Golf Course Irrigation: Environmental Design and Management Practices by James BarrettGolf Course Irrigation: Environmental Design and Management Practices by James Barrett

Golf Course Irrigation: Environmental Design and Management Practices

byJames Barrett, Brian Vinchesi, Robert Dobson

Hardcover | January 23, 2003

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Complete guidelines to developing and maintaining the most effective, environment-friendly irrigation systems for golf courses

Golf Course Irrigation offers valuable insight on the design, installation, management, and maintenance of irrigation systems-the most important management tool used on today's golf courses. Without manufacturers' bias, this useful resource provides hands-on guidance to the highest quality irrigation systems, including specifications and applications of the best pump stations, controllers, sprinkler heads, nozzles, valves, sensors, and other components that make the difference in top-quality irrigation systems.

Typically regarded as significant users of water, golf courses are under increasing scrutiny by governmental and environmental groups, making it essential that the up-to-date information found here-on such topics as water supply, plant irrigation requirements, application uniformity, and construction management-be at the fingertips of every golf course professional. While fostering the best playing conditions, these systems conserve water and energy with such technology as low-pressure heads and controls that use "if/then" logic to automatically adjust to changing conditions, which can improve playability while saving money.

Golf Course Irrigation is a practical tool to help golf course architects, builders, superintendents, irrigation consultants, designers, and installers to improve aesthetics and playing conditions in the face of diminishing natural resources. It is also an informative reference for golf course owners, developers, local officials, students, and fans of the game.

JAMES BARRETT, ASIC, CID, CLIA, is the founder of James Barrett Associates, Inc., in Roseland, New Jersey. He has designed more than 260 golf course irrigation systems. BRIAN VINCHESI, ASIC, CID, CIC, CLIA, CGIA, CLIM, is President of Irrigation Consulting, Inc., in Pepperell, Massachusetts. ROBERT DOBSON, CID, CIC, is President of Mid...
Title:Golf Course Irrigation: Environmental Design and Management PracticesFormat:HardcoverDimensions:464 pages, 10.3 × 8.3 × 1.1 inPublished:January 23, 2003Publisher:WileyLanguage:English

The following ISBNs are associated with this title:

ISBN - 10:047114830X

ISBN - 13:9780471148302

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Table of Contents


1. Plant Irrigation Requirements.

Soil-Water-Plant Relationships.


Turf Types.


2. Water Supply: Quantity and Quality.

Sources, Withdrawal Permits, and Water Rights.

Municipal Sources.

Surface Water.


Combined Sources.

Alternative Sources.

Water Quality.

Cross Connection, Backflow Prevention.

3. Pump Systems.

Pump Types.

Pump Sizing.



Variable Frequency Drives.

Pump System Safety Circuits.

Pressure Relief Valve.

Remote Monitoring.


Intakes and Discharges.

Pump Houses.

Injection and Filtration.

4. Materials.



Isolation Valves.

Specialty Valves.

Valve Boxes, Reach Wells.


Quick Coupling Valves.

Swing Joints.

Control Systems.

Remote Control.

Line Conditioners/Voltage Stabilizers.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies.

Weather Stations.


Lightning Protection.


5. Design.

Preliminary Procedures.

Standards and Codes.

Computer Software (CAD).


Subsurface Drip Irrigation.

Surface Drip-Micro-Irrigation.



Communication Alternatives.

Basic Hydraulics.

Pipe Routing.

Energy-Water Relationship (Friction Loss).


Basics of Electricity.

Power Wiring.

Communication Wiring.

Zone Wiring.

Protection Procedures.

Related Systems.

Project Documents.



Weather Stations and Sensors.


6. Construction Management.

Cost Estimating.

Bid Procedures and Documents.


Monitoring of Installation.

The Next Step.

Creation of Central Controller Map.

Irrigation System Evaluation.

System Audits.

7. Installation.

Preliminary Considerations.

Material Take-off and Material Ordering.


The Staging Area-Receiving and Storing Materials.

Installation Equipment.



Layout and Staking.

Connection to a Secondary Water Source.

Connection to the Permanent Water Supply.

Pump Station Installation.

Potable Water Supplies, Wells, and Effluent Water Sources.

Critical Connections.

Irrigation Mainline.

Valve Installation.

Wire Installation.

Sprinkler Head Installation.

Field Controllers.

Decoder Systems.

Central Controllers.

Initial Start-up.

Record Drawings.

Punch List.

Guarantee Period.

Irrigation System Winterization.

System Activation.

Irrigation System Maintenance.

8. Conservation.

Golf Course Statistics.

Design Considerations.

System Management and Maintenance.

Related Cultural Practices.



Appendix: Tables and Charts.