Green Sunset - #1: Prey, predators, parasites

August 18, 2017|
Green Sunset - #1: Prey, predators, parasites


This novel has already been published in 2015 (title: "TRAMONTO VERDE"): also as an eBook, in full and in the Italian language. We preferred to split the English version into multiple books, each of which offers, I think, a more than acceptable reading time.
It is a post-catastrophic story, about a world that is equal to Earth, except for a remarkable area of its geography. There exists in fact a peninsula (Cordillera) between Italy and the Balkans, where on our true planet only lays the Adriatic Sea. A good part of the story takes place there. The novel tells of an unexplained phenomenon that has wiped out almost all of mankind. There were no property damages, but ... oil, radioactivity and explosives do not work anymore. Groups of survived Scientists congregate in selected renewable energy power plants and organize a worldwide network of research Centers, whose goal is to support humanity in its struggle to get back on its feet. In one of the Centers, housed in an ancient castle and located in a lakeside village of Cordillera, a group of botanists is on the threshold of achieving energy extraction from Flora, when, quite unexpectedly, radioactivity returns to action. Such event triggers a competition between botanists and physicists, both eager to be chosen by the Organization's leaders as the major energy producers. It will be a spiral of intrigue, involving Centers of different nations in a strife to last twenty years, which, in the lake Center, will intertwine with contrasts exploded on the green billiard cloth. The Botany Division's Master at the lakeside Center, feeling humiliated by his peer of Physics, will add to his divisional duties a personal and lonely research that will yield extraordinary discoveries. He will eventually succeed to have Flora itself as an ally in the competition. Along his new path, he will relive crucial moments of his life and discover the unimaginable architects of the catastrophe that has virtually wiped out humanity.
The content of the present first book, actually corresponds to the Prologue of the integral edition. It tells the adventures of the people embodying the historical and prehistoric roots of the main tale, which on the contrary develops in an age very similar to the one we are living in.

Title:Green Sunset - #1: Prey, predators, parasites
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:August 18, 2017
Publisher:Adriana Pertile
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9788822812469

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