Function and Regulation of Cellular Systems by Andreas DeutschFunction and Regulation of Cellular Systems by Andreas Deutsch

Function and Regulation of Cellular Systems

EditorAndreas Deutsch, Jonathan Howard, Martin Falcke

Paperback | November 1, 2012

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Current biological research demands the extensive use of sophisticated mathematical methods and computer-aided analysis of experiments and data. This highly interdisciplinary volume focuses on structural, dynamical and functional aspects of cellular systems and presents corresponding experiments and mathematical models. The book may serve as an introduction for biologists, mathematicians and physicists to key questions in cellular systems which can be studied with mathematical models. Recent model approaches are presented with applications in cellular metabolism, intra- and intercellular signaling, cellular mechanics, network dynamics and pattern formation. In addition, applied issues such as tumor cell growth, dynamics of the immune system and biotechnology are included.
Title:Function and Regulation of Cellular SystemsFormat:PaperbackPublished:November 1, 2012Publisher:Birkhäuser BaselLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Preface __________________________________________________ Part I Metabolic Networks and Engineering __________________________________________________ Introduction to Part I Reinhart Heinrich, Thomas Höfer A Functional Dynamics Approach to Modelling of Glycolysis Hynne Finn, Sune Dano, Preben G. Sørensen Temperature-Compensation in Biological Clocks: Models and Experiments Peter Ruoff Metabolic Control Analysis of the ATPase Network in Contracting Muscle: Regulation of Contractile Function and ATP Free Energy Potential Jeroen A.L. Jeneson, Hans V. Westerhoff, Martin J. Kushmerick En Route for Systems Biology: In Silico Pathway Analysis and Metabolite Profiling Jochen Förster, Mats ?kesson, Jens Nielsen _________________________________________________ Part II Intracellular Signal Transduction _________________________________________________ Introduction to Part II Thomas Höfer, Reinhart Heinrich Presynaptic Calcium Dynamics of Neurons in Answer to Various Stimulation Protocols Michael Meyer-Hermann, Frido Erler, Gerhard Soff Mathematical Modeling of Signaling Cascades: Principles and Future Prospects Birgit Schöberl, Martin Ginkel, Ernst Dieter Gilles, Gertrud Müller Collective Behavior of Membrane Channels: Electro-physiological Studies on Gap Junctions Paramita Ghosh, Debasish Bose, Subhendu Ghosh Modelling of Periodic Intercellular Ca2+ Waves Antonio Politi, Thomas Höfer Travelling Waves as a Mechanism of Pattern Generation in Discrete Cell Lattices Erik Plahte, Leiv ?yehaug Design and Operation: Keys to Understanding Biological Systems Eberhard O. Voit ______________________________________________________ Part III Cellular Materials: Mechanics and Motility ______________________________________________________ Introduction to Part III Erwin Frey, Wolfgang Alt Biopolymer Dynamics Chris Wiggins, Lo?c Le Goff Micromechanics of Molecular Motors: Experiments and Theory Andrea Parmeggiani, Christoph F. Schmidt The Role of Osteocalcin in the Remodeling of Biomimetic Hydroxyapatite-Collagen Materials for Bone Replacement Wolfgang Pompe, K... Flade, Michael Gelinsky, B ... Knepper-Nicolai, A ... Reinstorf Cell Shape Normalization of Normal and Haploinsufficient NF1-Melanocytes by Micro-Structured Substrate Interaction Ralf Kemkemer, Hans Gruler, Dieter Kaufmann, Joachim Spatz Quantification of Shear Stress-Induced Cell Migration in Endothelial Cultures Peter Dieterich, Jochen Seebach, Hans-J. Schnittler ___________________________________________________________ Part IV Complex Network Dynamics in Biological Cells ___________________________________________________________ Introduction to Part IV Alexander S. Mikhailov Constructive and Dynamical Systems Approach to Life Kunihiko Kaneko Coherent Dynamics in Networks of Single Protein Molecules Hans-Philipp Lerch, Pedro Stange, Benno Hess Gene Regulatory Networks: A Discrete Model of Dynamics and Topological Evolution Thimo Rohlf, Stefan Bornholdt Evolutionary Reconstruction of Networks Mads Ipsen Modelling Simple Biochemical Networks Rengaswamy Maithreye, Somdatta Sinha On the Evolution of Information in the Constituents of Regulatory Gene Networks Jan T. Kim, Thomas Martinetz, Daniel Polani _______________________________________________ Part V Interacting Cell Systems _______________________________________________ Introduction to Part V Dirk Drasdo, A ... Stevens Biological Relevance of Tissue Liquidity and Viscoelasticity Gabor Forgacs Reinforcement of Cytoskeleton-Matrix Bonds and Tensiotaxis: A Cell-Based Model Till Bretschneider Simulation of Haematopoietic Stem Cell Organisation Using a Single Cell Based Model Approach Ingo Röder, Markus Löffler Pattern Formation in an