GYPSYROAD by Graeme Shanks


byGraeme Shanks

Kobo ebook | January 8, 2015

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Gypsyroad . . . that's what my life has become. Ever since being young, death has been prevalent. Unexpected and unexplained death. People just collapsed and died after coming into contact with me, and I had no clue as to how and why. I had to find answers and religion didn't help. 

            These deaths eventually led me to finding out about something called 'Collective-consciousness' and knowledge of the After-life, but not before anxiety and guilt led me to become a world wide itinerant traveller. This all guided me to the realm of horticulture, plant intelligence, and the importance of meditation

            Eventually I found answers, and also found out . . . that every living thing in this world is connected. 

           My parents were Presbyterian ministers in Creswick, Victoria, Australia, and when the first incident happened . . . I was five years old. Since very young, people have instantaneously died and collapsed in front of me at irregular times. While under the care of them during the 1970’s, the 1980’s, and up until 2010, I sought for answers as death, unexpected and unexplained, seemed to follow me.

         Because of me, my parents continually moved house; five different towns, and in1968, they sent me to a boarding school. During the 70’s, I became influenced by the Vietnam War, the Hippie movement, contemporary music, and horticulture; all the while having to endure the unwanted situations created by this strange phenomena of people dying in front of me.

        Horticulture gave me employment and a way to travel. Music gave me some respite. The hippie culture gave me surfing, drugs, belief in the esoteric, and an introduction into the practice of meditation.

        I had to resort to an itinerant lifestyle and keep moving to escape accusation and suspicion. My travels took me to Queensland, New Zealand, Asia, Egypt, England, Europe, and back to Western Australia and Melbourne. As people kept dying around me, I ended up in Canada and The United States.

      As I searched for the ‘how and why’, Christianity and other western and eastern religious doctrines gave no answers, but snow skiing, traveling on my own, and sneaking into rock concerts gave me an adrenalin rush that seemed to tap into my un-conscious and helped ease the tension in my life.

      Meditation became my saving grace, as I continually had to deal with anxiety and depression caused by the vision of someone dead at my feet . . . again and again. It helped me understand, but it never completely removed the guilt.

      Horticultural knowledge became enlightening as I found out more and more about plant intelligence and discovered that all plants have a brain, consciousness, and are not very different than humans. They understand and accept death.

      Eventually, I found out about the affliction affecting me, as well as coming to an understanding about ‘Collective-consciousness’ and what happens to our After-Life, thanks to someone I met in the southwest of America.    






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