Harbinger: The Medium and the Message: An Anthology of Revolutionary Poetry

September 1, 2011|
Harbinger: The Medium and the Message: An Anthology of Revolutionary Poetry
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A collection of passionate, ugly and defiant poetry, antithetical to the ‘refined’, cliquey sects dedicated to dead words on dead pages. 'Harbinger: the Medium and the Message' explores the depths of the human existence, with crafted words about revolution, pride, life, death, insecurities, nostalgia, love and sorrow. The anthology is divided into two parts: the 'Medium' and the 'Message', which, as a whole, encompasses the attributes, the thoughts and the dreams of a modern revolutionary. The 'Medium' carries tales of the author’s and the world’s experiences and ideas and how they inevitably help shape the internal mantra. The Anthology boldly and firstly begins with a warning to the so-called moral world leaders, who, through their crimes against humanity abroad, have painted reticules on the proletariats’ back. Then we discover, through the eyes of the poet, the things that inspire and shape worldviews. The 'Message' is a collection of poems that form the transition between theory and practice, talk and action. It embodies an exigent need for change, and in the current climate of conflict, the need to take up metaphorical arms and mentally prepare for the worst to come. This part of the collection embraces the ideas of revolution and the carnivalesque, anti-establishment doctrine that has saved humanity countless times from boxing herself into the dangers of blind conformity. Simply put, the 'Medium' gives us the tools necessary to deal with the complexities of life. The 'Message' commands application to give those tools purpose. This is the first publication by author and artist Dulani Wilson. 'Harbinger: the Medium and the Message' includes multimedia works specifically created for the e-book including animations and images, to engross the reader in the universe of the Harbinger: a brave new world, unconfined by injustices and prejudice, as we, the people, take a final stand against the powers that be. Failure to do so will render us an even worse, apocalyptic fate.

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