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Everyone has a unique set of fingerprints that usually leaves behind an impression or mark on things. The mark that is left behind is sometimes used as evidence to tell a story for some unsolved mystery, which may ultimately lead to the discovery of the truth. Fingerprints is a unique collection of poems that has left an impression on the minds and hearts of many. It attempts to find truth through the simple things. These words have left many asking questions, inspired some for the journey ahead and consoled others through difficult or perplexing times. Within Fingerprints is a vast spectrum of poems that span from, Skintimate moments, to the frustrating, Where was God outbursts, without forgetting that we are all here For the Children. Some poems will speak more to certain readers than others, but bear in mind that every stanza of each poem echoes my cry in attempt to still a spiralling world as too quickly it fades away. It attempts to find the words to echo the pain, joy, emptiness, longing, destitution or dense sadness that sometimes clouds us up inside. These are words to be enjoyed and shared or even contested and challenged. My ultimate desire is that Fingerprints leaves an impression on you and also compels you to leave a mark of your own.

Format:Kobo ebook
Published:January 21, 2018
Publisher:Xlibris UK
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781453553176

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