Handbook on Hyperbaric Medicine by Daniel MathieuHandbook on Hyperbaric Medicine by Daniel Mathieu

Handbook on Hyperbaric Medicine

EditorDaniel Mathieu

Paperback | November 22, 2010

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The decade since the first Handbook on Hyperbaric Medicine has seen major advances: studies have clarified the actions of hyperbaric oxygenation; clinical practice is becoming more scientific; various organisational and operational guidelines are now widely accepted. This new Handbook arises from the EU Co-operation in Science and Technology (COST) programme for hyperbaric medicine, COST B14, in combination with the results of a number of recent experimental and clinical studies.
Title:Handbook on Hyperbaric MedicineFormat:PaperbackDimensions:836 pagesPublished:November 22, 2010Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Foreword D. Mathieu Contributors Preface D. Bakker A History of Hyperbaric Medicine F. Wattel Part I Physical and Pathophysiological Bases of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Editors: B. Ratzenhofer, J. Niinikoski, M. Hamilton-Farell 1.1. Physics of Hyperbaric Pressure W. Weslau 1.2. Biochemistry of Oxygen A. Courtiere 1.3. Physiologic Effects of Increased Barometric Pressure W. Weslau 1.4. Physiologic Effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen on Oxygen Transport and Tissue Oxygen Pressure B. Ratzenhofer-Komenda, R. Favory, W. Weslau, F.M. Smolle-Jüttner, D. Mathieu 1.5. Physiologic Effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen on Hemodynamics and Microcirculation D. Mathieu, R. Favory, F. Collet, J.C. Linke, F. Wattel 1.6. Physiologic Effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen on Microorganisms and Host Defences Against Infection D. Mathieu, F. Wattel 1.7 Physiologic Effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen on Ischemia Reperfusion Phenomenon S. Van Poucke, P. Jorens, L. Beaucourt 1.8 Physiologic Effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen on Wound Healing Processes J. Niinikoski 1.9 Physiologic Effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen on DNA and DNA Repair C. Muth, M. Gröger, P. Radermacher, G. Speit Part II: Indications for HBO. Editors: D. Mathieu, J. Schmutz, F. Cronje 2.1 Methodology for Assessing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Clinical Practice F. Wattel, D. Mathieu 2.2 Recommended Indications 2.2.1 Dysbaric Illness A. Marroni, F. Cronje, J. Meintjes, R. Cali-Corleo 2.2.2 Gas Embolism D. Mathieu, S. Tissier, M. Boulo 2.2.3 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning D. Mathieu, M. Mathieu-Nolf, J.C. Linke, R. Favory, F. Wattel 2.2.4 Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections D. Mathieu, R. Favory, J.F. Cesari, F. Wattel. 2.5 Intra-Cranial Abscess L. Lampl, G. Frey 2.2.6 Crush Injury and Other Acute Traumatic Ischemia A. Kemmer 2.2.7 Compromised Skin Graft and Flap T. Mesimeris 2.2.8 Radio-Induced Lesion in Normal Tissues D. Pasquier, J. Schmutz, E. Lartigau 2.2.9 Non-Healing Wounds D. Mathieu, J.C. Linke, F. Wattel 2.2.10 Persistent Osteomyelitis A. Kemmer, T. Stein, C. Hierholzer 2.2.11 Sudden Deafness A. Barthelemy, M. Rocco 2.2.12 Neuroblastoma A. van der Kleij, P. Sminia 2.3 Optional Indications 2.3.1 Burns P. Germonpré 2.3.2 Anoxic Encephalopathy F. Wattel 2.3.3 Pleuropulmonary Anaerobic Infections D. Mathieu 2.3.4 Post Vascular Procedure Reperfusion Syndrome and Limb Replantation J. Schmutz 2.3.5 Acute Ischemic Ophtalmological Disorders A. Weinberger, U. Siekmann 2.3.6 Pneumatosis Cystoides Intestinalis J. Niinikoski 2.4 Controversial and Non Indications 2.4.1 Femoral Head Necrosis L. Ditri, M. Montanari,Y. Melamed, D. Reis 2.4.2 Cerebrovascular Incidents (Stroke) F. Cronje, W. Duim, A. Marroni, R. Cali-Corleo 2.4.3 Post-Sternotomy Mediastinitis A. Barthelemy 2.4.4 Sickle Cell Disease H. Medhaoui 2.4.5 Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury J. Schmutz 2.4.6 Myocardial Infarction J. Schmutz 2.4.7 Malignant Otitis Externa J. Schmutz 2.4.8 Other Controversial or Non Indications J. Schmutz Part III: Practice of hyperbaric medicine. Editors: J. Kot, A. Kemmer, P. Germonpré 3.1. Hyperbaric Chamber and Equipment J. Kot, R. Houman,P. Müller 3.2. Organisation of a Hyperbaric Center J. Kot, Z. Sicko 3.3. Patient Management A. Kemmer, C. Muth, D. Mathieu 3.4. A Cost-Effectiveness Evaluation of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy A. Marroni, P. Longobardi, R. Cali-Corleo 3.5. Education and Training of Hyperbaric Centre Personal J. Desola 3.6. Safety in Hyperbaric Medicine J. Kot, R. Houman, R. Gough-Allen 3.7. Complications of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 3.7.1 Barotraumatism F. Roque, A. Simão 3.7.2 Oxygen Toxicity N. Bitterman, H. Bitterman 3.8. Organisation of Hyperbaric Medicine in Europe D. Bakker, A. Marroni, D. Mathieu 3.9. Research in Hyperbaric Medicine P. Germonpré, D. Mathieu Annex List of Hyperbaric Therapeutic Centres in Europe P. Germonpré, J. Kot Index.