Haptics: Perception, Devices And Scenarios: 6th International Conference, Eurohaptics 2008 Madrid, Spain, Ju by Manuel FerreHaptics: Perception, Devices And Scenarios: 6th International Conference, Eurohaptics 2008 Madrid, Spain, Ju by Manuel Ferre

Haptics: Perception, Devices And Scenarios: 6th International Conference, Eurohaptics 2008 Madrid…

byManuel Ferre

Paperback | May 27, 2008

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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Human Haptic Sensing and Touch Enabled Computer Applications, EuroHaptics 2008, held in Madrid, Spain, in June 2008. The 119 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 150 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on control and technology, haptic perception and psychophysics, haptic devices, haptics rendering and display, multimodal interaction and telepresence, as well as haptic applications.
Title:Haptics: Perception, Devices And Scenarios: 6th International Conference, Eurohaptics 2008 Madrid…Format:PaperbackDimensions:950 pages, 23.5 × 15.5 × 0.17 inPublished:May 27, 2008Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Control and Technology.- Efficient Transport Protocol for Networked Haptics Applications.- Bilateral Control Architecture for Telerobotics Systems in Unknown Environments.- Discrimination of Concurrent Vibrotactile Stimuli.- A New Myohaptic Device to Assess Wrist Function in the Lab and in the Clinic - The Wristalyzer.- Autocalibrated Gravity Compensation for 3DoF Impedance Haptic Devices.- DC Motor Damping: A Strategy to Increase Passive Stiffness of Haptic Devices.- Robust Impedance Control of a Delayed Telemanipulator Considering Hysteresis Nonlinearity of the Piezo-actuated Slave Robot.- A Pragmatic Method for Stable Stiffness Reflection in Telesurgery.- Passive Bilateral Control of a Teleoperation System Considering Hysteresis Nonlinearity of Slave Robot.- Model and Modeless Friction Compensation: Application to a Defective Haptic Interface.- On-Line Interactive Dexterous Grasping.- User Identification Based on Handwritten Signatures with Haptic Information.- Transparency Analysis of Bilateral Controllers Based on the Methodology of State Convergence.- A Fuzzy Logic System for Evaluating Quality of Experience of Haptic-Based Applications.- An Interaction Model for the Quantification of Haptic Impressions.- A PHANTOM® Device with 6DOF Force Feedback and Sensing Capabilities.- An Approach to Contact Force Vector Determination and Its Implementation to Provide Intelligent Tactile Interaction with Environment.- Extending the Z-Width of a Haptic Device Using Acceleration Feedback.- GPU in Haptic Rendering of Deformable Objects.- Wave Variables and the 4 Channel Architecture for Haptic Teleoperation.- Studies of the Mechanical Impedance of the Index Finger in Multiple Dimensions.- Teleoperation of a Robot Using a Haptic Device with Different Kinematics.- Haptics Perception.- Overshoot Effect in Stiffness Perception Tasks during Hand Motion with Haptic Device.- Designing Large Sets of Haptic Icons with Rhythm.- Tactor Localization at the Wrist.- Shape Discrimination in Active Touch: Effects of Exploratory Direction and Their Exploitation.- Tactile Illusion Caused by Tangential Skin Strain and Analysis in Terms of Skin Deformation.- Intermanual Transfer of the Curvature Aftereffect in Static and Dynamic Touch.- Proposal of the Stretch Detection Hypothesis of the Meissner Corpuscle.- Kinaesthetic and Cutaneous Contributions to the Perception of Compressibility.- Analyzing Perceptual Representations of Complex, Parametrically-Defined Shapes Using MDS.- Haptic Search for Spheres and Cubes.- Impaired Haptic Size Perception Following Cortical Stroke: A Case Study.- Time-Shrinking and the Design of Tactons.- Differences in Fitts' Law Task Performance Based on Environment Scaling.- The Effect of Haptic Feedback on Basic Social Interaction within Shared Virtual Environments.- Investigating Visuo-tactile Recognition of Unfamiliar Moving Objects.- Exploratory Movement Parameters Vary with Stimulus Stiffness.- The Natural Truth: The Contribution of Vision and Touch in the Categorisation of "Naturalness".- Design Considerations for Lateral Skin Stretch and Perpendicular Indentation Displays to Be Used in Minimally Invasive Surgery.- Perceived Strength of Lateral Acceleration Display for Touchscreen Emulation of Mechanical Switch Transients.- Tactile Perceptual Dimensions: A Study with Light-Weight Wool Fabrics.- Thermoelectric Tactile Display Based on the Thermal Grill Illusion.- Adaptation to Force in the Haptic Rendering of Virtual Environments.- The Effects of Hand Motion on Haptic Perception of Force Direction.- Haptic Perception of Real and Virtual Curvature.- The Virtual Hand Illusion and Body Ownership.- Measurement and Influence of the Skin Moisture in Dexterous Manipulation.- Unimanual and Bimanual Weight Discrimination in a Desktop Setup.- Fusion of Vibrotactile Signals Used in a Tactile Display in Computer Aided Surgery.- Multi-finger Prehension Synergy: Exploration with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.- Working Memory for Visual and Haptic Targets: A Study Using the Interference Paradigm.- Differences between Operator Reactions on Positions of Visual Feedback of Haptic Stimuli, in a Crossed or Uncrossed Position of Laparoscopic Tools.- Haptics Devices.- MasterFinger: Multi-finger Haptic Interface for Collaborative Environments.- A Vibrotactile Device for Display of Virtual Ground Materials in Walking.- Basic Analysis of Stickiness Sensation for Tactile Displays.- Electromagnetic Actuation Based on MEMS Technology for Tactile Display.- Powerful Compact Tactile Display with Microhydraulic Actuators.- A Palm-Worn Haptic Display for Bimanual Operations in Virtual Environments.- Dynamic Conditions of Reflection-Type Tactile Sensor.- A New Cable-Actuated Haptic Interface Design.- Straw-Like User Interface (II): A New Method of Presenting Auditory Sensations for a More Natural Experience.- Extending Haptic Device Capability for 3D Virtual Grasping.- Non-contact Method for Producing Tactile Sensation Using Airborne Ultrasound.- Grounding Mobile Force Feedback in the Real World.- Large Workspace Haptic Devices for Human-Scale Interaction: A Survey.- Optimal Dimensional Synthesis of a Dual Purpose Haptic Exoskeleton.- FPGA-Based Control for the Wire-Saving of Five-Fingered Haptic Interface.- A Novel Tactile Device Considering Nail Function for Changing Capability of Tactile Perception.- 6DOF Whole-Hand Haptic Interaction System Based on Hybrid Grasping Approach.- Optimal Posture Control for a 7 DOF Haptic Device Based on Power Minimization.- Development of a Microscopic Three-Axis Tactile Sensor: Preliminary Examinations to Establish Sensing Algorithm by Using a Simulated Mockup.- Presentation of Force-Motion Relationship by Inertial Force Display.- Flexible Elastoresistive Tactile Sensor for Minimally Invasive Surgery.- NOBUNAGA: Multicylinder-Like Pulse Generator for Kinesthetic Illusion of Being Pulled Smoothly.- Haptics Rendering.- Using Vibration Patterns to Provide Impact Position Information in Haptic Manipulation of Virtual Objects.- On Suturing Simulation with Haptic Feedback.- Modulating Real Object Stiffness for Haptic Augmented Reality.- Alternative Display of Friction Represented by Tactile Stimulation without Tangential Force.- Haptic Interaction with Virtual Avatars.- DIBHR: Depth Image-Based Haptic Rendering.- A Physically Realistic Voxel-Based Method for Haptic Simulation of Bone Machining.- Haptic Feedback Based on Physically Based Modeling for Cellular Manipulation Systems.- Haptic Pottery Modeling Using Circular Sector Element Method.- Surface Contact Interaction with Dynamically Deformable Object Using Impulse-Based Approach.- Simultaneous Presentation of Tactile and Auditory Motion on the Abdomen to Realize the Experience of "Being Cut by a Sword".- A Flexible Method for Haptic Rendering of Isosurface from Volumetric Data.- Higher Precision in Volume Haptics through Subdivision of Proxy Movements.- Multibody Dynamics Model of a Human Hand for Haptics Interaction.- Benefits of Perceptually Transparent Vibration Rendering in Mobile Device.- Haptic Rendering of Actuated Mechanisms by Active Admittance Control.- Does Judgement of Haptic Virtual Texture Roughness Scale Monotonically with Lateral Force Modulation?.- Electrotactile Stimulation Based on Strain Energy Density of the Fingertip.- Simplified Hand Configuration for Object Manipulation.- Haptically-Aided Extrusion for Object Edition in CAD.- Multimodal and Telepresence.- Study on Computer Assistance for Telepresent Reaching Movements.- Effects of Varied Human Movement Control on Task Performance and Feeling of Telepresence.- Transparency Measurement of Telepresence Systems.- Force Feedback Virtual Painting on Real Objects: A Paradigm of Augmented Reality Haptics.- Gesture Recognition with Hidden Markov Models to Enable Multi-modal Haptic Feedback.- A Study on the Role of Force Feedback for Teleoperation of Industrial Overhead Crane.- Collaborative Identification of Haptic-Only Objects.- Learning-Based Thermal Rendering in Telepresence.- Spatiotemporal Visuotactile Interaction.- Effects of Co-location and Crossmodal Interaction between Haptic, Auditory and Visual Cues in Presence.- Motion Primitives of Dancing.- Haptics Applications.- Improving Perception and Understanding of Nanoscale Phenomena Using Haptics and Visual Analogy.- HAMLAT: A HAML-Based Authoring Tool for Haptic Application Development.- FlyTact: A Tactile Display Improves a Helicopter Pilot's Landing Performance in Degraded Visual Environments.- 6DOF Haptic Cooperative Virtual Prototyping over High Latency Networks.- Haptic Interaction with Soft Tissues Based on State-Space Approximation.- Bringing Haptics to Second Life for Visually Impaired People.- A Haptic Interface for Automobile Gearshift Design and Benchmark.- Developing the 'Ouch-o-Meter' to Teach Safe and Effective Use of Pressure for Palpation.- A Virtual Reality Simulator Based on Haptic Hard Constraints.- Telling Time by Vibration.- Development of a Tool-Centered Collision Model for Volumetric Resection in ENT Surgery Simulation.- ISO's Work on Guidance for Haptic and Tactile Interactions.- Magnetorheological Brake for Haptic Rendering.