Heterostructures on Silicon: One Step Further with Silicon by Y. NissimHeterostructures on Silicon: One Step Further with Silicon by Y. Nissim

Heterostructures on Silicon: One Step Further with Silicon

EditorY. Nissim, Emmanuel Rosencher

Paperback | September 20, 2011

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In the field of logic circuits in microelectronics, the leadership of silicon is now strongly established due to the achievement of its technology. Near unity yield of one million transistor chips on very large wafers (6 inches today, 8 inches tomorrow) are currently accomplished in industry. The superiority of silicon over other material can be summarized as follow: - The Si/Si0 interface is the most perfect passivating interface ever 2 obtained (less than 10" e y-I cm2 interface state density) - Silicon has a large thermal conductivity so that large crystals can be pulled. - Silicon is a hard material so that large wafers can be handled safely. - Silicon is thermally stable up to 1100°C so that numerous metallurgical operations (oxydation, diffusion, annealing ... ) can be achieved safely. - There is profusion of silicon on earth so that the base silicon wafer is cheap. Unfortunatly, there are fundamental limits that cannot be overcome in silicon due to material properties: laser action, infra-red detection, high mobility for instance. The development of new technologies of deposition and growth has opened new possibilities for silicon based structures. The well known properties of silicon can now be extended and properly used in mixed structures for areas such as opto-electronics, high-speed devices. This has been pioneered by the integration of a GaAs light emitting diode on a silicon based structure by an MIT group in 1985.
Title:Heterostructures on Silicon: One Step Further with SiliconFormat:PaperbackPublished:September 20, 2011Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

GaAs ON Si.- MBE Growth of GaAs and III-V Quantum Wells on Si.- Epitaxy of GaAs on Patterned Si Substrates by MBE.- Embedded Molecular Beam Epitaxy for a Coplanar Gallium-Arsenide on Silicon Technology.- Suppression of Defect Propagation in Heteroepitaxial Structures by Strained Layer Superlattices.- Growth of GaAs and GaAlAs Double Heterostructures on Si by MOCVD.- Developement of MBE for Low Temperature and Lattice-Mismatched Systems Growth of III-V Compounds.- MOMBE and PEMOCVD Growth of GaAs on Si (100) Substrates.- Correlation Between Structural and Optical Properties OF GaAs-on-Si Grown by MBE.- GaAs on Si: Potential Applications.- Other III-V and II-VI on Si.- Ge, GaAs and InSb Heteroepitaxy on (100) Si.- Heteroepitaxy of CdTe on GaAs-ON-Si.- Heteroepitaxial Growth of (Al)GaAs on InP by MOVPE.- SiGe Heterostructures.- SiGe/Si Superlattices: Strain Influence and Devices.- Relaxation of Si/Si1-xGex Strained Layer Structures.- Unstrained vs. Strained Layer Epitaxy: Thick Ge Layers and Ge/Si Superlattices on Si(100).- Direct Band-Gap Si-Based Semiconductors, Principles and Prospects.- Growth and Characterisation of Si/Ge Multilayer Structures on Si(100).- Realisation of Short Period Si/Ge Strained-Layer Superlattices.- Dopant Segregation and Incorporation in Molecular Beam Epitaxy.- Superconductors /Si Heterostructures.- High Tc Superconducting Interconnections in Semiconductor-Based Electronic Systems.- Superconductor-Silicon Heterostructures.- Silicide / Silicon Heterostructures.- Progress in Epitaxial Insulators and Metals on Si.- Growth of CoSi2 and CoSi2/Si Superlattices.- Formation of Epitaxial CoSi2 Films on Si(111) a Low Temperature (?400°C).- Recent Developments in the Epitaxial Growth of Transition Metal Silicides on Silicon.- Formation of Buried Epitaxial Co Silicides by Ion Implantation.- Structural Study of CoSi2/Si (001) and (111).- Growth and Electronic Transport in Thin Epitaxial CoSi2-Si Heterostructures.- Polymers on Si.- Organic Polymers and Molecular Materials on Si.- Organic Polymer Films for Solid State Sensor Applications.- Electrochemical Encapsulation of Solid State Devices.- Silicon Insulators Heterostructures.- Silicon on Insulator.- Complete Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of Electrical Transport of S.O.S. Films: The Particularity of Heavily Doped Samples.- Heteroepitaxial Growth of SiC on Si and its Application.- Nucleation Step of GaAs/Si and GaAs/(Ca,Sr)F2/Si: Aes and Rheed Studies.- Epitaxial CaF2-SrF2-BaF2 Stacks On Si(111) and Si(100).- YSZ Heteroepitaxy on Silicon by Ion Beam Sputtering.- Heteroepitaxy Of Semiconductor/Fluoride/Si Structures.