God Has A Reason For Everything: A Book Of Tragedy And Miracles That Can Make You Believe There Is No Such Thing As A Coincidence by Chery ManningGod Has A Reason For Everything: A Book Of Tragedy And Miracles That Can Make You Believe There Is No Such Thing As A Coincidence by Chery Manning

God Has A Reason For Everything: A Book Of Tragedy And Miracles That Can Make You Believe There Is…

byChery Manning

Paperback | May 17, 2016

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It's 1989. Jason and Chery were dating for almost nine months in Phoenix, Arizona. She was setting up for a reunion party with all her friends from Alaska that went to college in Arizona or California. His friend Joe invites them to go three-wheeling on the same day, but earlier allowing them to still make the party on time. She is not excited about the trip, but gives in.

On the last run of the day, there is a terrible accident. The events to follow are miraculous and cannot be considered coincidences. The accident happens forty-five minutes away from the nearest town and cell phones don't exist. Help may not get there in time.

However, the unexpected does happen. Help comes in a most miraculous way. One will not make it. The other is put into a coma. There will be an intense and agonizing recovery. The recovery will have to be made in phases decided by the doctors. They have to be sure the information can be handled and accepted without giving up the fight to survive.

As time progresses, God always seems to be there. More miraculous events transpire to get the results He's looking for, in things to come. The one that survives never understands the events that happened that day, until much later. Looking back, God has a reason for everything. We never fully understand our purpose in life, but sometimes it is made known. This is a true story of how miracles do happen, on a daily basis. You just have to listen to God's voice to understand. Trust me, you will know when God is speaking to you.

Chery Manning has a writing degree from The Institute of Children's Literature in West Redding, Connecticut. She loves to write stories and was published in her hometown newspaper, The Anchorage Daily News, with an article titled "Don't Drink and Drive"
Title:God Has A Reason For Everything: A Book Of Tragedy And Miracles That Can Make You Believe There Is…Format:PaperbackDimensions:200 pages, 8.5 × 5.5 × 0.68 inPublished:May 17, 2016Publisher:Morgan James PublishingLanguage:English

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I still don't remember hearing or seeing anything.As we went into the ninety-degree corner, a GMC step-side pickup truck was coming in the opposite direction. They had been traveling at a fairly high rate of speed, getting ready to use the soft sand to throw the tail end of their truck around the corner, as to not hit the rock wall.The police report estimated the point of impact to be about fifty miles per hour. The truck was raised up higher than the legal limit. When you are sitting on a three-wheeler, the bumper then comes up to your face.The truck hit us head-on. He had cut the corner as sharp as he could to swing the tail end of his truck around. Upon impact, Jason was killed instantly. The impact crushed his chest. He would have died no matter if he were wearing a helmet or not. He fell off to the right side and landed in the ditch. I was thrown back fifteen feet and landed on my head first, crushing the helmet in three places.Joe had been just behind us as this took place. He saw the whole thing happen. He had to dodge the truck, so as not to be hit by him as well."NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" he yelled at the top of his lungs as he swung back around to see what had just happened.He took his helmet off as fast as he could. He looked back at the truck, which had actually driven up over the top of the three-wheeler and had to be put into reverse, to get back off of it. There were a few people in the car. The passengers all jumped out of the truck and ran. As the driver tried to do the same, Joe said, "Oh no you don't! You son of a. . ." He jumped on the driver and tackled him. He was not going to be able to get away."What the hell did you just do?" he yelled. Joe was so upset and out of control; he was hitting the guy and shaking him with anger.Not too far away, a group of people who had been hiking heard the whole thing happen. They ran over to the scene as fast as they could get there. The group consisted of two EMTs and some people from the media. They were a Christian group of friends out enjoying the day. They were trying to take a break from their normally busy daily lives, until this happened.Upon arriving, they started to evaluate the scene.Looking at Joe first, "Are you okay?" Some of them ran over to me, and the EMTs to Jason.Joe responded with anger, "Yeah I'm fine! I think Jason is dead, and Chery is making gurgling noises. I'm not getting off this guy though! He hit them with his truck!" Joe continued to hold the driver down. The driver was squirming to get away, but without much luck."Hey, a couple of you guys go over and help him keep this guy in custody until the police get here," yelled one of the men in the group. "Someone needs to go get help. It's a long ways away. I don't know if it will matter, but we have to try," yelled out one of the other rescuers in the group.One of the media guys ran off to get help. I think he was going to head back into town. The two EMTs went over to Jason first to check him out. Most of the group was already leaning over him. When they all realized that he was already dead and there was no saving him, they turned their attention over to me. I was alive and still gurgling, with blood coming out of my mouth. Before leaving Jason's body, the entire group all looked up at each other. One of the men asked, "Does anyone else feel that?" Everyone just looked at each other in awe. Then realized they needed to be over with me."Chery. Chery, can you hear me?" Joe asked. "Don't worry, we're going to help you, as much as we can anyway."All that was heard was more grunting from pain and the gurgling of blood in my throat. The EMTs did what they could to help me get comfortable and to work on the injuries I had. Nobody thought that I'd survive. We were just too far out, with no way of contacting anyone for help.It was about that time that they heard a helicopter flying over. They were on their way to another site. They decided to take a different route to that location and ended up flying right over the top of the accident."Hey, look at that," said the copilot to the pilot. "Do you see that? It looks like it just happened." "I'll check it out," said the pilot. He turned to head to where we were at, as he called into the base for a response on the scene. "HQ, this is HELO ONE, Do you copy?""HELO ONE, this is HQ. Go ahead," they responded."Yeah, we're on route to our present destination when we came across an accident that looks like it has just happened. It's at the wash area at Needle Point. Has this been reported yet?""Negative. There has been no report of an accident out there, at this time," she responded. "Does this look like it's serious?""Yes, very serious, and I'm going to land and check it out. It appears a 4x vehicle has hit a three-wheeler with two passengers. Both are lying on the ground and could possibly be deceased. Please send backup and an ambulance ASAP! It also appears the driver has been taken into custody by someone at the scene. Please send police now. HELO ONE out," said the pilot."10-4 HELO ONE, police and an ambulance are on their way. Good luck. Keep us posted on your status. We will get coverage for your original destination, from another location. HQ out."The pilot looked for an open spot large enough to set the chopper down. When he landed, the copilot hopped out of the chopper first and ran over to the group. He began to take over the situation and asked, "What happened?"Joe chimed in, trying to compose himself from crying so much. "They were just heading into the corner when this guy comes flying around the corner and cuts into it. Hitting them head-on! I saw the whole thing!" He started to cry uncontrollably. One of the women from the group tried to console him as best she could. "Someone needs to go tell Christy what happened. She's at the car waiting for us to come back," Joe said, as he fell to the ground, still unable to believe what just happened to us."Yes, I'll go get her. What does the car look like that she'll be standing next to?" she asked."It's the red Honda Prelude, right at the entrance to this trail. How do I tell her what happened? I was in front until my machine stopped. They helped me start it and took off. It should have been me in the front, not them," said Joe.The nice woman who had been helping Joe went to get Christy and told her what happened. She made sure there was someone else there to help with Joe first."The accident hadn't been reported when we flew over. There's help on the way. I don't think we can wait for them with Chery though. She looks pretty torn up," the co-pilot said, as he was checking me over.The pilot came running up next to the scene with a bag in one hand. "What's the situation?""Well, the boyfriend is dead upon impact. The girlfriend is alive, but barely. She sustained very traumatic head injuries from being thrown fifteen feet and landing on her head. She has a broken jaw and has blood coming from her mouth with gurgling sounds. Not sure if there are any internal injuries at this time," he responded as calmly as he could."Has anyone tried to remove the helmet?" the pilot asked."No. We didn't want to move her too much. We didn't know how bad she would be with hitting her head first." Joe said."We really need to get this off. It's already shattered in three spots, so it shouldn't be too hard to remove. I need someone to hold her head very still." The pilot then slowly pulled the helmet off, with the copilot holding my head very steady."Okay, get the boyfriend covered. Let's get her stable enough to fly back to the hospital in Scottsdale." He started to get a stretcher ready for transport. During the process of getting me ready to fly, my heart stopped.The pilot yelled, "She's flat-lining! Get the paddles! HURRY!" They pulled out the portable unit and quickly placed the pads on my chest and grabbed the paddles."CLEAR!" he yelled, as he sent electric shock through my body to try to revive my heart. Everyone pulled away from me, as the shockwave went through my entire body, lifting me up off the ground for only a split second. Nothing!"Hit me again!" They pumped up the machine again. "CLEAR!" This time they got a heartbeat. "Okay, we've got her back. Let's get her in the chopper and head out," yelled the pilot. They got everything packed back up, loaded me into the chopper, and we were off to the hospital.On the way to the hospital, I flat-lined again. They were able to revive me once more. They knew there wasn't much time left for me."I'm going to head to Scottsdale Memorial Hospital-Osborn. It's the closest one," yelled the pilot back to the copilot, who was with me in the back of the helicopter still keeping an eye on how I was doing."HQ, this is HELO ONE, come in." The pilot waited for a response."HELO ONE, this is HQ; go ahead. We've been waiting to hear back on your report," the dispatcher responded."We are bringing in one of the casualties from the scene. She's very combative and unable to communicate with us. She has flat-lined on us twice already. She has a severe head injury with a broken jaw. Her boyfriend was killed upon impact and is still out at the scene. We don't know if she has any internal bleeding, but she was bleeding from her mouth. Could be from the jaw being broken. We will need an immediate trauma room as soon as we arrive. HELO ONE out." The pilot turned to look back and see that I was still with them."We will be ready and standing by upon your arrival HELO ONE. HQ out." Then there was silence, except for the sound of the chopper blades cutting the air.Meanwhile, back at the accident scene, when the police arrived they had found the driver still being held down by Joe and a few others. Upon investigation of the accident, the police found that the driver had been out earlier in the day and was off-road driving while drinking and ran into a tree branch. The branch went through the driver's side of the windshield and left a huge hole in it. Since the driver had been drinking, they took the Budweiser beer carton and opened it up completely. They duct-taped it to the inside portion of the driver's side window, extending across over half the windshield, so the windshield wouldn't fall in on him while he was driving. How this person was able to drive the truck after that is beyond me. You would have to have your head out the window or lean clear over to the passenger side of the vehicle to see where you were going. Amazing! Not only had this guy been drinking, and was drunk when they found him, but the police also found evidence of pot and pipes on the truck floorboard. You would think that with all this evidence, he'd be put away for a long time. I'll let you know later how that all turned out.There were four people in the truck initially when he hit us. Three of them jumped out and ran. They just went back to the campsite where they had been with others all day. The police found them there, after they arrested the driver. I believe it was his wife and two kids. That's what I was told anyway. I also learned that the breath test was done wrong or something. They didn't have anything they could use to hold him on that. He had a history of drinking and driving though. Maybe it had been too long before the police got there or something; I don't really know. He was charged with manslaughter and aggravated assault. No mention of the drug use either or driving in an unauthorized area.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. My History

Chapter 2. We Met

Chapter 3. Thanksgiving

Chapter 4. Preparations

Chapter 5. The BIG Day!

Chapter 6. The Accident

Chapter 7. Friends and Family

Chapter 8. My First Memories

Chapter 9. The Explanation

Chapter 10. Christmas

Chapter 11. Rehabilitation

Chapter 12. Things Were Starting to Change

Chapter 13. A Trip I Will Never Forget

Chapter 14. The Phone Calls Back Home

Chapter 15. Jobs

Chapter 16. Starting Over

Chapter 17. The Courtship

Chapter 18. The Kids

Chapter 19. Proper Binge

Chapter 20. In Conclusion