide. Are you ready to discover His presence?

Title:Finding God: Love Devotional
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:December 29, 2015
Publisher:Scott's Publishing
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9789769569676

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