Heartless: The Adrsta Chronicles, #4

January 31, 2021|
Heartless: The Adrsta Chronicles, #4
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"When you find what you don't deserve...."

The decadent Staede of Throm has been searching for the cure for his curse for years. He clings to the vision of the Sorceress who will uplift it from him and finally finds her.

She is the most powerful witch that the Grand Wraith has ever created and the current reigning Queen of Serenay, the planet of formerly prohibited creatures of magic.

Embroiled in her own political nightmare of uniting a planet of renegade magical beings, she enlists the help of Wrexel's Thromian military to travel among her people and unite them under one government.

Wrexel owes her a debt and sends his finest, but Staede hijacks his plans and instates himself as the leader of the mission to force the Witch to uplift his curse.

Cursed with immortality, Staede has lived a reckless life of debauchery, with women in abundance and no moral code. His hope to force the powerful witch to bend to his will is dashed when he finds that she is a sweet, innocent young woman with a pure heart and a genuine desire to unite her planet.

When she tells him she can uplift his curse, but the means has not been revealed to her as yet, he joins her diplomatic mission through the states of Serenay. He protects her from assassins and other deviant political leaders who want to take her place and teaches her what her magical powers cannot: How to rule, how to persuade followers and how to be a real Queen.

She in turn teaches him about true love.

ON A UNIVERSAL NOTE: Serenay is the last and most important planet needed to join the Federated Eight in their fight against the 104 who continue to band together in larger contingents.

The Wall of Perdition is about to fall and the Drymm will soon be free. Their plan to take over Diogel and destroy the Yimmyrd in entirety is at hand.

Will the power of Godly Source and Magic be enough to save them? Only Síocháin and the Grand Wraith know, but nobody has heard from them in a very long time and rumour is rife that one or the other is dead or worse - a captive of the free Drymm.

This is Book 4 of 5 in the ADRSTA CHRONICLES.

It is an Epic fantasy, space opera, paranormal hybrid.

Title:Heartless: The Adrsta Chronicles, #4Format:Kobo ebookPublished:January 31, 2021Publisher:​Canada JacksonLanguage:English

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