Folie's Parallel

May 18, 2015|
Folie's Parallel by Tristan Nesvilla
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*Adult Content is Adult language and violent scenes*

There are only three truths I know to be pure.

At age thirteen my mind began to perceive the unbelievable as reality. Things and thoughts known to be crazy and unnatural were a regular occurrence in my mind as auditoria and visual hallucinations. My train of thought became more scrambled and my emotional state of being became unbalanced.

At age Seventeen the mental delusions became harder and harder to block out. I went to a psychologist to make sense of my closest family hopelessly alienating me. I was told I had an unusually high dopamine level in my brain. He said this was the early-on symptoms of psychosis. Three months later, I was diagnosed with a severe case of schizophrenia. I was prescribed a series of antipsychotic medication. I took the cocktail of medication 2 times a day every week for the next 5 years of my life with only minor hallucinations and psychotic cracks. Those five years were the most normal and dull years of my life.

At age twenty-three I met a strange man by the name of Finn Quincy Folie. He told me that my doctor was wrong, he always had been. He said that I was meant for more, and I had to stop taking my medication to realize it. That was the first day I drifted away from my daily habit of drugging myself and numbing my emotions. One week from then, one whole week of not taking my medication. I found out that I am not a schizophrenic. I discovered that my hallucinations and delusions weren't a figment of my mind, but a glimpse into alternate realities.

My name is Finn Quincy Folie and I am not crazy.

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