Heaven's Door, a Novel

May 1, 2020|
Heaven's Door, a Novel by J. Kilburn


"A heart-stopping tale of good versus evil" - InD'Tale Magazine gives this Noir Crime Fiction novel FOUR STARS!
Readers say:
"A six-hour reading marathon... I couldn't put it down!" and "I look forward to more and more!"

Organized crime. An undercover police officer. A murder. An accidental witness. These are the elements of a unique story about love, loss, adventure, hope, and terror: Heaven's Door, a Novel by J. Kilburn. Part noir crime novel, part historical fiction, part suspense-thriller, and part bad-ass biker story, this genre-busting book introduces the fictional TOPDOGS Motorcycle club and plunges readers into a richly-described Organized Crime underworld set in a major port city. Inspired by actual events and presenting a well-imagined, carefully-spun plot and well-developed characters woven into and against the backdrop of a very real gang war that occurred in Quebec in the 1990's, this story is a lurid, riveting, and cautionary tale of what happens when a spur-of-the-moment decision - throw in your lot with a cute biker boyfriend who you know far too little about - snowballs into major regrets and danger. The story starts with the murder of the undercover police officer and follows the girlfriend - the sole witness of the murder - as she is unwillingly and unwittingly pulled deeper and deeper into an organized crime underworld and biker culture while the fallout of her boyfriend's murder unfolds. Using a unique style and crafting a carefully-constructed vernacular for each individual's dialogue and thoughts, Heaven's Door brings multiple characters to life in an international tale of crime, love, desperation, and consequence.

About Heaven's Door, a Novel, from the Illustrator:
I am impressed that Kilburn innately understands the Post-Modernist idea of truth. There are a dozen "true stories" in Heaven's Door, as each character has their own truth. Kilburn empathetically steps into each character's mind, and the third-person omniscient narration seamlessly melds each character's thoughts into the story. The parallels that weave and depart from each other emphasize foil and mirror characters, not just for literary purposes, but because they reflect life. Nothing is morally black-and-white in these stories. Kilburn demonstrates that individual perception really is a person's reality, and the structure and style of the narrative reflect this idea. The author uses an unorthodox, but effective style to accomplish all this and does what a fashion designer does with sewing: they both manipulate the material to meet their purposes and are not afraid to experiment... I look forward to reading more and more.
- Ardelia Huntress, M.A. Ed.

Title:Heaven's Door, a Novel
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:May 1, 2020
Publisher:J. Kilburn
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780578670362

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