Genesis 101: The Metaphysical Cosmology in the Process of Creation

October 21, 2019|
Genesis 101: The Metaphysical Cosmology in the Process of Creation by RHy. Dr. Ronald P. Rozzi Ms.D.
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This book that you are holding is my first work. It represents for me, a sum total of who and what I've come to be through my life experiences and the work I found myself doing for 18 years in private practice. This speaks to the topic of self-awareness relative to not only understanding who you really are, but the power and ability you wield to take an active part in creating your life by intention. We do that by paying attention to the process of creation itself. Looking at the universal laws and principles that are in play at all times, regardless of the fact that you may be unfamiliar with them. We make the unknown, known so you can be aware that your thoughts and actions are indeed responsible for your perceived reality.

Then we look at the roadblocks that could be standing in your way to achieving your dreams and goals. I bring in a couple of options to eliminate these based on the work I did in my private practice. Then I present a step by step process you can work with to begin your own co-creative reality by intention rather than by default.

The universal law of attraction is certainly no secret, but understanding the correct process has been a bit of a mystery for people for a long time. Your dreams and desires are achievable. Too many people die with the music still in them. You are a powerful creator and it is your divine right to bring into your reality whatever you desire.

Title:Genesis 101: The Metaphysical Cosmology in the Process of Creation
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:October 21, 2019
Publisher:Lettra Press LLC
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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