Forging Ahead: Touch of Insanity, #3

March 20, 2020|
Forging Ahead: Touch of Insanity, #3
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The goddess Mischa has gone mad. Cities fall into ruin, the dead rise, and magical rifts tear open the fabric of reality, and insanity spreads through Besamie like a wildfire.

Kharee wants a simple life, but the gods have other plans for her. Created specifically to heal Mischa, Kharee's powers were kept from her when a dark magic inferred with her conception. Now, as agents of darkness close in, Kharee must discover the truth about herself and her missing powers if she is to live long enough to fulfill her destiny.

Join Kharee and her friends in this face-paced adventure. The Touch of Insanity series is a continuing epic with cliffhangers which requires the books be read in order.


Kharee and Foss return home to face their families. The bad blood between Kharee's family and Lord Erik deepens, forcing Foss to intervene. Things aren't much better when she returns to court with Foss and meets his infamous father.

They volunteer to help find a missing person, led by Ben. As their journey takes an unexpected detour and Kharee's powers grows, the rift between companions widens.

Title:Forging Ahead: Touch of Insanity, #3
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:March 20, 2020
Publisher:​Ember Park Imprint
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781989016060

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