Geometries For Life: A Sacred Geometry Adventure

September 29, 2021|
Geometries For Life: A Sacred Geometry Adventure by Louise :Emmarose: Gallant


Louise Gallant thinks in pictures, images, patterns. This beautiful book is a journey through images, which culminates in a new understanding of the energies of Sacred Geometries, and how they can enhance your life by what is unseen; vibration, frequencies and qualities.

Akin to Divine Proportion, the Sacred Geometries presented here along with your own focus and attention bring more than beauty to your gaze. They also bring a feeling of calm, a soothing balm to your Spirit, along with each quality they represent, helping integrate and connect the inner and outer realms.

Emmarose Louise Gallant's interest in Sacred Geometries became a passion, and a force of creative expression that is unique to her vision. Through combining years of experience in graphic design, a love of art and spiritual exploration, she now offers an opportunity in these pages to discover for ourselves a deeper meaning in the essential energetic blueprint of all things; and to feel the harmonizing and balancing effects that Sacred Geometries hold. Allow their mysteries to unfold into greater wisdom, their beauty to inspire you, and their symbolism awaken you to Higher Consciousness.

Title:Geometries For Life: A Sacred Geometry Adventure
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:September 29, 2021
Publisher:Tellwell Talent
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780228858706

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