Headscarves, Head Wraps & More: How to Look Fabulous in 60 Seconds with Easy Head Wrap Tying Techniques by Kaye NutmanHeadscarves, Head Wraps & More: How to Look Fabulous in 60 Seconds with Easy Head Wrap Tying Techniques by Kaye Nutman

Headscarves, Head Wraps & More: How to Look Fabulous in 60 Seconds with Easy Head Wrap Tying…

byKaye NutmanIllustratorAnna MossPhotographerNutman E. Alexandre

Paperback | July 25, 2016

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What if your morning hair routine took a matter of seconds?

What would it be like to get compliments and eager questions of ‘Can you show me how to do that?’

What if you could walk out the door in the morning feeling confident and chic, or boho, or whatever suits your style?

This book contains more than 25+ different Head wraps - each style with a photo, visual instructions (CAD ) and written instructions. 106 pages long, including a Bonus Section with internet links. 

Sure to be invaluable for bad hair days, those with hair loss (including from chemotherapy) and for women who wrap for reasons of modesty and faith.

Beautifully illustrated with photos and drawings; it will be fascinating to many other groups - fashionistas, windswept walkers, cruisers, party goers, you tell me... (Please!) 

There are few people on the planet who have not been affected in some way by Cancer - whether they know of a colleague at work, a friend, relative, or have it themselves; this book could be a godsend for someone you know.

If you learn best with visual as well as written instructions then this is perfect for YOU.

You'll soon be able to tie a wrap in under 60 seconds with your eyes closed!

Kaye was born in Northumberland, England, then moved to Lancashire for her formative years, between age eight and eighteen. After Teacher Training, (her first appointment was in the prettily-named pit-village of Shiney Row, during the Miner's Strike), she worked for a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed Hons) whilst teaching during the day. ...
Title:Headscarves, Head Wraps & More: How to Look Fabulous in 60 Seconds with Easy Head Wrap Tying…Format:PaperbackDimensions:110 pages, 8.5 × 8.5 × 0.3 inPublished:July 25, 2016Publisher:Kaye NutmanLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Table of ContentsTestimonials 31. Acknowledgements 62. A Word from the Author 53. Not your Granny's Knot 8Not your Granny's Knot - Visual Instructions 9Not your Granny's Knot - Written Instructions 104. Simplicity Itself 11Simplicity Itself - Visual Instructions 12Simplicity Itself - Written Instructions 135. Go with the Flow 14Go with the Flow - Visual Instructions 15Go with the Flow - Written Instructions 166. Casual Elegance 17Casual Elegance - Visual Instructions 18Casual Elegance - Written Instructions 197. Simply Does It 20Simply Does It - Visual Instructions 21Simply Does It - Written Instructions 228. Braided Wonder 23Braided Wonder - Visual Instructions 24Braided Wonder - Written Instructions 259. Easy Peasy Wrap n Roll 26Visual Instructions - Easy Peasy Wrap n Roll 27Written Instructions - Easy Peasy Wrap n Roll 2810. Creative Crossover 29Creative Crossover - Visual Instructions. 30Creative Crossover - Written Instructions 3111. Round n r Round 32Round n r Round - Visual Instructions 33Round n r Round - Written Instructions 3412. Buffed Up Bun 35Buffed Up Bun - Visual Instructions 36Buffed Up Bun - Written Instructions 3713. Put it All Behind You 38Put it all Behind You - Visual Instructions 39Put it All Behind You - Written Instructions 4014. Terrific Triangle 41Terrific Triangle - Visual Instructions 42Terrific Triangle - Written Instructions 4315. Fun with Knots 44Fun with Knots - Visual Instructions 45Fun with Knots - Written Instructions 4616. Side Bun Sensation 47Side Bun Sensation - Visual Instructions 48Side Bun Sensation - Written Instructions 4917. Effortless Beauty 50Effortless Beauty - Visual Instructions 51Effortless Beauty - Written Instructions 5218. Happily Harmonious 53Happily Harmonious - Visual Instructions 54Happily Harmonious - Written Instructions 5519. Brilliant Braid 56Brilliant Braid - Visual Instructions 57Brilliant Braid - Written Instructions 5820. CanTeen Casey 59CanTeen Casey - Visual Instructions 60CanTeen Casey - Written Instructions 6121. Pump up the Volume 62Pump up the Volume - Visual Instructions 63Pump up the Volume - Written Instructions 6422. Trouble Free Triangle 65Trouble Free Triangle - Visual Instructions 66Trouble Free Triangle - Written Instructions 6723. Fanciful Fun 68Fanciful Fun - Visual Instructions 69Fanciful Fun - Written Instructions 7024. Safe n Secure 71Safe n Secure - Visual Instructions 72Safe n Secure - Written Instructions 7325. Ticheled Pink (or Damson and Green) 74Ticheled Pink - Visual Instructions 75Ticheled Pink - Written Instructions 7626. Zigger-Zag Criss-Cross 77Zigger Zag Criss-Cross- Visual Instructions 78Zigger-Zag Criss-Cross - Written Instructions 7927. SECTION TWO 80Volumisers 81Ways to Add Volume to Your Head wear 82Starry Night 83Starry Night Visual and Written Instructions 84Headwrapping for Free 85TIPS FOR BETTER HEAD WRAPPING (YouTube) 86Complimentary/Analgous Colours 87Infinity 88Infinity Visual and Written Instructions 89Magic Tricks: How to Look Great with Head wrapping 92MORE TIPS: WEBSITES TO BROWSE 93Ten Second Wonder 94PINTEREST 96Other Books by Kaye Nutman 97YOUR HEADWRAP PHOTOS 99

Editorial Reviews

Testimonials"Kaye has volunteered her services at Cabrini Hospital in Melbourne, Victoria for over 6 years, 4 of which have been dedicated to establishing the hospitals free wig service. Hair loss during treatment can be a confronting time and the patient's first exposure to the wig room can be an emotional one. Cabrini's wig room provides our patients with much more than wigs. Head coverings and scarves are an essential resource for our patients during this time. The most common question asked is "how do I tie a head scarf?'. Kaye's experience and approach helps make the process an easy and pleasant one. This book will bring a much needed resource to our patients and to many others. Her love for helping others to feel good about themselves shows in her dedication and passion in this book.I want to thank her for her dedication to help others." Vicki DurstonBreast Cancer Service CoordinatorCabrini HealthBrightways - Breast Cancer Service "Through her sensitive awareness to a need, Kaye Nutman has written 'Headscarves, Headwraps & More'. In this book, she offers a practical and well-illustrated guide to creating various headgear. She ably shows, explains and guides the reader through to the final result. Kaye has worked for several years in a hospital setting, supporting clients through their various medical treatments. She has written many Biographies and engaging children's books and demonstrates a keen eye for colour, design and flair. I am one of a team of ladies, who has worked with Kaye in the 'Wigroom' -a hospital support facility. Here we offer both wigs and headwear to clients wishing to enhance their appearance. My background as an Educational Psychologist has reinforced in me, the importance that self-nurturing has on one's general wellbeing and in dealing with the many life challenges we face. I know this book will be of great service to you or your loved ones who wish to extend their headwear repertoire." Sue Perriman Educational Psychologist and Wig Room VolunteerMelbourne, Australia Kaye's volunteering experience in Cabrini's Wig Room in Brighton Victoria was the catalyst for her book. I have known Kaye as a fellow volunteer since the beginning of the enterprise, and have seen how her book has evolved. We have spoken enthusiastically and endlessly about scarves, their qualities and where Kaye sources them. She found op shops and general shops to be a good source of inexpensive ones with the occasional expensive one that she couldn't resist! I believe that Kaye's book will be a valuable addition for the clientele we see in the Wig Room, and for anyone else who loves scarves and wearing them."Ann MichodWig Room VolunteerCabrini Hospital, Brighton"Kaye fell in love with headwear from the moment we started up the "Wigroom". She has a knack for being creative and a desire to help clients feel great when they need it most.Her background in teaching has certainly helped with the process involved in getting this wonderful book together. I applaud her efforts and am sure many people will find her book a great resource."Robyn Taylor. R.N.Volunteer/Wigroom, Cabrini Health.