Functionalized Nanoscale Materials, Devices and Systems by Ashok K. VaseashtaFunctionalized Nanoscale Materials, Devices and Systems by Ashok K. Vaseashta

Functionalized Nanoscale Materials, Devices and Systems

byAshok K. VaseashtaEditorIon N. Mihailescu

Paperback | September 30, 2008

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The primary objective of the NATO Advanced Study Institute (ASI) titled "Functionalized Nanoscale Materials, Devices, and Systems for Chem. -Bio Sensors, Photonics, and Energy Generation and Storage" was to present a contemporary and comprehensive overview of the field of nanostructured materials and devices and its applications in chem. -bio sensors, nanophotonics, and energy generation and storage devices. The study has become one of the most promising disciplines in science and technology, as it aims at the fundamental understanding of new physical, che- cal, and biological properties of systems and the technological advances arising from their exploration. Such systems are intermediate in size, between the isolated atoms and molecules and bulk material, where the unique transitional characteristics between the two can be understood, controlled, and manipulated. Nanotechnologies refer to the creation and utilization of functional materials, devices, and systems with novel properties and functions that are achieved through the control of matter, atom-by-atom, molecule-by-molecule, or at a micro-mo- cular level. Advances made over the last few years provide new opportunities for scientific and technological developments in nanostructures and nanosystems with new architectures with improved functionality. The field is very actively and rapidly evolving and covers a wide range of disciplines. Recently, various nanoscale materials, devices, and systems with remarkable properties have been developed, with numerous unique applications in chemical and biological sensors, nanophotonics, nano-biotechnology, and in-vivo analysis of cellular processes at the nanoscale.
Title:Functionalized Nanoscale Materials, Devices and SystemsFormat:PaperbackDimensions:489 pagesPublished:September 30, 2008Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Nanoscale Materials, Devices, And Systems For Chem.-Bio Sensors, Photonics, And Energy Generation And Storage; A. Vaseashta.- Nanostructured Thin Optical Sensors For Trace Gas Detection; C. Ristoscu Et al.- X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy And Tribology Studies Of Annealed Fullerene-Like Ws2 Nanoparticles; F. Kopnov Et al.- The Development And Application Of Uv Excimer Lamps In Nanofabrication; I. I. Liaw, I. W. Boyd.- Functionalization Of Semiconductor Nanoparticles; M. I. Baraton.- Flexoelectricity: A Universal Sensoric Mechanism In Biomembranes And In Chem.-Biosensors; A. Pet rov.- Carbon Nanotubes: From Fundamental Nanoscale Objects Towards Functional Nanocomposites And Applications; W. Maser Et al.- Ultrashort Pulse Pld: A Technique For Nanofilm Fabrication; T. Szörényi, Zs. Geret ovszky.- Laser Ablation And Laser Induced Plasmas For Nanomachining And Material Analysis; D. Batani.- Photo- Dual And Exoelectron Spectroscopy To Characterize Nanostructures; Y. Dekhtyar.- Laser Interaction With Nano-Spheres: Applications In Sub-Micron Particles Removal And Nanodot Array Fabrication; M. Sentis Et al.- Clean Fossil Fuels: Advanced Membrane Reactors; T. Tran Et al.- Nanocrystalline Diamond Films For Advanced Technological Applications; C. Popov, W. Kulisch.- Diamond Like Carbon Films: Growth And Characterization; S. Tamulevicius, Å . MeÅ¡kinis.- Fundamentals Of Laser-Assisted Fabrication Of Inorganic And Organic Films; J. Schou.- Nanoparticles Of Semiconductors In Sol Gel Glasses; R. Reisfeld.- Electrochemical Sensor Technology Based On Nanomaterials For Biomolecular Recognitions; A. Erdem.- The Effects Of Doping With Elements From The Iia Group On The Thermal And Electronic Properties Of Amorphous Selenium; G. Belev Et al.- Nanoscale Materials For Hydrogen And Fuel Cell Systems; M. Suha Yazici.- Application Of Fe-Nanoscale Materials Useful In The Removal Of Arsenic From Waters; M. Vaclavikova Et al.- Nanopatterning Using The BioforceNanoenabler; K. Arshak Et al.- Bifunctional Oxygen/Air Electrodes; V. Nikolova. Preparation Of Magnet ic Chitosan Nanoparticles For Diverse Biomedical Applications; D. Kavaz Et al.- Anomalous Behavior Of Carbon Filled Polymer Composites Based Chemical And Biological Sensors; K. Arshak Et al.- Poly(N-Isopropylacrylamide) (Pnipam) Based Nanoparticles For In Vitro Plasmid Dna Delivery; N. Ozdemir Et al.- Rapid, Contactless And Non-Destructive Testing Of Chemical Composition Of Samples; O. Ivanov Et al.- Synthesis And Application Of Met al-Containing Silicas; K. Katok Et al.- Semiconducting Gas Sensors, Remote Sensing Technique And Internet Gis For Air Pollution Monitoring In Residential And Industrial Areas; O. Pummakarnchana Et al.- Self-Assembled System Of Semiconductor And Virus Like Nanoparticles; Yu. Dekhtyar Et al.- Thermal Stability And Optical Activity Of Erbium Doped Chalcogenide Glasses For Photonics; D. Tonchev Et al.- Xrd Study Of Pulsed Laser Deposited Aln Films With Nanosized Crystallites; S. Bakalova Et al.- Functionalization Of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (Mwcnts); M. Mohl Et al.- Sonochemical Synthesis Of Inorganic Nanoparticles; J. Kis-Csitári Et al.- Novel Transparent Molecular Crystals Of Carbon; G. Kharlamova Et al.- Hydrogen Microsensor Based On Nio Thin Films; I. Fasaki Et al.- Design And Characterization Of Styrene-Based Proton Exchange Membranes; D. Ebrasu Et al.- Strontium-Substituted Hydroxyapatite Thin Films Grown By Pulsed Laser Deposition; C. Capuccini Et al.- Growing Thin Films Of Charge Density Wave System Rb0.3moo3 By Pulsed Laser Deposition; D. Dominko Et al.- Single Cell Det ection With Driven Magnet ic Beads; B. Mcnaughton Et al.- Antimicrobial Properties Of Titanium Nanoparticles; B.K. Erdural Et al.- Cshso4/Nanooxide Polymer Membranes For Fuel Cell; A. Andronie Et al.- Iv And Cv Characteristics Of Multifunctional Ilmenite-Hematite 0.67fet