Forever Love Lifeless by Kalayah Marie

Forever Love Lifeless

byKalayah Marie

Kobo ebook | March 16, 2016

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HENRY WILSON is a depressed and angry recluse. For the past thirty- three years, his mother has provided him with her love and a sense of security reducing his feelings of inadequacy and isolation toward a world where he doesn’t belong. Due to his inability to emotionally interact with society, Henry has developed significant psychological issues. Upon her death, Henry is obsessed with finding a woman to replace his mother’s love. As he pursues a romantic relationship with several women, his anger, lack of social skills and his negative self-image causes Henry to overreact to the continual rejection from these women ending in their worst demise; murder.

As Henry travels across the United States as a freelance photographer, women have randomly been murdered and yet law enforcement has not connected the dots to a serial killer. He is the most wanted serial killer in the nation and no one realizes it. Henry does not discard his victims like a piece of trash, but instead creates lifelike mannequins using their human skin. They look real and authentic with their hair and makeup done to perfection; an art that only he has mastered. These women appear happy to be in his presence. It is time to find a woman of his dreams to be his bride.

Henry accidentally stumbles onto ALYSSA MANCHESTER, a beautiful, highly successful model, at an outside restaurant and has an immediate attraction to her. Intentionally, he bumps into her to have a conversation. Alyssa treats him with respect and smiles at him creating a delusion to his future chance of her becoming his bride. He begins to stalk her. Alyssa is his new obsession, but with this sudden new boyfriend in the picture, he must outsmart him and demonstrate to Alyssa that he loves her more than any other man and can meet her desires.

Henry kidnaps Alyssa and treats her very well hoping she will fall in love with him. When things go from bad to worse, and her rejection penetrates his heart, Henry’s psychological instability rears its ugly face again, but before she takes her last breath, she stabs him. He is forced to seek medical attention.

While at the hospital, Henry’s identity tips authorities off to his heinous crimes of the past as they find not only Alyssa’s body in his house but several more missing women staged in the most cutting edge and yet horrific state. MAGGIE MICHELSON, a forensic psychologist and highly esteemed profiler, is assigned Henry’s case after he is incarcerated.

Maggie connects with Henry. She reminds him of his mother creating a love-hate relationship that torments him. Their conversations are riddled with truths and deception; like a cat and mouse game with vague and misleading questions and answers. Henry is found guilty and will do prison time, but just before sentencing, he stares straight at Maggie and states that someday another woman will know the fear that these women have felt.

Now twenty years later, Maggie is plagued by Henry’s last words because Henry is being released today. Maggie is on the verge of hysteria as she continues to prep her family to be alert and know revenge on her or one of them is quite eminent. They see her as being paranoid, until KRISTIN, Maggie’s oldest daughter, is suddenly kidnapped. It is Maggie’s worst nightmare. She knows what Henry is capable of and even though she wants the police to do their job and catchs him, she knows Kristin is just the bait. Henry wants her.

Maggie must dig deep within herself to gain the strength and courage to face Henry alone. She is a strong, faith based woman who relies heavily on her faith as she plunges into this unknown journey to save Kristin. Through a snowstorm, avalanche, being stalked, and physical injuries, she is forced to deal with Henry. Both are injured and exhausted. However, a conversation occurs as he understands there is a better way of living. He is ready to begin a new life but first there needs to be forgiveness and redemption.

Title:Forever Love LifelessFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:March 16, 2016Publisher:Kalayah MarieLanguage:English

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