Guide Book for Huffaz

Guide Book for Huffaz

Kobo ebook | February 10, 2014

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This book is a very simple guide which will not only groom the child but also instill in him the spirit of gaining Quranic understanding.The book comprises a summary of the 114 Surahs (chapters) of Quran in a very simple manner. The summary provides understanding of such areas as Islamic knowledge, ideology, practice and character development.The book has been written for the students of hifz (memorisation). Therefore, issues of academic nature have not been touched upon nor is there an explanation of the complete surah (Quranic Chapter). Generally, things are explained in the context of the title of the surah. If there is an incident narrated in the surah, it has been explained for the interest of the students. If there are some directions related to character development those have also been explained. In the end of every surah's summary, the key message of that surah is written. You may call it a summary of the summary or the key lesson. The purpose is that if the student cannot remember the whole summary he at least registers one key message in his mind. Similarly, if I was able to find a hadith describing the excellence of a particular surah, that has also been mentioned - so that the student reads that surah with more interest.Effort has also been made to keep the language as simple as possible. However, the subject matter is from Quran and it was difficult to make its understanding any easier than this. If the respected teachers can narrate and explain the summary of each surah to their students before the hifz of that surah, it can be hoped that the beliefs of these students will be corrected and they will realize the importance of good character and deeds.Since the book has been written for the huffaz, excellence of Quran; excellence of hifz; manners of recitation; importance of understaning Quran; way of doing hifz are some of the topics covered in the beginning. Further, some advice has been given to the teacher and parents of the hafiz. It is hoped that the advice will prove beneficial.The purpose of giving advising all of them is that the hafiz, his teacher and his parents, all realize their respective responsibilities. Consequently the hifz will become easier and its blessings will become evident.Dear readers! Out of all the books written for the huffaz, the style of this book is completely different. It is a totally new effort and every new effort has more chances of errors. If you point out these errors and provide me your valuable feedback you will do me a favor.In need of your prayers,late Muhammad Aslam Sheikhupuri (Who himself memorised the Quran in 11 months)
Title:Guide Book for HuffazFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:February 10, 2014Publisher:ScribeDigital.comLanguage:English

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