Grid and Cooperative Computing: Second International Workshop, GCC 2003, Shanghai, China, December 7-10, 2003, Revised Papers, Part by Minglu LiGrid and Cooperative Computing: Second International Workshop, GCC 2003, Shanghai, China, December 7-10, 2003, Revised Papers, Part by Minglu Li

Grid and Cooperative Computing: Second International Workshop, GCC 2003, Shanghai, China, December…

byMinglu LiEditorXian-He Sun, Qianni Deng

Paperback | April 28, 2004

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Grid and cooperative computing has emerged as a new frontier of information tech- logy. It aims to share and coordinate distributed and heterogeneous network resources forbetterperformanceandfunctionalitythatcanotherwisenotbeachieved.Thisvolume contains the papers presented at the 2nd International Workshop on Grid and Coope- tive Computing, GCC 2003, which was held in Shanghai, P.R. China, during December 7-10, 2003. GCC is designed to serve as a forum to present current and future work as well as to exchange research ideas among researchers, developers, practitioners, and usersinGridcomputing,Webservicesandcooperativecomputing,includingtheoryand applications. For this workshop, we received over 550 paper submissions from 22 countries and regions. All the papers were peer-reviewed in depth and qualitatively graded on their relevance, originality, signi?cance, presentation, and the overall appropriateness of their acceptance. Any concerns raised were discussed by the program committee. The or- nizing committee selected 176 papers for conference presentation (full papers) and 173 submissions for poster presentation (short papers).The papers included herein represent the forefront of research from China, USA, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, Aust- lia, India, Korea, Singapore, Brazil, Norway, Greece, Iran, Turkey, Oman, Pakistan and other countries. More than 600 attendees participated in the technical section and the exhibition of the workshop.
Title:Grid and Cooperative Computing: Second International Workshop, GCC 2003, Shanghai, China, December…Format:PaperbackDimensions:1078 pages, 23.5 × 15.5 × 0.1 inPublished:April 28, 2004Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Session 6: Advanced Resource Management, Scheduling, and Monitoring.- Synthetic Implementations of Performance Data Collection in Massively Parallel Systems.- GMA+ - A GMA-Based Monitoring and Management Infrastructure for Grid.- A Parallel Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for Computing Optimal Task Graph Schedules.- Selection and Advanced Reservation of Backup Resources for High Availability Service in Computational Grid.- An Online Scheduling Algorithm for Grid Computing Systems.- A Dynamic Job Scheduling Algorithm for Computational Grid.- An Integrated Management and Scheduling Scheme for Computational Grid.- Multisite Task Scheduling on Distributed Computing Grid.- Adaptive Job Scheduling for a Service Grid Using a Genetic Algorithm.- Resource Scheduling Algorithms for Grid Computing and Its Modeling and Analysis Using Petri Net.- Architecture of Grid Resource Allocation Management Based on QoS.- An Improved Ganglia-Like Clusters Monitoring System.- Effective OpenMP Extensions for Irregular Applications on Cluster Environments.- A Scheduling Approach with Respect to Overlap of Computing and Data Transferring in Grid Computing.- A Deadline and Budget Constrained Cost-Time Optimization Algorithm for Scheduling Dependent Tasks in Grid Computing.- A Load Balancing Algorithm for Web Based Server Grids.- Flexible Intermediate Library for MPI-2 Support on an SCore Cluster System.- Resource Management and Scheduling in Manufacturing Grid.- A New Task Scheduling Algorithm in Distributed Computing Environments.- GridFerret: Grid Monitoring System Based on Mobile Agent.- Grid-Based Resource Management of Naval Weapon Systems.- A Static Task Scheduling Algorithm in Grid Computing.- A New Agent-Based Distributed Model of Grid Service Advertisement and Discovery.- IMCAG: Infrastructure for Managing and Controlling Agent Grid.- A Resource Allocation Method in the Neural Computation Platform.- An Efficient Clustering Method for Retrieval of Large Image Databases.- Research on Adaptable Replication Protocol.- Co-operative Monitor Web Page Based on MD5.- Collaboration-Based Architecture of Flexible Software Configuration Management System.- The Research of Mobile Agent Security.- Research of Information Resources Integration and Shared in Digital Basin.- Scheduling Model in Global Real-Time High Performance Computing with Network Calculus.- CPU Schedule in Programmable Routers: Virtual Service Queuing with Feedback Algorithm.- Research on Information Platform of Virtual Enterprise Based on Web Services Technology.- A Reliable Grid Messaging Service Based on JMS.- A Feedback and Investigation Based Resources Discovery and Management Model on Computational Grid.- Moment Based Transfer Function Design for Volume Rendering.- Grid Monitoring and Data Visualization.- An Economy Driven Resource Management Architecture Based on Mobile Agent.- Decentralized Computational Market Model for Grid Resource Management.- A Formal Data Model and Algebra for Resource Sharing in Grid.- An Efficient Load Balance Algorithm in Cluster-Based Peer-to-Peer System.- Resource Information Management of Spatial Information Grid.- An Overview of CORBA-Based Load Balancing.- Intelligence Balancing for Communication Data Management in Grid Computing.- On Mapping and Scheduling Tasks with Synchronization on Clusters of Machines.- An Efficient Load Balancing Algorithm on Distributed Networks.- Session 7: Network Communication and Information Retrieval.- Optimal Methods for Object Placement in En-Route Web Caching for Tree Networks and Autonomous Systems.- A Framework of Tool Integration for Internet-Based E-commerce.- Scalable Filtering of Well-Structured XML Message Stream.- Break a New Ground on Programming in Web Client Side.- An Adaptive Mixing Audio Gateway in Heterogeneous Networks for ADMIRE System.- Kernel Content-Aware QoS for Web Clusters.- A Collaborative Multimedia Authoring System.- Research of Satisfying Atomic and Anonymous Electronic Commerce Protocol.- Network Self-Organizing Information Exploitation Model Based on GCA.- Admire - A Prototype of Large Scale E-collaboration Platform.- A Most Popular Approach of Predictive Prefetching on a WAN to Efficiently Improve WWW Response Times.- Applications of Server Performance Control with Simple Network Management Protocol.- Appcast - A Low Stress and High Stretch Overlay Protocol.- Communication Networks: States of the Arts.- DHCS: A Case of Knowledge Share in Cooperative Computing Environment.- Improving the Performance of Equalization in Communication Systems.- Moving Communicational Supervisor Control System Based on Component Technology.- A Procedure Search Mechanism in OGSA-Based GridRPC Systems.- An Improved Network Broadcasting Method Based on Gnutella Network.- Some Conclusions on Cayley Digraphs and Their Applications to Interconnection Networks.- Multifractal Characteristic Quantities of Network Traffic Models.- Network Behavior Analysis Based on a Computer Network Model.- Cutting Down Routing Overhead in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- Improving Topology-Aware Routing Efficiency in Chord.- Two Extensions to NetSolve System.- A Route-Based Composition Language for Service Cooperation.- To Manage Grid Using Dynamically Constructed Network Management Concept: An Early Thought.- Design of VDSL Networks for the High Speed Internet Services.- The Closest Vector Problem on Some Lattices.- Proposing a New Architecture for Adaptive Active Network Control and Management System.- A Path Based Internet Cache Design for GRID Application.- On the Application of Computational Intelligence Methods on Active Networking Technology.- Session 8: Grid QoS.- Grid Computing for the Masses: An Overview.- A Multiple-Neighborhoods-Based Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Timetable Problem.- Lattice Framework to Implement OGSA: Its Constructs and Composition Scenario.- Moving Grid Systems into the IPv6 Era.- MG-QoS: QoS-Based Resource Discovery in Manufacturing Grid.- An Extension of Grid Service: Grid Mobile Service.- Supplying Instantaneous Video-on-Demand Services Based on Grid Computing.- A Grid Service Lifecycle Management Scheme.- An OGSA-Based Quality of Service Framework.- A Service Management Scheme for Grid Systems.- A QoS Model for Grid Computing Based on DiffServ Protocol.- Design and Implementaion of a Single Sign-On Library Supporting SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) for Grid and Web Services Security.- Performance Improvement of Information Service Using Priority Driven Method.- HH-MDS: A QoS-Aware Domain Divided Information Service.- Grid Service Semigroup and Its Workflow Model.- A Design of Distributed Simulation Based on GT3 Core.- A Policy-Based Service-Oriented Grid Architecture.- Adaptable QOS Management in OSGi-Based Cooperative Gateway Middleware.- Design of an Artificial-Neural-Network-Based Extended Metacomputing Directory Service.- Session 9: Algorithm, Economic Model, Theoretical Model of the Grid.- Gridmarket: A Practical, Efficient Market Balancing Resource for Grid and P2P Computing.- A Distributed Approach for Resource Pricing in Grid Environments.- Application Modelling Based on Typed Resources.- A General Merging Algorithm Based on Object Marking.- Charging and Accounting for Grid Computing System.- Integrating New Cost Model into HMA-Based Grid Resource Scheduling.- CoAuto: A Formal Model for Cooperative Processes.- A Resource Model for Large-Scale Non-hierarchy Grid System.- A Virtual Organization Based Mobile Agent Computation Model.- Modeling Distributed Algorithm Using B.- Multiple Viewpoints Based Ontology Integration.- Automated Detection of Design Patterns.- Research on the Financial Information Grid.- RCACM: Role-Based Context-Awareness Coordination Model for Mobile Agent Applications.- A Model for Locating Services in Grid Environment.- A Grid Service Based Model of Virtual Experiment.- Accounting in the Environment of Grid Society.- A Heuristic Algorithm for Minimum Connected Dominating Set with Maximal Weight in Ad Hoc Networks.- Slice-Based Information Flow Graph.- Session 10: Semantic Grid and Knowledge Grid.- Semantic Rule Service Model: Enabling Intelligence on Grid Architecture.- CSCW in Design on the Semantic Web.- SIMON: A Multi-strategy Classification Approach Resolving Ontology Heterogeneity - The P2P Meets the Semantic Web.- SkyEyes: A Semantic Browser for the KB-Grid.- Toward the Composition of Semantic Web Services.- A Viewpoint of Semantic Description Framework for Service.- A Novel Approach to Semantics-Based Exception Handling for Service Grid Applications.- A Semantic-Based Web Service Integration Approach and Tool.- A Computing Model for Semantic Link Network.- A Semantic Web Enabled Mediator for Web Service Invocation.- A Data Mining Algorithm Based on Grid.- Prototype a Knowledge Discovery Infrastructure by Implementing Relational Grid Monitoring Architecture (R-GMA) on European Data Grid (EDG).- Session 11: Data Remote Access, Storage, and Sharing.- The Consistency Mechanism of Meta-data Management in Distributed Storage System.- Link-Contention-Aware Genetic Scheduling Using Task Duplication in Grid Environments.- An Adaptive Meta-scheduler for Data-Intensive Applications.- Dynamic Data Grid Replication Strategy Based on Internet Hierarchy.- Preserving Data Consistency in Grid Databases with Multiple Transactions.- Dart: A Framework for Grid-Based Database Resource Access and Discovery.- An Optimal Task Scheduling for Cluster Systems Using Task Duplication.- Towards an Interactive Architecture for Web-Based Databases.- Network Storage Management in Data Grid Environment.- Study on Data Access Technology in Information Grid.- GridTP Services for Grid Transaction Processing.- FTPGrid: A New Paradigm for Distributed FTP System.- Using Data Cube for Mining of Hybrid-Dimensional Association Rules.- Knowledge Sharing by Grid Technology.- A Security Access Control Mechanism for a Multi-layer Heterogeneous Storage Structure.- Investigating the Role of Handheld Devices in the Accomplishment of Grid-Enabled Analysis Environment.- Session 12: Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Cooperative Middleware.- A TMO-Based Object Group Model to Structuring Replicated Real-Time Objects for Distributed Real-Time Applications.- Fuzzy Synthesis Evaluation Improved Task Distribution in WfMS.- A Simulation Study of Job Workflow Execution Models over the Grid.- An Approach to Distributed Collaboration Problem with Conflictive Tasks.- Temporal Problems in Service-Based Workflows.- iCell: Integration Unit in Enterprise Cooperative Environment.- The Availability Semantics of Predicate Data Flow Diagram.- Virtual Workflow Management System in Grid Environment.- Research of Online Expandability of Service Grid.- Modelling Cooperative Multi-agent Systems.- GHIRS: Integration of Hotel Management Systems by Web Services.- Cooperative Ants Approach for a 2D Navigational Map of 3D Virtual Scene.- Workflow Interoperability - Enabling Online Approval in E-government.- A Multicast Routing Algorithm for CSCW.- A Multi-agent System Based on ECA Rule.- A Hybrid Algorithm of n-OPT and GA to Solve Dynamic TSP.- The Application Research of Role-Based Access Control Model in Workflow Management System.- Research and Design of Remote Education System Based on CSCW.- Data and Interaction Oriented Workflow Execution.- XCS System: A New Architecture for Web-Based Applications.- A PKI-Based Scalable Security Infrastructure for Scalable Grid.- A Layered Grid User Expression Model in Grid User Management.- A QoS-Based Multicast Algorithm for CSCW in IP/DWDM Optical Internet.- An Evolutionary Constraint Satisfaction Solution for over the Cell Channel Routing.