H2LiftShips - Beyond Luna

January 30, 2021|
H2LiftShips - Beyond Luna by Bob Freeman
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H2LiftShips, Vol 1-3

You all knew we would settle on Luna and start mining the Asteroid belt.

Mars, dry, dusty with thin unbreathable air, is just a prison planet with the added hell of lawyers and accountants in charge.

Asteroid groups are unified in their desire for independence to try different governance methods.

Volume 1: Landing, Launching, RoadTrip, and a Carne Asada Party in the Desert

Volume 2: Buying, selling in the Asteroids, Family dinner, hacked comms, Pirates, Poker, weaponized meat bola.

Volume 3: Gigging the Void with Ponos, an injured asteroid miner, now on a 75km diameter chondrite asteroid, the quadrant's administrative center, working hard to get by as a certified workologist.

No matter what regime is in charge, Gig workers have to jump from job to job, trying to earn enough for food, shelter, air, and waste disposal.


Join humans, simians, canines, and octopuses in our new future, gigging the void.

Title:H2LiftShips - Beyond Luna
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:January 30, 2021
Publisher:​Indies United Publishing House, LLC
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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