France And The Dreyfus Affair: A Brief Documentary History by Michael BurnsFrance And The Dreyfus Affair: A Brief Documentary History by Michael Burns

France And The Dreyfus Affair: A Brief Documentary History

byMichael Burns

Paperback | November 15, 1998

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The Dreyfus affair — the infamous account of Jewish army officer and French citizen, Alfred Dreyfus, unjustly convicted of treason in 1894 — was the most significant political and social crisis of fin-de-siècle Europe. In the first book designed to introduce students to the broad outlines and significant legacies of the affair, the author deftly interweaves text with documents, tracing the course of events. He highlights the many issues connected with the case, including anti-Semitism, militant nationalism, socialism, the birth of modern Zionism, and the separation of church and state. Sixty-six documents are embedded in the narrative, offering students a broad range of sources to examine, including newspaper editorials, letters, trial testimony, and diary entries. A list of the principal characters is included in the appendices.
Michael Burns (Ph.D., Yale University) is professor of modern European history at Mount Holyoke College and has taught at Yale University and the École des Hautes Études. His publications on the Dreyfus affair include Rural Society and French Politics: Boulangism and the Dreyfus Affair (1984) and Dreyfus: A Family Affair, from the Fre...
Title:France And The Dreyfus Affair: A Brief Documentary HistoryFormat:PaperbackDimensions:210 pages, 8.32 × 5.51 × 0.32 inPublished:November 15, 1998Publisher:Bedford/St. Martin'sLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

  1. The Epoch
    Maurice Barrès, Election Campaign Speech, November 1, 1898
    La Libre Parole, Jews in the Army, May 23, 1892
    Camille Dreyfus and Charles Freycinet, Exchange in the Chamber of Deputies, June 25, 1892
    Rabbi Zadoc Kahn, Funeral Oration, June 26, 1892
    Military Personnel Record of Captain Alfred Dreyfus, 1882-1892
  2. The Arrest
    The Bordereau, 1894
    Alfred Dreyfus, Arrest and Interrogation, October 15, 1894
    Interrogation of Alfred Dreyfus, October 18-November 29, 1894
    La Libre Parole, High Treason, November 1, 1894
    Mathieu Dreyfus, Account of the Court-Martial Dossier, December, 1894
    Alfred Dreyfus, Letter to Lucie Dreyfus, December 18, 1894
  3. Trial and Exile
    Alfred Dreyfus, Witnesses for the Prosecution, December 1894
    The Verdict, December 22, 1894
    Maurice Paléologue, My Secret Diary of the Dreyfus Case, December 23, 1894
    The Times of London, December 24, 1894
    Lucie Dreyfus, Letter to Alfred Dreyfus, January 2, 1895
    Alfred Dreyfus, Letter to Lucie Dreyfus, January 2, 1895
    Léon Daudet, The Punishment, January 6, 1895
    Theodor Herzl, Account of the Dreyfus Degradation, January 6, 1895
    Alfred Dreyfus, Devil's Island Diary, April 14, 1895
  4. Treasons and Strategems
    The Petit Bleu, 1896
    Séverine (Caroline de Rémy), Memories of Esterhazy, January 1898
    Havas Press Agency, Dreyfus Escapes!, September 3, 1896
    Lucie Dreyfus, Petition to the Chamber of Deputies, September 18, 1896
    The Henry Forgery, October 1896
    Mathieu Dreyfus, The Clairvoyant and the President, February, 1895
    Bernard Lazare, A Judicial Error, November 1896
    Espérance, Letter to Esterhazy, October 1897
    Mathieu Dreyfus, Letter in Le Figaro, November 16, 1897
    Emile Zola, M. Scheurer-Kestner, November 25, 1897
  5. J'Accuse
    Ferdinand Walsin-Esterhazy, The Uhlan Letter, November 28, 1897
    Ferdinand Walsin-Esterhazy, Letter to General de Pellieux, December 2, 1897
    Emile Zola, J'Accuse!, January 13, 1898
    Le Siècle, Call to Women, March 25-27, 1898
    Gyp, Les Izolâtres, March 3, 1898
    Jean Jaurès, The Socialist Concern, 1898
    Charles Maurras, First Blood, September 6-7, 1898
  6. High Courts
    Maurice Paléologue, My Secret Diary of the Dreyfus Case, September 26, 1898
    Georges Picquart, I Have Had My Say, September 21, 1898
    The Henry Monument, December 1898-January 1899
    Alfred Dreyfus, Letter to Lucie Dreyfus, June 1, 1899
    Announcement of the Second Court-Martial, June 5, 1899
    Lucie Dreyfus, Letter to Alfred Dreyfus, July 1, 1899
    G. W. Steevens, The Tragedy of Dreyfus, August 7, 1899
    Jean-Bernard, Impressions of a Spectator, September 9, 1899
  7. The World's Affair
    Lord Russell of Killowen, Report to Queen Victoria, September 16, 1899
    Joseph Reinach, The Pardon, September 10-13, 1899
    Emile Zola, The Fifth Act, September 12, 1899
    Alfred Dreyfus, Declaration of Innocence, September 19, 1899
    Minister of War Gaston de Galliffet, Proclamation to the Army, September 21, 1899
  8. Encores and Legacies
    Anatole France, Eulogy for Emile Zola, October 5, 1902
    Charles Péguy, Reflections on Bernard Lazare, 1910
    Alfred Dreyfus, Petition to the Minister of Justice, November 25, 1903
    Ballot-Beaupré, Annulment of the Rennes Verdict, July 12, 1906
    Alfred Dreyfus, Painful Reverie, July 20, 1906
    Sarah Bernhardt, Letter to Alfred Dreyfus, June 6, 1908
    Léon Blum, Memories of the Affair, 1935
    Colonel Paul Gaujac, A Theory of Innocence, January 31, 1994
    Jacques Chirac, President of the Republic, Letter on the Centenary of "J'Accuse", January 1998
    Chronology of Events Related to the Dreyfus Affair (1859-1998)
    List of Principal Characters
    Selected Bibliography

Editorial Reviews

"In both his analysis and his choice of documents, Michael Burns has brilliantly captured all the complexity and the passion of the Dreyfus affair. I salute his achievement."