Guidebook to Cytoskeletal and Motor Proteins by Thomas KreisGuidebook to Cytoskeletal and Motor Proteins by Thomas Kreis

Guidebook to Cytoskeletal and Motor Proteins

EditorThomas Kreis, Ronald Vale

Paperback | April 1, 1999

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Since the first edition of Guidebook to Cytoskeletal and Motor Proteins many new and important discoveries have been made on the structure and function of proteins involved in the microfilament, microtubule and intermediate filament systems in cells. Even specialists in the field have found itdifficult to keep up with the information that has emerged in recent years on this diverse range of eukaryotic proteins, their genes, and the roles that they play in cell structure, motor function and signalling. The Sambrook and Tooze guidebooks provide succinct and up-to-date information onparticular classes of important biological molecules, accompanied by short bibliographies, which enable both specialists and newcomers to the field to gain access to unfamiliar work. This volume begins with a comprehensive catalogue of the structure and function of cytoskeletal actin, tubulin, andintermediate filaments and their associated proteins There is further coverage of proteins which are involved in 'New Filament Systems'. A section on 'Molecular Motors and Associated Proteins' details all that is currently known about the major motor protein families and the proteins which areassociated with them in the motor complex. In addition, a section on 'Organelle Structural Proteins' describes the roles these proteins have in efficient intracellular communication and function.
Kreis died September 1998.
Title:Guidebook to Cytoskeletal and Motor ProteinsFormat:PaperbackPublished:April 1, 1999Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

List of contributorsList of platesPart 1. Actin and associated proteinsThomas D. Pollard: IntroductionChristophe Ampe and Joel Vandekerckhove: ActinDianna Cox and John Condeelis: Actin-binding protein 120 (ABP-120)James R. Bamburg and David G. Drubin: Actin depolymerizing factor (ADF)/cofilinDavid R. Critchley and Geoffrey Flood: a-ActininsMichael R. Bubb: ActobindinI. Mabuchi: ActolinkinYoichiro Matsua and Vann Bennett: AdducinGuo-fu Hu and Bert L. Vallee: AngiogeninChristine M. Field and Bruce Alberts: AnillinMarcia A. Kaetzel and John R. Dedman: AnnexinsElizabeth A. Holleran and Erika L.F. Holzbaur: Arp1 (centractin)R. Dyche Mullins and Thomas D. Pollard: Arp2/3 complexStewart Frankel: Arps, divergent membersPia A.J. Huber, Steven B. Marston, Julie L. Hodgkinson, and C.-L. Albert Wang: CaldesmonMario Gimona and J. Victor Small: CalponinAngelika A. Noegel: Cap 110/protovillinJohn A. Cooper, Marilyn Hart, Tatiana Karpova, and Dorothy Schafer: Capping proteinRolf Kemler: a-CateninEugenio L. de Hostos: CoroninJan Faix: CortexillinsDaniel Branton and Athar H. Chishti: DematinTomoaki Shirao: DrebrinC. Hunter and E. Wieschaus: Drosophila actin-associated proteins: Bottleneck, Nullo, and Serendipity-aCarolyn Moores and John Kendrick-Jones: Dystrophin/utrophinBrian T. Edmonds, Gang Liu, and John Condeelis: Elongation factor 1A (eEF1A)Benjamin Tubb and Joseph Bryan: FascinRick S. Hock: FilaminIvan Correia and Paul Matsudaira: FimbrinHelen L. Yin: GelsolinMichael Schleicher: HisactophilinAlan Aderem: MARCKS familyKuan Wang: NebulinCoralie A. Carothers Carraway and Kermit L. Carraway: p58gagElizabeth J. Luna: PonticulinThomas D. Pollard: ProfilinsJohn Conboy: Protein 4.1Michael Way: ScruinAngelika A. Noegel: SeverinKathryn R. Ayscough and David G. Drubin: Sla1pM.J.T.V. Cope and David G. Drubin: Sla2pMarcus Fechheimer: Small actin cross-linking proteinsGuillaume J.J.M. van Eys and Frank T.L. van der Loop: SmoothelinJon S. Morrow: SpectrinsDavid R. Critchley: TalinShin Lin and Diane C. Lin: TensinTenuinDaniel Safer and Vivianne T. Nachmias: Thymosin v4Durward Lawson: TransgelinVelia M. Fowler and Catharine A. Conley: TropomodulinLawrence B. Smillie: TropomyosinsJohn Gergely, Zenon Grabarek, and Terence Tao: TroponinMatthias Reinhard, Thomas Jarchau, Kathrin Reinhard, and Ulrich Walter: VASPBenjamin Geiger: VinculinEvelyne Friedrich and Daniel Louvard: VillinJohn G. Haddad and Nancy E. Cooke: Vitamin D-binding/Gc proteinArie Abo and Marc Symons: Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein (WASP)Benjamin Geiger: 25kDa inhibitor of actin polymerization (25 kDa IAP)Part 2. Tubulin and associated proteinsDon W. Cleveland: Introduction2a. Tubulin and MAPsPaul Polakis: APC proteinJanet E. Rickard: CLIP-170Andrea Pereira and Lawrence S.B. Goldstein: Drosophila 205K MAPDaniele Masson: E-MAP-115George Bloom: MAP1APhilip Gordon-Weeks and Andrew Matus: MAP1B/MAPSRodrigo Bustos, Daniel Moraga, and Doug Murphy: MAP2Joanna B. Olmsted: MAP4Nirit Ulitzur and Suzanna R. Pfeffer: MapmodulinGerald Drewes, Andreas Ebneth, and Eva-Maria Mandelkow: MARK protein kinasesThomas Seebeck and Andrew Hemphill: MARPsHeather W. Deacon, Timothy J. Mitchison, and Martin Gullberg: Op18/stathminDennis R. Diener and Joel L. Rosenbaum: Radial spoke proteinsRobert L. Margolis and Didier Job: STOPSFriedrich Propst and Gerhard Wiche: SyncolinPeter Friedhoff and Eckhard Mandelkow: Tau proteinJuan Mata and Paul Nurse: Tea1Richard W. Linck and Jan M. Norrander: TektinsMichael Caplow, Eva Nogales, and Kenneth H. Downing: a/v-TubulinsSally A. Lewis and Nicholas J. Cowan: Tubulin-specific chaperonesJurgen Wehland and Manfred Rudiger: Tubulin tyrosine ligase and tubulin carboxypeptidaseLynne Cassimeris and David L. Gard: XMAP215Soren S.L. Andersen: XMAP230Soren S.L. Andersen: XMAP3102b. Centrosomal proteinsKaijun Li and Thomas C. Kaufman: CentrosominKaren Oegema and Bruce M. Alberts: CP190/CP60Frank McNally: KataninCatherine Gueth-Hallonet, Mary Osborne, and Duane A. Compton: NuMaStephen J. Doxsey and Marc Kirschner: PerecentrinBerl R. Oakley: g-TubulinJohn V. Kilmartin: Yeast spindle pole body proteinsPart 3. Intermediate filaments and associated proteinsRobert Goldman and Ying-Hao Chou: IntroductionDavid A.D. Parry: Structural features of IF proteinsKlaus Weber: Evolutionary aspects of IF proteins3a. Intermediate filamentsWerner W. Franke and Jurgen Kartenbeck: CytokeratinsWallace Ip: DesminRoy A. Quinlan: GFAPRonald K.H. Liem: a-InternexinRoy A. Quinlan: Lens beaded filament proteinsRichard Josephson and Ronald D.G. McKay: NestinHarald Herrmann and Ueli Aebi: Neurofilament triplet proteinsRobert D. Moir, Timothy P. Spann and Robert D. Goldman: Nuclear laminsLinda Parysek: PeripherinRobert M. Bellin, Suzanne W. Sernett, and Richard M. Robson: SyneminYing-Hao Chou and Robert D. Goldman: Vimentin3b. Intermediate filament associated proteinsJames Dowling and Elaine Fuchs: BPAG1Beverly A. Dale and Richard B. Presland: FilaggrinsOmar Skalli: IFAP 300Larry Gerace and Li Yang: Lamin-associated proteinsPart 4. New filament systemsHarold P. Erickson: IntroductionGerhard Wiche: PlectinVincent D. Lee and Bessie Huang: CentrinHarold P. Erickson and Jesse Stricker: FtsZThomas M. Roberts and Murray Stewart: Major sperm proteinMark S. Longtine and John R. Pringle: SeptinsPart 5. Molecular motors and associated proteinsRonald D. Vale: Introduction5a. Motor proteinsIan R. Gibbons: Dynein, axonemalRichard Vallee: Dynein, cytoplasmicKrishanu Ray and Lawrence S.B. Goldstein: Kinesin, bipolarIsabelle Vernos: Kinesin, chromoRonald D. Vale: Kinesin, conventionalSharyn A. Endow: Kinesin, C-terminal motor domainJonathan M. Scholey and Karen P. Wedaman: Kinesin, heteromericClaire E. Walczak: Kinesin, internal motor domainNobutaka Hirokawa: Kinsein, monomericAlastair Valentine Philp and Lawrence S.B. Goldstein: Kinesin, orphanRoger Cooke: Muscle myosin, skeletalAndrew G. Szent-Gyorgyi: Muscle myosin, scallopKathleen M. Trybus: Muscle myosin, smoothMargaret A. Titus: Myosin IHans M. Warrick and James A. Spudich: Myosin II, cytoplasmicPaul D. Wes and Craig Montell: Myosin III (NINAC)Richard E. Cheneyr: Myosin VKathryn G. Miller: Myosin VITama Hasson: Myosin VIIMartin Bahler: Myosin IXRichard E. Cheney and Jeff P. Baker: Myosins, divergentJohn Kendrick-Jones and Stefanie Reichelt: Myosin, plantThomas T. Egelhoff and Graham P. Cote: Myosin heavy chain kinases5b. Motor-associated proteinsDonald A. Fischman and F. C. Reinach: C- and H-proteinsTrina A. Schroer: Dynactin complexCarol McGoldrick and Michael Sheetz: KinectinJean-Claude Perriard and Dieter Furst: Myomesin and M-proteinCarolyn Cohen: ParamyosinKuan Wang: TitinPart 6. Organelle structural proteinsThomas E. Kreis: IntroductionMargaret S. Robinson: Adaptor proteins (AP-1-AP-3)Richard A. Kahn: ADP-ribosylation factors (Arfs)Harvey T. McMahon and Patrick Wigge: AmphiphysinErnst Ungewickell: AP180Ernst Ungewickell: AuxilinAnton G. Rietveld and Kai Simons: CaveolinsFrances M. Brodsky: ClathrinMartin Lowe, Rainer Pepperkok, and Thomas E. Kreis: CoatomerAngelika A. Noegel: ComitinC. Barlowe: COPIISandra L. Schmid: DynaminAlexander Sorkin: Eps15Joachim Kirsch and Heinrich Betz: GephyrinAdam D. Linstedt and Hans-Peter Hauri: GiantinMartin Lowe, Nobuhiro Nakamura, and Graham Warren: GM130Francis A. Barr and Graham Warren: GRASP 65Stephanie K. Sapperstein and M. Gerard Waters: p115Pietro De Camilli and Yasuo Nemoto: SynaptojaninAndrew J. Czernik and Paul Greengard: SynapsinsIndex

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