Happy Ever After: A Pandemic Tale

August 10, 2022|
Happy Ever After: A Pandemic Tale by Dr Marlene MD


Timmy Turtle and Speedy Seagull live on a beach. Speedy can fly super-fast. He has a zoom superpower. The virus and pandemic arrive, closing the beach, town, and restaurants. Timmy and Speedy are sad, lonely, and unhappy. During the pandemic, Speedy loses his zoom superpower and is hungry for French fries.

Timmy and Speedy ask their friends, the unicorns, for help. The unicorns provide them with magical unicorn dust. Speedy and his seagull friends sprinkle the dust over the town and beach. Magically, the pandemic disappears. Speedy finds French fries to eat. The beach is open with children playing. Timmy Turtle, Speedy Seagull, and the unicorns are friends forever and live happy ever after.

Title:Happy Ever After: A Pandemic Tale
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:August 10, 2022
Publisher:Lifetime Medical Consulting DBA Dr Marlene MD
Appropriate for ages:Baby - 2
ISBN - 13:9781088046265

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