Growing Shrubs and Small Trees in Cold Climates: Revised and Updated Edition by Debbie LonneeGrowing Shrubs and Small Trees in Cold Climates: Revised and Updated Edition by Debbie Lonnee

Growing Shrubs and Small Trees in Cold Climates: Revised and Updated Edition

byDebbie Lonnee, Nancy Rose, Don Selinger

Paperback | September 8, 2011

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This completely updated edition of Growing Shrubs and Small Trees in Cold Climates now features:

• more than 950 varieties proven to thrive in cold climates
• hundreds of new selections for multi-season interest
• trees and shrubs with edible fruits and berries
• guidance on exactly when, where, and how to prune

This easy-to-use guide provides all the information needed to select the trees and shrubs ideally suited to your area’s growing conditions. A five-star rating system will help you choose the best plants, and detailed lists of suppliers show you where to locate them.

Debbie Lonnee, a thirty-year veteran of the nursery industry, works for Bailey Nurseries in Newport, Minnesota. She is a prolific garden writer and lecturer and the horticulture editor for Northern Gardener.Nancy Rose is a professional garden writer and photographer and the editor of Arnoldia, the quarterly magazine of Harvard Universi...
Title:Growing Shrubs and Small Trees in Cold Climates: Revised and Updated EditionFormat:PaperbackDimensions:448 pages, 10.62 × 8.5 × 1.1 inPublished:September 8, 2011Publisher:University of Minnesota PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents


Foreword Edward R. Hasselkus

Part I. The Most Popular Shrubs and Small Trees
1. Individual Listings
Abies 8
Acer 13
Amelanchier 20
Aronia 27
Berberis 32
Buxus 38
Caragana 43
Cercis 47
Chionanthus 52
Clethra 56
Cornus 61
Corylus 70
Cotinus 76
Cotoneaster 81
Daphne 87
Diervilla 92
Euonymus 96
Exochorda 103
Forsythia 107
Hamamelis 114
Hydrangea 120
Ilex 129
Juniperus 135
Lonicera 143
Magnolia 150
Malus 157
Microbiota 169
Paeonia 173
Perovskia 184
Philadelphus 189
Physocarpus 194
Picea 199
Pinus 205
Potentilla 211
Prunus 217
Pyrus 226
Rhododendron 234
Rhus 245
Ribes 253
Salix 259
Sorbus 267
Spiraea 273
Symphoricarpos 283
Syringa 289
Taxus 301
Thuja 306
Vaccinium 312
Viburnum 321
Weigela 331
Wisteria 338

Shrubs and Small Trees by Common Name [side bar]
Apple (see Malus) 157
Arborvitae (see Thuja) 306
Arrowwood (see Viburnum) 321
Azalea (see Rhododendron) 234
Barberry (see Berberis) 32
Blueberry (see Vaccinium) 312
Boxwood (see Buxus) 38
Bridal Wreath (see Spiraea) 273
Burning Bush (see Euonymus) 96
Bush Cinquefoil (see Potentilla) 211
Bush Honeysuckle (see Diervilla) 92
Cardinal Bush (see Weigela) 331
Cherry (see Prunus) 217
Chokeberry (see Aronia) 27
Chokecherry (see Prunus) 217
Coralberry (see Symphoricarpos) 283
Crabapple (see Malus) 157
Currant (see Ribes) 253
Dogwood (see Cornus) 61
Filbert (see Corylus) 70
Fir (see Abies) 8
Flowering Almond (see Prunus) 217
Fringe Tree (see Chionanthus) 52
Hazelnut (see Corylus) 70
Highbush Cranberry (see Viburnum) 321
Holly (see Ilex) 129
Honeysuckle (see Lonicera) 143
Hortensia (see Hydrangea) 120
Inkberry (see Ilex) 129
Juneberry (see Amelanchier) 20
Juniper (see Juniperus) 135
Lilac (see Syringa) 289
Maple (see Acer) 13
Mockorange (see Philadelphus) 189
Mountain Ash (see Sorbus) 267
Nannyberry (see Viburnum) 321
Ninebark (see Physocarpus) 194
Old Man’s Beard (see Chionanthus) 52
Pear (see Pyrus) 226
Pearlbush (see Exochorda) 103
Peashrub (see Caragana) 43
Petites Poires (see Amelanchier) 20
Pine (see Pinus) 205
Plum (see Prunus) 217
Possum Haw (see Ilex) 129
Purple Leaf Sand Cherry (see Prunus) 217

Editorial Reviews

"This book will save novice gardeners years of trial-and-error disappointment, while seasoned gardeners will wish they’d had it years ago." —Booklist