Generally Recognized as Safe

February 17, 2016|
Generally Recognized as Safe by LM Foster
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Always the smartest guy in the room, Wiley Royce is perplexed when he starts having woman troubles. Brendee, his girlfriend of five years, just doesn’t seem as interested as she used to be. And the new game in town, Janae – she keeps flirting with Wiley and sending him suggestive text messages, undoubtedly because he encourages her attraction to him at every opportunity . . .

Then Wiley’s new friend Tom drops another bombshell on him. The first world is being slowly but surely poisoned by food additives, Tom says. “You’re paying for what you think is food, and you’re getting sand and sawdust and glass and drywall. Indigestible synthetic polymers of glucose. You’re paying for food, and you’re getting shit.”

Wiley is appalled. How could he have been eating this garbage without realizing it? Nobody dupes Wiley Royce. He knows everything.

The sequel to Wiley Royce, Generally Recognized as Safe is the chronicle of Wiley’s struggle to keep his cool and perspective in the face of these disconcerting new waves in his life. What can he do for his beloved Brendee, who may or may not want him anymore? What should he do to beautiful, sexy Janae, who clearly wants him too much? How is he going to take down the shady cabal responsible for poisoning the entire first world - and more importantly, him?

Title:Generally Recognized as Safe
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:February 17, 2016
Publisher:LM Foster
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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