Her Game, His Rules

April 7, 2015|
Her Game, His Rules


Amanda Bair has a tough exterior and a well-honed habit of using people, traits that serve her well in her career and her shallow relationships with men. Until now. Just as she's about to take off on vacation, she learns that she's been passed over for promotion. At a party that evening she meets Kyle, a retired military officer who is in town to lead an outdoor training seminar for a local outfitting company. Depressed about the promotion, she decides that a week in the great outdoors with Kyle would make for a nice vacation and would surely help her mood. She manipulates an invitation from a reluctant Kyle, telling as many lies as necessary to convince him that she's up to the physical demands. However, upon arriving at the private wilderness site, Amanda learns that she's misinterpreted a few details about the training seminar. The other participants are not due to arrive for two weeks, and now she's alone in the woods with Kyle. After spending just a few hours with Kyle, it's clear that this 'city girl' with her couture clothes and fancy make-up has severely overestimated her physical fitness. She quickly reverts to her usual manipulative tactics, and abruptly earns a session over Kyle's lap, where she'll learn a few lessons about lies and disrespect with a first ass-blistering spanking. It certainly won't be her last! From then on, the no-nonsense Kyle gives her the training she really needs: absolute submission to a man. Taking charge, he demands she be naked and sexually available to him at all times, which immediately provokes her anger. However, as Amanda's rebellious behavior increases, so do the pain and humiliation of her punishments. While her rebellion allows her to hide a long-held sexual secret, it's one that Kyle will discover on his own. But just as Amanda fully surrenders to Kyle, he abruptly declares that their time in the wilderness is over, and he has already made his decision about their future.

Title:Her Game, His Rules
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:April 7, 2015
Publisher:Pink Flamingo
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781935897187

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