Future Information Communication Technology and Applications: ICFICE 2013 by Hoe-Kyung JungFuture Information Communication Technology and Applications: ICFICE 2013 by Hoe-Kyung Jung

Future Information Communication Technology and Applications: ICFICE 2013

byHoe-Kyung JungEditorJung Tae Kim, Tony Sahama

Hardcover | June 4, 2013

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These proceedings are based on the 2013 International Conference on Future Information & Communication Engineering (ICFICE 2013), which will be held at Shenyang in China from June 24-26, 2013. The conference is open to all over the world, and participation from Asia-Pacific region is particularly encouraged. The focus of this conference is on all technical aspects of electronics, information, and communications

ICFICE-13 will provide an opportunity for academic and industry professionals to discuss the latest issues and progress in the area of FICE. In addition, the conference will publish high quality papers which are closely related to the various theories and practical applications in FICE. Furthermore, we expect that the conference and its publications will be a trigger for further related research and technology improvements in this important subject. 

Hoe Kyung Jung received the B.S. , M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Dept. of Computer Engineering from Kwangwoon University in 1985, 1987 and 1993, respectively. He was a Researcher at UK ICL Institute in 1990. He worked as a Visiting Researcher at Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute from 1994 to 1995. Since 1994, He is curr...
Title:Future Information Communication Technology and Applications: ICFICE 2013Format:HardcoverDimensions:1068 pagesPublished:June 4, 2013Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Volume 1

Part 1 Communication System and Application.

1 Dispersion Managed Optical Links with Randomly Distributed Residual Dispersion per Span for 960 Gbps WDM Transmission; Seong-Real Lee. 2 In-band MAC-layer Sensing for the Cognitive Radio Networks; Gao Xiang, Hyung-Kun Park. 3 Design of Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna for 2.4 GHz RFID Applications; Adiguna Baskoro, et al. 4 Vitalization of E-Marketplace to Strengthen Trade between Korea and China in Electronic Commerce;  Sangwon Lee, et al. 5 Marketing and Inventory Managements in Smart Phone Environment; Seong-yoon Shin, et al. 6 Relationship between Car Color and Car Accident on the Basis of Chromatic Aberration; Seong-yoon Shin, et al. 7 Feasibility Study of 32 Trellis-coded OFDM waveform for Tactical Information Communication; Byounggi Kim, et al. 8 Quantization error according to bit truncation method in 4k-FFT Algorithm; Sangjung Ra, et al. 9 Channel Compensation of Variable Symbol Timing Offset in Non-synchronized OFDM System; Jae-Ho Lee, et al. 10 Comparison of Job Scheduling Policies in Cloud Computing; Yang Cao, et al. 11 Robust Observer based Model Predictive Control of a 3-DOF Helicopter System; Yujia Zhai. 12 Improving Cell Phone Based Gait Identification with Optimal Response Time Using Cloudlet Infrastructure; Thang Hoang, et al. 13 Logical Analysis of Discrete Event System Using Compositional Minimization; Wan-Bok Lee. 14 Accurate Indoor Positioning Technique using RSSI Assisted Inertial Measurement; Wallace Wong, et al.

Part 2 Networking and Services.

15 An Efficient Access Control Mechanism for application Software using the OAuth in the SaaS Cloud System; Seon-Joo Kim, et al. 16 Tracking Multi-Objects in Web Camera Video Using Particle Filtering; Yang Weon Lee. 17 Mutual Authentication Scheme for Cloud Computing; Shirly Lee, et al. 18 A Novel Algorithm for Detection of Elephant Flows: Landmark-LRU with Recycle; Yunki Choi, Jinoo Joung. 19 ISPM: an improved secure payment mechanism to prevent the black hole attack and selfish node in WMN. Junguo Liao, Junwen Li. 20 Analysis of Internet Banking Security Crack through Messenger Hacking; Kyong-Ha Roo, Dea-woo Park. 21 Routing Approach in IPv6 Ubiquitous Internet-based Home Automation Network; Ardiansyah Musa Efendi, et al. 22 A Network-based IP Mobility Management Scheme with IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack Support; Kyoung-Hee Lee, et al. 23 Network System Based on M2M for Efficient Visual Information Service; Min-Ho Jeon, Chang-Heon Oh. 24 A Study of Technical Strategy for Tourism Social Network Services from the Viewpoint of Acceptance Decision Factor; Hyun-Jee Park, et al. 25 Web based CDN Structure for Smart Devices; Yu-Doo Kim, Il-Young Moon.

Part 3 Intelligent Information System.

26 A New User Adaptive Pointing and Correction Algorithm; Jung-Jae Jo, Young-Chul Kim. 27 Design of Real-Time MAC Protocol for Road Traffic Provision using Sensor Networks; Whoijin Jung, et al. 28 Enhancing Document Clustering using Reweighting Terms Based on Semantic Features; Sun Park, et al. 29 Time-delay Neural Network with 3 Frequency Bands Based on Voiced Speech Discrimination in Noise; Jae Seung Choi. 30 Linear Prediction-based Reconstruction of Electrocardiogram with Premature Ventricular Contraction for Heart Rate Variability Analysis; Nipon Theera-Umpon, et al. 31 EDISON Platform : A Software Infrastructure for Application-domain Neutral Computational Science Simulations; Jung-Lok Yu, et al. 32 Application of Web Search Results for Document Classification; So-Young Park, et al. 33 Similarity Measure Design for Non-overlapped Data; Sanghyuk Lee. 34 A Vehicle Recognition using Part-based Representations; Myungseon Hwang, Hyunchul Kang. 35 Wind Turbine Performance Monitoring Based on Hybrid Clustering Method; Frank Elijorde, et al. 36 Intelligent Road Control and Monitoring; Vladimir Hahanov, et al.

Part 4 Multimedia and Digital Convergence.

37 Improvement in Waterproof Effect of Speaker Enclosure; Han-Kil Kim, et al. 38 An Adjustment Method of a Convergence Point for Zoom-In on a Dual Lens Stereoscopic Camera; JongSoo Ha, et al. 39 Reliability-Based Selective Encoding in Pixel-domain Wyner-Ziv Residual Video Codec; Jin-soo Kim, Jae-Gon Kim. 40 A Mobile Navigation System with Vibration Flow; Sang-Youn Kim, Gilho Song. 41 A Design and Development of Korean Traditional Board Game on Android Environment; Yang-Jib Kim, et al. 42 Study on the librarian helper robot system implementation; Sanggug, Park.

Part 5 Semiconductor and Communication Services.

43 Device degradation under high gate and drain bias stress in IGZO transistors; Hyun Jun Jang, et al. 44 2D Analysis of Breakdown Voltages for Device Dimension of Double Gate MOSFET Using Nonlinear Doping Profile; Hakkee Jung , Dongsoo Cheong. 45 Analysis on Off-Current of Double Gate MOSFET for Composition of Forward and Backward Current; Hakkee Jung , Jongin Lee. 46 A HW/SW Co-design Implementation of Viola-Jones Algorithm for Driver Drowsiness Detection; M L Dennis Wong. 47 Analysis of Subthreshold Characteristics for Doping Concentration of DGMOSFET Using Series Form of Potential; Jihyeong Han, et al. 48 A Parasitic-Insensitive Charge Transfer Circuit for Capacitive Sensing based on Switched Capacitor Integrator; Hyeopgoo Yeo. 49 Calculation Fifteenfold Integrals By Method Of Optimal Coefficients For Small Values Of The Numbers Of Knots Quadrature Formulas; Zamanova Saule Kanabekovna. 50 Effect of the filler on the physico-mechanical properties of the polyimide composite materials; Muradov A.D., et al. 51 Strong Self-Pulsations in a Multi-Electrode Distributed Feedback Laser Integrated With an Electro-Absorption Modulator; Jun-Hyung Cho, et al. 52 Radiation modification of the structure of nanosized metal powders; Buranbaev M.Zh., et al. 53 Effect Of Low-Temperature Annealing On The Optical Properties Of Composite Material, The System "Polyimides - ?BA2CU3O6,7; Muradov A.D., et al. 54 Preparation And Application Of PZT Films In Microelectronics; Timishenkov S., et al. 55 Study Of The Stress-Strain State In The Bare Crystals In Technology Implementation Of Internal Mounting; Timoshenkov S., et al.

Volume 2.

Part 6 Imaging and Biomedical Engineering.

56 A Micro-Scale Solar Energy Harvesting Circuit with MPPT Control for Self-Powered Systems; Eun Jung Yoon, Chong Gun Yu. 57 Multi-view Stereoscopic Image Synthesis Algorithm for 3DTV; Hyunjun Choi, et al. 58 Cell Image Segmentation by Contour Following Method with Directional Angle; Cheolhun Na, et al. 59 Performance Improvement of Vehicle Tracking Using Parts Features Adaboost; Jingyu Do, et al. 60 A Study on the Selection of ROI and Trace under the Multiple Object Environments; Gwangseok Lee, et al. 61 Edge Detection using Modified Directional Coefficient Mask in AWGN; Chang-Young Lee, Nam-Ho Kim. 62 An Intra Prediction Hardware Architecture with Low Computational Complexity for HEVC Decoder; Hongkyun Jung, Kwangki Ryoo. 63 A Color Gamut Mapping System using the RGB Primaries and White-point Correction for a Wide Gamut Display Device; Kyounghoon Jang, et al. 64 A Region of Interest Labeling Algorithm using Three Mask Patterns; Hosang Cho, et al. 65 Multi Factor Authentication Process using more than one Token with Watermark Security; Arjun Kumar, Hoon Jae Lee.

Part 7 Ubiquitous Sensor Network.

66 Energy based Interference Avoidance Scheme in ubiquitous medical environments; Jin-Woo Kim, et al. 67 Technical Analysis of Stock Trading Point in Electronic Commerce; Jinwon Park, Sangwon Lee. 68 ADC Design for neural acquisition application; Ruoyuan Qu, et al. 69 Design of Microstrip Patch Antenna using Inset-Fed Layered for Metallic Object in u-Port; Chan-Hong Park, et al. 70 An Analysis on the Effects of Cluster  Leadership Rotation among Nodes using Least Temperature Routing Protocol; Nico Encarnacion, Hyunho Yang. 71 Performance Analysis of Tag Identification Method based on Multi-reader using anti-collision Algorithm; Bong-Im Jang, et al. 72 Segregated Lightweight Dynamic Rate (SLDR) Control Scheme for Efficient Internet Communications; T.O. Ting, et al. 73 Remote Sensing of Asian Dust at DaeJeon Station in NIES Lidar Network; Chan Bong Park, et al. 74 Transmission Range Determination with a Timeslot-based Energy Distribution Scheme for Solar-energy Harvesting Sensor Systems; Dong Kun Noh. 75 A New Algorithm for Solving the Energy Conservation Equation Based on ADI Method; Xiaofeng Niu , et al. 76 Sensor Prioritization and Decisive Sensing: A Conservative Power Saving Scheme for BSNs; Frank I. Elijorde, et al. 77 A Study of Optimal path Availability Clustering algorithm in Ad Hoc network; Young-jun OH, Kang-whan Lee. 78 Localized Positioning method for Optimization path Availability Clustering algorithm in Ad hoc network; Young-jun OH, Kang-whan Lee. 79 Performance Analysis of Routing Algorithm Based on Link Quality in Wireless Sensor Networks; Hyun-Jun Shin, Chang-Heon Oh. 80 Low Latency and Collision Avoidance MAC Protocol in Multimedia Wireless Sensor Networks; Seong Cheol Kim, et al. 81 A QoS and Throughput Enhancement MAC Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks; Seong Cheol Kim.

Part 8 Database and Internet Application.

82 The Proposed on Model-based User Interface Modules; Chul-Hyun Hwang, et al. 83 A study on Design and Implementation of the Web-based Real-time Video Communication System; Tae-Hak Ban, et al. 84 Comprehensive Analysis of Data Clustering Algorithms; Deepti Gaur, Ms. Seema Gaur. 85 The Student Safety Network Service System Using the Location-Based Services of Smartphone; Chang-Su Ryu, Chang-Wu Hur. 86 Design of an Inventory Management System for Refrigerated Warehouses on Mobile Environments; CheHoon Ban, et al. 87 The Design of XML-based Software Information System Schema and Development of the Standard for Information Processing; Chang-Su Kim, et al. 88 A Study on Learning Achievement Improvement Based on SLL Program; Kie Sung Oh. 89 A Performance test of Query Operation on Encrypted Database; Ji-Hong Kim, et al. 90 Similarity Measure Design on Big Data; Sanghyuk Lee, Yan Sun.

Part 9 Mobile Communication.

91 MDDI Protocol Implementation for Mobile system; Seung-Han Ryu, et al. 92 Practical Signal Models for Orthogonal Code Hopping Multiplexing Systems; Bang Chul Jung, et al. 93 Energy Efficient Data transmission Mechanism in Wireless Sensor Networks; Seong Cheol Kim, et al. 94 An Enhanced Network Coding Scheme for Mobile Ad-hoc Network; Kwan-Woong KIM, et al. 95 IDS Scheme for Blackhole Attack on MANETs; Young-Dong Kim, Dong-Ill Kim. 96 Physical Forensic Acquisition and Pattern Unlock on Android Smart Phones; Yuan-Chi Tsai, Chung-Huang Yang.

Part 10 IT Fusion Technology.

97 A New Distance Metric Based on Class-Space Reduction; Byungjoon Park, Sejong Oh. 98 A New Criterion of Mutual Information Using R-value; Taegoon Han, et al. 99 Command Fusion for Navigation of Mobile Robot in Dynamic Environment; Hyunjin Chang, Taeseok Jin. 100 The Consideration of GPS Jamming Signal due to Propagation Path Loss; Kwangsoob  Ko. 101 On Development of an Open Platform High Performance Computing Services: Design of TCAD Meta-data Schema and Its Application to Computational Nanoelectronics; Du Seok Jin, et al. 102 Scratch Inspection of Spectacle Lens based on Fuzzy Logic; Kwang-Baek Kim, et al. 103 Microstructure Evolution of the Cu-Cr Hypereutectic Alloys during Directional Solidification; ZhongPing Que, et al. 104 Development of Knocking Analysis Algorithms for Fuel Reduction in CRDI Engine; Hwa-seon Kim, et al. 105 Multi-criteria decision making based on fuzzy measure; Sanghyuk Lee. 106 Estimation of Flood Risk on Roads Using Current Accumulated Rainfall via RSS Service of Weather Center; Eunmi Kim, et al. 107 A Light Mobile Web Service Framework Based on Axis2; Zhun Shena, et al. 108 Development of real-time condition check systems for racing cars using WCDMA; Min-seop Song, et al. 109 Implementation  of  Vehicle  Remote  Status  Verification  System  using  Driving Information; Minyoung Kim, Jong-wook Jang. 110 A Study on the System for Customer Feedback Integration Inference in B2C Service Industrie; Min-Sik Kang, Eun-Jee Song. 111 Production Of Nanoporous Alumina And Surface Studies By Atomic Force Microscopy; Alpysbayeva B.E., et al. 112 A Study on the Design the Adder and Multiplier basedon Normal Basis over Finite fields; Chun-Myoung Park. 113 Diamond-like carbon films obtained by ion-plasma magnetron sputtering; Buranbaev M.J., et al. 114 Analyses of Attacks on Embedded RFID Application under U-Healthcare System; Jung Tae Kim. 115 Performance Analysis of Smart Healthcare System based on ISO/IEEE 11073 and HL7; Jae-Hwan Jean, et al. 116 Random Walks, Lévy Flights, Markov Chains and Metaheuristic Optimization; Xin-She Yang, et al.