Healthy, Wealthy, Wise and Loved by Hartley Stevens

Healthy, Wealthy, Wise and Loved

byHartley Stevens

Kobo ebook | January 8, 2014

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A Refreshing Tale of Personal Discovery
Lonely, divorced and working a passionless job Matthew Braddock feels trapped in a meaningless life. With no foreseeable relief to a flabby, middle-class existence, he coasts through a daily routine, battling the gray monkey riding his back.
Then, chance meeting with Mason Twain, a scholar of life, offers hope.
Led by Mason and his cadre of ‘world-changers,’ Matthew suffers through the pain of naiveté, ignorance and indifference to discover his core desire: To be Healthy, Wealthy, Wise and Loved.

Alisa, the self-made fitness entrepreneur:
“People think about problems most of the time. Men think about women problems, women think about men problems, poor people think about money problems, rich people think about taxes and about the heavy burden poor people put on them. Everyone thinks about work, whether it’s too much or too little. So what do people become? They become the problems they think about. They attract other people who want to talk about those problems, and they repel people who are thinking up solutions to those problems.”

Jody, the multi-millionaire wealth guru:
“Money ain’t Wealth. Money is seed. Money, combined with ideas, is the plant. Money, with ideas, and a constant gardener, become fruit. Fruit that you can eat forever is wealth.”

Mason, the teacher genesis, the people-mover:
“Matthew, the meaning of life is… To search for meaning. There is no happily-ever-after. And, if there was and you got there, you would be bored and wonder what it all means.

Herman, the professor and ultra hip brew master:
“I’ve decided to be the best father, the best dad, on the planet. In order to do this I need to teach my kids to love thinking and I need for them to have other people to converse with and share ideas. I’m sick of standardized tests and too many games, too much internet and technology. I want my kids, and by that I mean my biological ones, but also a whole generation of kids that I consider my responsibility -- to think.”

Big Pete, the love doctor:
“Apologize to yourself, to the world, to nature, to God. Then Matt with real sincerity, and get this, you just do it. You just forgive yourself. You absolve yourself. You release, learn, and move the hell on.”

Tecie, the wounded war veteran:
“Drill Sergeant Weir, a hulking six-foot, six-inch, stone chiseled demon, followed the soldier-building system, which I later understood as the basic training, break down/build up formula. For almost two months with purple-faced, sincere rage he yelled in my face:
-You don’t know who you are
-You have no creed or code
-You are spoiled by mama and society at large
-You have no heart, your soul is weak and dormant
-Nobody cares how you feel
-Until now you have led a worthless life
-You are fat, slow and pathetically out of shape
-You don’t have any money or you wouldn’t be here
-You are naïve, simple and basically dumb as a hammer
-You are dirty inside and out
-Upward mobility for you would be busting rocks for the rest of your life
-God doesn’t exist. But if he did he would be ashamed of creating you.”

A three-month odyssey takes Matthew through a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journey during which he applies the lessons he learns. On the other side isn’t happily-ever-after but it’s damn sure close to the right track.

Title:Healthy, Wealthy, Wise and LovedFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:January 8, 2014Publisher:Hartley StevensLanguage:English

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