Haptics: Generating And Perceiving Tangible Sensations, Part I: 7th International Conference, Eurohaptics 20 by Astrid M. L. KappersHaptics: Generating And Perceiving Tangible Sensations, Part I: 7th International Conference, Eurohaptics 20 by Astrid M. L. Kappers

Haptics: Generating And Perceiving Tangible Sensations, Part I: 7th International Conference…

byAstrid M. L. KappersEditorJan BF van Erp, Wouter M Bergmann Tiest

Paperback | June 30, 2010

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This book constitutes the proceedings of the conference on Haptics: Generating and Perceiving Tangible Sensations, held in Amsterdam, Netherlands in July 2010.
Title:Haptics: Generating And Perceiving Tangible Sensations, Part I: 7th International Conference…Format:PaperbackDimensions:440 pages, 0.01 × 0.01 × 0.17 inPublished:June 30, 2010Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Mass, Force, and Elasticity.- Efficient Bimodal Haptic Weight Actuation.- The Contribution of Proprioceptive and Cutaneous Cues in Weight Perception: Early Evidence for Maximum-Likelihood Integration.- The Shape-Weight Illusion.- Force-Based Calibration of a Particle System for Realistic Simulation of Nonlinear and Viscoelastic Soft Tissue Behavior.- Haptic Perception of Viscosity.- Multi-sensorial Interface for 3D Teleoperations at Micro and Nanoscale.- Classifying Torque, Normal Force and Direction Using Monkey Afferent Nerve Spike Rates.- A New Coupling Scheme for Haptic Rendering of Rigid Bodies Interactions Based on a Haptic Sub-world Using a Contact Graph.- A New Multi-DOF Haptic Device Using a Redundant Parallel Mechanism.- Estimation of Normal and Tangential Manipulation Forces by Using Contact Force Sensors.- Modeling and Experimental Studies of a Novel 6-DOF Haptic Device.- Inertial Force Display to Represent Content Inside the Box.- Perception of Stiffness during Interaction with Delay-Like Nonlinear Force Field.- Improving the Prediction of Haptic Impression User Ratings Using Perception-Based Weighting Methods: Experimental Evaluation.- Vibrotactile Force Perception Thresholds at the Fingertip.- Optimum Design of 6R Passive Haptic Robotic Arm for Implant Surgery.- Creating Virtual Stiffness by Modifying Force Profile of Base Object.- Extended Rate-Hardness: A Measure for Perceived Hardness.- Using a Fingertip Tactile Device to Substitute Kinesthetic Feedback in Haptic Interaction.- The Effect of Bimanual Lifting on Grip Force and Weight Perception.- How to Build an Inexpensive 5-DOF Haptic Device Using Two Novint Falcons.- Revisiting the Effect of Velocity on Human Force Control.- Teleoperation.- A Coordinating Controller for Improved Task Performance in Multi-user Teleoperation.- Mechatronic Design Optimization of a Teleoperation System Based on Bounded Environment Passivity.- On the Impact of Haptic Data Reduction and Feedback Modality on Quality and Task Performance in a Telepresence and Teleaction System.- Stability Analysis of Mobile Robot Teleoperation with Variable Force Feedback Gain.- Transparency of the Generalized Scattering Transformation for Haptic Telepresence.- VerroTouch: High-Frequency Acceleration Feedback for Telerobotic Surgery.- A Turing-Like Handshake Test for Motor Intelligence.- The Influence of Different Haptic Environments on Time Delay Discrimination in Force Feedback.- Perception and Action in Simulated Telesurgery.- Parallel Kinematics for Haptic Feedback in Three Degrees of Freedom: Application in a Handheld Laparoscopic Telemanipulation System.- Mechanical Impedance: A Cobotic and Haptic Actuators Performance Criterion.- Online Intention Recognition in Computer-Assisted Teleoperation Systems.- Evaluation of a Coordinating Controller for Improved Task Performance in Multi-user Teleoperation.- Effects of Force Feedback and Arm Compliance on Teleoperation for a Hygiene Task.- Telepresence Technology for Production: From Manual to Automated Assembly.- High Fidelity Haptic Rendering for Deformable Objects Undergoing Topology Changes.- Novel Approaches.- Basic Properties of Phantom Sensation for Practical Haptic Applications.- Evaluation of Transmission System for Spatially Distributed Tactile Information.- Electro-tactile Display with Real-Time Impedance Feedback.- Life Log System Based on Tactile Sound.- What Is It Like to Be a Rat? Sensory Augmentation Study.- Innovative Real-Time Communication System with Rich Emotional and Haptic Channels.- Tactile vs Graphical Authentication.- Haptics Can "Lend a Hand" to a Bionic Eye.- Analysis of Active Handrest Control Methods.- Roly-poly: A Haptic Interface with a Self-righting Feature.- HaptiHug: A Novel Haptic Display for Communication of Hug over a Distance.- Physical Contact of Devices: Utilization of Beats for Interpersonal Communication.- Tremor Suppression Control for a Meal-Assist Robot.- Reflective Haptics: Enhancing Stylus-Based Interactions on Touch Screens.- A Novel Tactile Sensor for Detecting Lumps in Breast Tissue.- Tactile Sensation Imaging for Artificial Palpation.- Improving Vehicular Window Control with Haptic and Visual Feedback.- Gesture Recognition in the Haptic Creature.