July 8, 2021|
Hibernaculum by Kim McDougall


Murder, betrayal and desperate love. Three tales that turn fantasy on its head.


A post-apocalyptic thriller with bite.

Safari business is booming. Inside the Dome, people feast, create, laze. Most are content in the self-contained ecosystem. The builders of the Dome are long dead. Their great-great-grandchildren keep tellings of the Wild alive, but stories have rotted to mystery, then to legend. A few discontents walk the perimeter of the Dome gazing into the horizon. They know the wheat fields, forests and mountains are fake. They all know. The false vista is a comfort except to those who burn to know what truly lies beyond. Those find tiny holes, gaps in waste control and ventilation. Their defection endangers everyone and the Grand Duke vows to plug the holes with the bodies of deserters.

Still the Wild calls.


For the Vampire that has everything. Devon is not one of the Chosen. He will not live forever in the arms of his undead lover, Rosalie. But he can give her the gift of sunshine. He will risk his life, his sanity and his blood for the Luminari. Will it be worth it?


When the White Death calls, who will answer? Etien changes the day he faces the White Death. His body is broken, but his spirit awakens. When his family's curse manifests inside him, he leaves his birthright for the ice-encrusted mountains where he both fears and hopes to meet the mythical icemen, the Barbegazi.

Fans of classic fantasy such as dystopia and paranormal romance, will love the original spin Kim McDougall puts on these themes by injecting them with fresh new lore, atmosphere and quirky characters.

This book is a collection of three short stories. Each story ranges from 7,000 to 10,000 words.

Format:Kobo ebook
Published:July 8, 2021
Publisher:Wrongtree Press
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781777640170

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