Genesis - In The Beginning: Precursors of Life, Chemical Models and Early Biological Evolution by JOSEPH SECKBACHGenesis - In The Beginning: Precursors of Life, Chemical Models and Early Biological Evolution by JOSEPH SECKBACH

Genesis - In The Beginning: Precursors of Life, Chemical Models and Early Biological Evolution


Hardcover | March 21, 2012

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Genesis - In The Beginning deals with the origin and diversity of Life and early biological evolution and discusses the question of where (hot or cold sources) and when the beginning of Life took place. Among the sections are chapters dealing with prebiotic chemical processes and considering self-replication of polymers in mineral habitats. One chapter is dedicated to the photobiological regime on early Earth and the emergence of Life. This volume covers the role of symmetry, information and order (homochrial biomolecules) in the beginning of Life. The models of protocells and the genetic code with gene transfer are important topics in this volume. Three chapters discuss the Panspermia hypothesis (to answer "Are we from outer Space?"). Other chapters cover the Astrobiological aspects of Life in the Universe in extraterrestrial Planets of the Solar System and deal with cometary hydrosphere (and its connection to Earth). We conclude with the history and frontiers of Astrobiogy.
Title:Genesis - In The Beginning: Precursors of Life, Chemical Models and Early Biological EvolutionFormat:HardcoverDimensions:973 pages, 9.25 × 6.1 × 0.01 inPublished:March 21, 2012Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

PRELIMINARY SECTIONPathways to "Genesis - In the Beginning: Precursors of Life, Chemical Models and Early Biological Evolution"; Joseph SeckbachIntroduction to Genesis - In  The Beginning; David W. DeamerForeword; Steven A. BennerOrigins of Life - Keeping Options Open; Alan W. SchwartzPART 1. CHEMICAL EVOLUTIONThe Prebiotic Chemistry of Alternative Nucleic Acids; H. James Cleaves II, Jeffrey BadaCooptive Evolution of Prebiotic Chemical Networks; Chrisantha Fernando, Vera VasasOrigin and Evolution of Self-Replicating Polymers on Mineral Habitats;  Enzo Gallori, Sergio BranciamoreMathematical Models of Prebiotic Replication: A Primer for Experimentalists; Kelly Harris, Irene A. ChenLife without Carbon; Rob Hengeveld[GADV]-Protein World Hypothesis on the Origin of Life; Kenji IkeharaReality of the Emergence of Life-Like Systems from Simple Prebiotic Polymers on Primitive Earth; Kunio KawamuraThe Photobiological Regime in the Very Early Earth and the Emergence of Life; Osmel Martin, Rolando Cardenas, Liuba Peñate, J.E. HorvathPrebiotic Formation of Peptides: A Markov Chain Approach; F.G Mosqueira, A. Negrón-Mendoza, S. Ramos-Bernal, C. PolancoAtomic Structural Templates of the Earliest Life on Earth: Vibration and Lightning Experiments with Quartz and Amino Acids; M PawlikowskiChemical Evolution in Open Space: A Link to the Origin of ; Michael SimakovThe Prebiotic Chemistry of Nitrogen and the Origin of Life; David SummersPART 2. THE ROLE OF PHYSICS AND GEOPHYSICS IN THE ORIGIN AND EVOLUTION OF LIFEMoving 'Far from Equilibrium' in a Prebiotic Environment: The Role of Maxwell's Demon in Life Origin; David L. AbelLife from Interface; Katsuhiko Ariga,; Gary J. Richards, and Jonathan P.HillBreaking the Paradigm: The Pattern of Life; Tom BarbaletCyberbiogenesis and the EvoGrid: a 21st Century Grand Challenge; Bruce Damer, Peter Newman, Ryan Norkus, Richard Gordon and Tom BarbaletConstructive Approaches for the Origin of Life; Norikazu Ichihashi, Tomoaki Matsuura, Hiroshi Kita; Takeshi Sunami, Hiroaki Suzuki, and Tetsuya YomoOrigin of Life by Thermodynamic Inversion: A Universal Process; Vladimir KompanichenkoLife Explained by Heat Engines; Anthonie W.J. MullerComputational Simulations of Prebiotic Processes; Albert Rimola, Mariona Sodupe and Piero UgliengoThe Cometary Hydrosphere; Robert B.SheldonIn Situ, High Spatial Resolution Techniques in the Search for the Origin of Life; David WaceyPART 3. THE ROLE OF SYMMETRY, INFORMATION AND ORDER IN THE ORIGIN OF LIFEDisorder to Order, Non-Life to Life. In the Beginning There Was a Mistake; Ernesto Di Mauro, Keith A. Dunker and Eward N. TrifonovThe Role of Information and Order in the Origin of Life; B. Roy Frieden and Robert A. GatenbyThe Origin of First Peptides on Earth - From Amino Acids to Homochiral Biomolecules; Thomas Jakschitz, Daniel Fitz and Bernd Michael RodeChemical Models for the Origin of Biological Homochirality; Martin KlußmannAbsolute Asymmetric Reactions and the Origin of Biological Chirality; Gábor LenteEnergy-Driven Evolution of Prebiotic Chiral Order (Lessons from Dynamic Systems Modelling); Radu Pop and Vily M. CimpoiasuPART 4. PANSPERMIARecurrent Dreams of Life in Meteorites; Richard Gordon and Jesse McNicholAre We from Outer Space? A Critical Review of the Panspermia Hypothesis; Jesse McNichol and Richard GordonOrigin of Life and Panspermia; Chandra WickramasinghePART 5. THE FIRST STEPS OF CELLULAR EVOLUTIONThe Dimeric Proto-Ribosome Within the Modern Ribosome; Ilana AgmonOceanic Arginine Translator: The Origin of Life and Early Evolution of the Genetic Code; Robert W.GriffithTidal Cycling and the Origin of the Genetic Code: Implications for Cellular Life; Richard LatheHeterotrophic Model  Protocells; Sheref S. Mansy and Cristina Del BiancoA Symbiogenic Way in the Origin of Life; Luisa Pereira, Telma Rodrigues and Francisco CarrapiçoHorizontal Gene Transfer and the Tree of Life; Jan SappOn the Vesicular Origin of the Cell Cycle; Sasa SvetinaHypothesized Micro-Environments for the Origin of Microbial Life on Earth; Jack T. Trevors, Asim K. Bej and Jan Dirk van ElsasPART 6. THE DISTRIBUTION OF LIFE IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM AND ELSEWHERE IN THE COSMOSWhat can Life on Earth Tell Us about Life in the Universe? Charles H. Lineweaver and Aditya ChopraPotential for Life in the Saturn System; Francois RaulinEnergy Sources for, and Detectability of, Life on Extrasolar Planets; John A. Raven, Charles S. Cockell and Lisa KalteneggerEnvironments Habitable by Extremophiles on Earth, the Solar System and Elsewhere; Joseph Seckbach and Julian Chela-FloresPART 7. HISTORY AND FRONTIERS OF ASTROBIOLOGY AND THE HUMANITIESCultural Implications of the Search and Eventual Discovery of a Second Genesis; Roberto Artxaga Burgos and Julian Chela-FloresThe Concept of Chemical Evolution before Oparin; Florence Raulin CerceauA History of Origin of Life Ideas from Darwin to NASA; James E.Strick