Girl At The Grave by Teri Bailey BlackGirl At The Grave by Teri Bailey Black

Girl At The Grave

byTeri Bailey Black

Hardcover | August 7, 2018

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In Girl at the Grave, debut author Teri Bailey Black unearths the long-buried secrets of a small 1850s New England town in this richly atmospheric Gothic tale of murder, guilt, redemption, and finding love where least expected.

A mother hanged for murder.
A daughter left to pick up the pieces of their crumbling estate.
Can she clear her family's name if it means facing her own dark past?

Valentine has spent years trying to outrun her mother's legacy. But small towns have long memories, and when a new string of murders occurs, all signs point to the daughter of a murderer.

Only one person believes Valentine is innocent-Rowan Blackshaw, the son of the man her mother killed all those years ago. Valentine vows to find the real killer, but when she finally uncovers the horrifying truth, she must choose to face her own dark secrets, even if it means losing Rowan in the end.

Teri Bailey Black grew up near the beach in Southern California in a large, quirky family with no television or junk food, but an abundance of books and art supplies. She's happiest when she's creating things, whether it's with words, fabric, or digging in the garden. She makes an amazing chocolate cherry cake-frequently. She and her h...
Title:Girl At The GraveFormat:HardcoverDimensions:336 pages, 8.55 × 5.68 × 1.19 inPublished:August 7, 2018Publisher:Tom Doherty AssociatesLanguage:English

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ISBN - 10:0765399482

ISBN - 13:9780765399489


Rated 5 out of 5 by from Amazing Gothic Story! It's not often these days you pick-up a book and find it to exactly what you are expecting. Girl in the Grave was this for me. I wanted a easier to read (ie: YA, teen or romance) story that had some 'edge' (ie: horror, Gothic) to it and a strong female lead. I got everything I could have wanted and more! It's Teen for Sure! This is obviously written for the teen genre. Whether you like teen books because you are a teen or (like me) enjoy the style of writing that is common in them. Teri Bailey Black does a superb job of finding one voice in our lead teen girl and creating characters and situations around her that resonant with her lead gal and the reader. So there are tropes like many teen books. A forbidden love, a (sort-of) love triangle, and of course the ever difficult to figure out moment of loosing ones virginity (be it kissing virginity or otherwise). So long as you go into this expecting those typical teen elements I think you'll find the rest of the book is really well done. Atmosphere Sometimes I just want to read or watch something for the atmosphere. It doesn't matter what happens or how, who is involved or when. Instead what matters is the mood, atmosphere and feel of the story. Black has done an excellent job of finding a Gothic voice (it's just occurred to me that her name is ironic given the feel of Girl at the Grave, lol). Set many years ago, in a small town we find creepy elements like old houses, houses with half the house burnt, small graveyards and out of the way forest sanctuaries. Black does an excellent job of creating a Gothic story without any ghosts. Weird right? No, just perfect in my mind. As a former (still wishes I was sometimes) Gothic teen of the 90's I felt like this book was something I would have cherished as a teen. It's like the despair, murder, secrets and hushed whispering is speaking to me directly and I know teen me would have been all over that. Plot There is actually a lot of plot going on in this story. Our lead gal had her mother murdered (hanging) because of a murder, the boy she starts hanging out with at school is in fact the son of her mother's murder victim, the townsfolk are ruled by the rich and male of the town, and so transgression like abuse are (more or less) acceptable if not obviously thrown in anyone's face. This all culminates in a murder mystery that tries to solve not only the murder of yore but murders that start happening right then in the line of sight of our lead gal. I didn't see some of the twists that happen but at no time felt like ANY of them were cheap. This is a very, very exciting thing for me as often I find murder mysteries to be one of two things; too predictable or too outrageous. It was lovely to read a Gothic teen story with a well done murder plot. Overall I really adored this book. I could absolutely see me revisiting it in the future to have a 'break' from more dense literature. It was wonderful to follow-up The Picture of Dorian Grey (which I found dense and ultimately boring) with Girl at the Grave as it helped me remember that you don't have to read a book written centuries old to get a darker feeling story. Black connected with me as a reader on so many levels. I wondered at one point if her and I were sharing pieces of a brain as she would do something I would have done with a character (and do it so well!). You just can't go wrong with this Gothic teen murder mystery. Please note: I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. This is an honest and unbiased review.
Date published: 2018-12-13
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Not Quite What's Advertised, But Still A Fun Read I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I was a bit on the fence with this book, because historical stories tend to not be my thing. But the whole concept of the mother's legacy and then the murder mystery, so I figured that I'd give it a shot and see what happened.  And it turned out to be a really enjoyable story overall. It's not quite what you expect, because the synopsis makes it sound like it's going to be mostly about the murder mystery, and it ends up being quite a bit about town drama and romance. But even with that, it was a good story and a really fun read. The Good Points of Girl at the Grave: There's a really great atmosphere throughout the book that gives it just the hint of the feel of a horror story, even though there are no ghosts and nothing particularly horror-like throughout the novel. It keeps you hooked into the whole story and makes you want to read another chapter, even though it's the middle of the night. I really enjoyed the characters throughout the story, both the major ones and the minor ones. They're all fun to read about and distinctive from one another, and they really drive the story. Rowan's grandmother definitely takes the cake though, and was by far my favourite. How the mystery came together was a lot of fun. It's not the most difficult to figure out, but it takes a lot of great twists and turns on the way and it comes together beautifully in the end. The pacing through this book is great, and it moves along at the perfect pace to keep you hooked and wanting to continue reading. The Downsides of Girl at the Grave: As mentioned, the synopsis is a little misleading, because it spends a lot of time focusing on town drama and romance compared to the mystery. The romance in this story was rather dull. It's yet another love triangle, and it's not even an interesting one at that. It's just the same old stuff, and it never really gets anywhere, and it's rather boring. The characters are great, which does help, but the romance isn't so much. I found the whole thing with Valentine's parentage to be a little random. It didn't really add anything to the story, and it just seemed a convenient way to tie up some ends of the story. If it had been left out, nothing would have changed. All in all, this was a fun read, and I enjoyed the way that Valentine's story weaved in and out. If you enjoy murder mysteries that take place in historical time frames, clean and simple romances, and great characters, you should check out Girl at the Grave!
Date published: 2018-07-29
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Not What I Was Looking For Colour me disappointed. I just did not get excited about this book. It was good, don't get me wrong, but not what I wanted to read. With a title like that, I for some reason was expecting a story involving ghosts. No ghosts, but murder! Cool! Awesome! A Victorian era YA thriller! Lies. 10% of the book was focused on murder, and the rest was school drama and some unexpected love triangle that I didn't really care for. I'm just kind of left with the feeling that this was a book I read, and that was all. I finished it eight hours ago and I've already forgotten how it ends. All I remember is everything was wrapped up nice and neat and conveniently, and whatever stakes there were were downplayed too fast to be of any concern. It may be generous, but 2.5/5
Date published: 2018-07-09

Editorial Reviews

"With its vibrant, atmospheric setting and lush, captivating prose, Girl at the Grave is a searing Gothic story of love and murder that will burn in readers' hearts and minds long after reading."-#1 NYT bestselling author Kerri Maniscalco"Girl at the Grave kept me up late at night with its non-stop secrets, twists, and scandals. An entertaining homage to classic Gothic romances that will keep readers guessing until the very last chapter."-Cat Winters, author of Odd & True