Focalizing Source Energy: Going Within to Move Beyond

May 14, 2015|
Focalizing Source Energy: Going Within to Move Beyond by Michael Picucci
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Read this book if you would like…
- To discover Focalizing, an evolutionary healing technique that transcends talk-therapy as we have known it, which provides a no-shame, no-blame, and a right-here, right-now approach.
- To understand how Source Energy can optimize your life- experience by accessing a power already within us.
- To learn how by addressing our 1) conditioned thinking, 2) unhealed traumas and/or 3) sexual wounds, we gain freedom from the obstacles in our way and the suffering they cause.
- To understand why Focalizing naturally and unobtrusively attends to the above three portals awakening Source Energy and working to support and enhance a pathway to happier lives.

Why Focalizing?
- This highly effective model, from recent discoveries in realms of Energy Psychology, somatic healing and neuroscience, encourages transformation of personal issues.
- Focalizing, a synthesized method to swiftly encourage Source Energy, is influenced by my own recovery, many important teachings, and three decades of client practice. It is designed to further open us to the value and wisdom in our bodies and to restore balance to our lives.
- It is a naturopathic process for dissolving inner blocks inhibiting us from connecting with Source Energy and joy that allows greater happiness into our lives.
- By accessing the body, rather than the mind, to illuminate barriers to an easy flow of Source Energy, it transcends talk-therapy. In contrast to more traditional therapies, Focalizing tunes into body awareness for resolution to our perceived limitations—like going in a back door and creating a permanent fix for what has eluded us.

In our complex world, simplicity has great power. Focalizing is a simple approach to healing, and the journey is a return to our natural state of being. Over the years I have noticed an accelerated shifting, in both clients and friends, towards happier, more meaningful lives with a greater connection to higher awareness.

This small book is meant to be enjoyed, and intended to be a welcome for who we really are while moving into the multi-dimensional experiences of Source Energy.

Source Energy refers to the life force emanating through and connecting all things. Every one of us are manifestations of this energy. Becoming more aware of Source Energy and working with it can miraculously optimize our lives beyond imagination.

I’ve had the opportunity to learn from a myriad of techniques that inspired me to synthesize the Focalizing method, crafting a focus on energy that gently transforms us.

Focalizing is both a healing modality and creative process for continuous, spirited energy that flows through us and expresses itself with clarity.

In whatever way Source can be sensed, be it as stillness, vibrations, presence, feeling awakened or connected, it’s a universally safe force. Source Energy provides the innate intelligence for plants to know to grow towards the sun, and it’s there for us when we listen to our bodies.

We are all a mass of atoms, molecules, and sub-atomic particles spinning around empty space in predetermined sequences creating our individual physical reality. How those sequences are predetermined depends on the influence of our ancestors, culture and family conditioning. This is as true for our interior landscapes as it is for our physical traits. In the same way a computer gets programmed, these sequences shape the energy of our experiences and different personalities. And once we are programmed, energy will continue to run through the same sequence. That’s what it knows how to do. Along the way, many of us find that how we have been sequenced no longer serves us. Focalizing is a tool to naturally realign that sequencing to create happier, more playful lives.

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